Sunday, September 11, 2011

My Newest Sweetie

A couple weeks ago, Shawn (who is a woman), a friend of mine, called and due to some circumstances, offered me some vegetables that were ready in her garden...and also asked if I would like a goat (yeehaw!). They had a calf and goat penned together...and they weren't fond of each other. Actually, Penny (the goat) didn't like him (the calf). So knowing my love for friend asked if I would want her. Although I wanted to say "yes, yes, yes!"...I knew I needed to talk to Chris first.

As I said, in a previous post, my parents got me a baby goat for my birthday (that is still with its mama until it's old enough to be on its own). As long as it is a *she*, I plan on naming her Pearl. Penny and just sounds right, doesn't it? And little Pearl would definitely need a buddy...I would hate for her to be all by her lonesome! So I figured Penny was a shoo-in! When Chris called for the day, to check on how things are, here at home, I sort-of-confidently asked him about it. I reminded him that she can have babies...and make goat's milk and that she would be a great *pal* to Pearl....who will come soon, I hope (poor Penny is lonely. She didn't like the calf at her old home....but at least it was company!) To my delight, he agreed that we could get her! **And, to my complete joy, he agreed to make a section of the back of the garage into a pen for the goats. For now, they will be in the outside pen...while the weather is nice. When the winter brings it's brutal cold, wind, snow and ice, we will bring them into the indoor keep them better sheltered!**

Here's Penny...mid-head-shake...flapping those ears of hers!

She's a beautiful and most-welcome addition to the family!

In addition to the vegetables and Penny, Shawn gave us some composting bins! While I had been at her house, we were out talking and I saw the bins out in the corner of her yard, un-used. I told her how great those bins were and she was so blessed to have three of them! She, without hesitation, offered them to me! She said they don't use them and they were trying to figure out what to do with them! I was over-joyed! There was just too much to bring home...and there wasn't any way for me to get everything squeezed into the van. That weekend, Chris borrowed his dad's truck and we went to get Penny and the composting bins.

Did you know that the Pod People live in these bins? ;) Chris's mom already has a couple of these fantastic containers and he has always teased her about them being the home to the Pod People. It always makes me laugh. Now, the containers are officially dubbed *The Pod People*...

This was my old compost area. I built it out of pallets (which I had seen Vicki West do in her Homestead Blessings video). It worked okay...but wasn't ideal. I didn't put it together well...I should have let Chris help me with it, as he would have secured it better. Anyway, now that Chris is collecting wood for the woodstove, the path to my compost area is a bit blocked. Thankfully, he is going to help me tear it down and shovel the good soil and compost worms, I have in there, and put them into the Pod People.

The children helped me get the Pod People set up!

I have asked Chris to help me build raised beds to garden in, next year. The huge garden is almost *too* much to keep up with for just a few of us.

Some more photos, from home...

The children's *tree* house/platform (made entirely by them)...

Xavier is my climber and dare devil. From what his family has told me, this is *just* how Chris was as a child. He has a tough exterior...loves to wrestle, get dirty and play hard. But, on the inside, my dear X is soft, tender and sweet. If he continues on this path of being like his daddy, he will make some lovely lady a wonderful husband, someday!

The backyard, into the woods, during the last few sweet summer days...

Clothes, quilts, blankets and afghans...soaking in the fresh air and sunshine...

Doing dishes by lamp-light is wonderfully enjoyable to me. It gives plenty of light to see...and creates an atmosphere of slow-and-steadiness, accomplishing a task to keep my home kept...with no rush. Enjoying my chores helps me to do a better job with them...and also helps me relish, even more, my role as keeper of my home.

I also love to wash dishes with my hand-knit dish cloths! Many of mine are quite worn after lots of use...I will knit more for myself, someday, but for now, I am keeping quite busy with custom knitting orders as well as making items for my etsy shop. Below are some dish cloths, I just added today! You can find them HERE

I know this was a long post. I hope you are still here. If you are, thank-you for sticking around this long!  I can tend to be long-winded and picture-happy in my posts. Now, just a *few* more things before I go. You don't mind a little bit more, do you? ;) 

Xavier has been battling quite a cough, lately. A friend, who had called to ask me something, heard him and encouraged me to call the doctor. I am not one to call the doctor too quickly....but I agreed that I would. Cough medicine just wasn't doing the trick and the poor boy was coughing too much. I was able to get an appointment and took Xavier in on Friday. After seeing the family doctor, then getting chest x-rays at the hospital, we found that luckily, Xavier did *not* have pneumonia (as the doctor had feared) but was suffering from an ear infection and, still, this cough. She prescribed us medicine and an inhaler. He's *still* coughing...but we're confident that he's on the mend. 

