Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Egg-citing News!

 Unfortunately, this basket full of eggs is *not* from our girls. These are eggs from my mom's hens that she graciously shared with us (She even has a hen or two that lay green eggs! Isn't that neat?). (It is a bit embarrassing having to buy eggs from the store when you have your *own* chickens!)...

But...I *am* excited to report that we are *finally* getting eggs from our new girls (these are the second batch of chickens we have raised since peeps over the years...the other girls were getting older and not laying as much)! Just a few days ago, I shared my frustration with their lack-of-egg-production HERE. No sooner had I published the post, and the children ran in with an egg! They are quite small...but that is to be expected as they are new-layers! We have gotten a total of 5 eggs, so far, although three of those five have been cracked. Here it is...the very *first* egg layed by our coming-of-age-to-lay hens...

All washed up and ready to be put in the fridge (and you can see there, to the left, the two white store-bought eggs among the lovely home-layed eggs. They sure stick out like sore thumbs, don't they?)...

The cable tote I was working on and shared with you **HERE** has been ended and bound up sooner than was patterned for...I found a couple small mistakes (Chris says they aren't very noticeable...but to me, they are horrid). I didn't realize the mistakes until I had gotten too far along. I had *no* desire to rip it all I decided to end it early...making it a smaller tote than it was suppose to be.

I wrestled with the idea of selling it for a lower price in my etsy shop...and just pointing out the two mistakes...but after a while, I figured that wouldn't be a great idea. So, I decided it would be the *perfect* size for a bible tote! I am working on knitting the handles right now. Here are some photos of the actual bag...

If you look to the left cable, you can see where I goofed it up...

My bible fits perfectly inside...

Here's another close up of that messed up cable...down towards the bottom...

I rarely keep anything for myself (of things I have knit) so I thought this would be a perfect *imperfect* item to keep!  I plan on trying to knit more totes though (this time, without the mistake)! I will be sure to take a photo of it when I have finished the handles, as well! It's a bummer...but thankfully, still useable! :)

Thanks for stopping, again, to visit me here! 
Hope your week is going well! :o)

Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.  
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. i would never have even noticed the "goof up"! i barely can tell now!

    sometimes it is nice to keep things for yourself! :)

    our chickens stopped laying.. grrr... so annoying! had to buy eggs from the store last grocery trip! blah!

  2. Très sympas l'idée pour ranger la Bible !

    Amitiés de France

  3. Love your new Bible tote! Yay for your chickens starting to lay eggs! I hope you are having a very blessed day!

  4. Your Bible tote is beautiful!
    Oh, I wish we could have chickens. But where we live, we can't have them (city ordinance or something such). But I know one day we'll be where we can have them and I can't wait.
    Glad to hear your's are finally starting to lay!

  5. We have a dozen chickens and as it is spring here they are all laying. I have so many eggs to use up so it is raining quiches, custards and anything else that uses a lot of eggs. Buttermilk pie for dessert last evening! Nothing better than having free range eggs from your own chickens.

  6. Yay! Congrats...those girls are going to be none-stop now! I'm so happy for you! The Bible tote is very nice and the handles will finish it. Oh...What mistake? Hugs!

  7. I was always told you must keep at least one mistake in your projects, for the very reason we are imperfect. Only God is perfect!

  8. Your tote looks great, I've been using "lifelines" in my knitting and have had to rip back to it a couple of times on a prayer shawl I'm trying to make.

  9. I had to really look for the goof in the tote. Don't beat yourself up about it. We all make a goof now and then. :)

    So glad that the girls are finally laying. I cringe when I have to buy store bought eggs.

    Hope your Thursday is wonderful!

  10. I would not have noticed your mistake. I should learn to knit. I love all your projects, Katy.

    I want chickens too. Would love to have our own eggs. That's something we've been talking about. I will need your advice when we get to that point!

    Hope you have a great rest of the week!


  11. Your tote will make a wonderful Bible tote. I would love to knit. I still don't see your goof up. Yes eggs! After 28 weeks my rooster has crowed two days this week. My hens well no eggs. My last post was about this. Blessings!

  12. Katy~it sounds though that if you add light to the routine daily you will get your girls on a routine of laying daily.The days are getting shorter so their laying cycle is messed up and with you ahving young hens they are starting to slowly lay,just some advice.

    We will not buy from the store,when the girls start to lay slower I buy from other chiclen people.

  13. I couldn't find the mistake. I made a very pretty bible cover.:) I know you are happy about your eggs!Have a great weekend.



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