We have, due to rain and sickness, spent most of our time indoors this weekend. Laundry, sweeping, dishes, baking (bread, rolls, and cinnamon rolls), and knitting have kept me busy while the children enjoyed playing legos and building tents. We have also been, curled up in chairs and the couch with blankets, watching Robin Hood (from the BBC) on Netflix and reading Farmer Boy together. 

Chris, sweet man that he is, has spent all of his Saturday and the last few hours of this Sunday, working on the van. It had some pieces that *needed* to be replaced...and it's not an easy job. He has been working hard and hasn't complained at all. He calls to check in, at times, while he is gone, and I continually apologize that he has to be in at my dad's garage working so hard on, what is essentially, my van (of course, it's *our* van, but I drive it the most). I am so grateful for him...and his wonderful talent. 

Well, now it is truly time to wrap things up. There are things to do this evening, yet, and none of which get done when I am on the computer! Tomorrow, we'll dive back into schooling and our daily routines. I hope you enjoy your Monday! So glad you visited!


Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied.
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Hey Katy,
    Your post made me laugh. I am one of those souls who read the whole thing!haha.
    My daughter had a similar situation with coughing, she said also that sometimes she felt like she couldn't get her breath. The doctor said she had asthma like symptoms due to seasonal allergies. Every now and then she hits an inhaler and it take the cough away. I would keep on top of it. Coughing isn't natural when it is frequent. I will pray for your family. Hopefully it will pass and things will be ok.
    Thank you for your posts. I just love coming here. I love all the homemakie things you talk about and the warm lamplight and the homecooking. I don't feel like the alone when I come here. So many don't have a desire or a clue about homemaking. Thank you for pursuing Godliness.
    Teresa in Ohio

  2. I've been reading your blog for years in my reader, but rarely ever comment but I did want to about the raised beds garden. We did our first raised bed this year, using the square-foot method and we have had nothing but success with it and it grows just what we need and utilizing the space better as well. I also do it organically, so we don't have to use any fertilizer or pesticides. It is less work with no weeding as the main advantage! :)

    I also love the compost bin!


  3. Those pod people look wonderful. I did some straw bale gardening this year, as a way to do a raised bed project. It was successful and so much easier than getting down in the dirt.

  4. This is the first year that I have done raised bed gardening. It was a wonderful experience! Weeding was much easier. :)

    I can't wait to hear how the Pod People work out for you. I haven't done any composting, but I plan to read up on it over the winter.

    Wonderful news about X. I have been praying for him. Megan has a cold with a running nose and a little cough. I was concerned for her so I can't even imagine how concerned you were for X.

    Congrats on Penny! She is adorable.

    Have a great Monday!

  5. Great post, and yeah, I stuck with it to the end! Having Penny and Pearl will give you plenty to do. Wasn't it wonderful to receive such gifts from your friend! I'm sure you'll put the composters to good use. Thanks for sharing your life with us. It is nice to know there are still true families in this old world!

  6. Your new goat is adorable! I wish I had room for one. My friend over at Over Good Ground has goats who actually saved her place from fire by keeping the area around it free of debris...they ate it all! I don't have a compost pile...just throw everything in the garden. It looks pretty ugly, I like your neat row of compost bins. Glad your boy is on the mend. Your knitting is so nice, hope you sell lots on your site!

  7. Congratulations on Penney the Nubian goat. And you are wise that Penney and the new kid will need a buddy. Goats are very strong in herd instinct and need another goat buddy around to make life harmonic!

    It sounds as if your sweet family is busy but happy of heart, wonderful!

  8. Congrats on the Goat, such a sweet
    We did raised Garden Beds first
    time this years really enjoy them
    we used some Douglas Fir/Some recycle 2 x 6 pine, next one will
    be from Redwood,did a post on my
    So enjoy coming and visting your
    blog..Thanks for sharing with all
    if us.
    Warm Blessings
    hugs Ladybug

  9. What a beautiful little goat:)And lovely details of this post...yes I love when u r long winded and picture happy:)
    It's wonderful that Chris is able to do the van work himself and save some money and yes I think your boy will grow up to be a fine husband some day!

  10. I love goats and miss raising them some I'd love to have a compost pod like that, that's awesome!!

  11. My neighboe has 2 of those (pod People) & he dose not use them. I would love to have them. A raised bed garden is a dream of mine. I would love to see yours as you make it & use your pods. Not one but 2 goats. It will be so fun. Congrats to your family. Prayer lifted for your little one. Blessings!

  12. I hope X is feeling better soon. :) I love the new addition to your family. Your Pod People will come in handy. We just made raised beds. The cost around $10.00 a bed. I posted about it on my blog. I hope you have a great day.


  13. Just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blog (I just found it)---it's such a warm and inviting place to be!
    Hope to come back and read through more of your wonderful posts real soon.
    Take care!



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