Saturday, July 9, 2011

"The best things in life are nearest:

...Breath in your nostrils, light in your eyes, flowers at your feet, duties at your hand, the path of right just before you. Then do not grasp at the stars, but do life's plain, common work as it comes, certain that daily duties and daily bread are the sweetest things in life." 
~Robert Louis Stevenson

It is a bright and sunny, heading toward hot, Saturday morning! The house is a-buzz of activity. The washer is whirring...clothes freshly laundered will soon be hung out on the lines to dry. The chatterings and callings of the boys, one to another, can be heard through the open front door as they enjoy the simple delights of childhood play. Madelyn is upstairs, tidying her room, putting away clean clothes and keeps dropping something, as I am continually hearing a *thud* on the ceiling above me. ((She just came down to inform me, tearfully, that something she is trying to hang up won't "stay".))

Chris has plans to put steel on our garage roof. Although not noticeable from the outside, the roof has a series of too-small-to-see holes in it, the result of years of rain. The rain drips through those holes and will rot the wood beams that hold the garage roof *up*. The result would be it all crashing in upon my van....definitely not a good scenario. In years past, Chris has slathered the roof with tar, almost blindly considering the holes (although big enough for rain to come through) are too small to see. After covering most of the roof...we were always discouraged to find out that the tar didn't seem to help at all. So, Chris has located some extra steel, unused by some family, to put on the roof. I'm a bit nervous as I don't know how this is going to look...? I suppose the old saying is right "beggars can't be choosers"...not that we are "beggars" mind you, but if we are attempting to do this the cheap way....then it will look however it has to in order to save the roof from collapsing in. 

I will be spending my day, as soon as I am off this computer, hanging clothes to dry, washing dishes, sweeping floors and other such tidying around the house. I intend on making some homemade playdough to use when teaching a preschool class, this coming week, at a community VBS. I also need to make, or rather *help* make, buttercream frosting with Madelyn. Yesterday, for no reason in particular, she made a chocolate cake. I told her that I would help her make and frost it, today! :) I am looking forward to an enjoyable-busyness today...doing what I love to do best ~ care for my home and family! 

And because a post from me is truly not complete without some photos, I saved them to show now!

After a hard day at play...

Good news, though! A little soap and water goes a long way...and this handsome fella cleans up nicely! (I have a confession...I just love that itty-bitty, oh-so-small, gap in his teeth...seen when he flashes that lovely smile. Of course, these are his baby teeth, so when the big teeth decide to pop in, his whole smile will I will enjoy these 5-yr-old pearly whites for as long as I can!)...

Clean laundry, soaking in the sun (while taking in that know, the wonderful smell you inhale when you put a line-dried towel up to your favorite smell...I wish I could bottle it up!) and drying in the breeze...

A path, in much need of weeding...

Jaxson's tricycle...although he can ride a 2-wheeler, he still fits perfectly on this trike and is incredibly cute to watch as he rides it!

Some of the babies, growing up...

Flowers, simple beauty...

Look at this mushroom I found in the yard! Isn't it just amazing!?

Inside, busy supper preparations...

This may seem quite silly...but I thought how I would share how I keep in-coming and out-going mail organized. My mom gave me this carrier (great for gardening or picnics or as a decoration). I came up with the idea to use it as a way to organize our mail. The back slot is for all mail coming *in*. The front slot to the far right is where *bills to be paid* go. The front slot to the left is where *out-going* mail gets put, so on our way out, it can be grabbed and taken to the mailbox! The front middle slot doesn't have a real purpose....yet! If you have a tendency to have piles of mail (or just "paper piles"), maybe this sort of solution would work well for you, too! :)

Alas, as I sit here, nothing else in my home is being accomplished. The washer has finished it's it's time to get some clothes hung out! I hope you each enjoy your day...whatever it is you are doing. Thanks, so much, for stopping by to visit. 


"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late." ~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Ah Katy, your kids are so cute! Sounds like a great family day. Love the photos, nothing like the smell of your family's laundry, wet or dry! Blessings & peace to you all. I'm canning tomatoes, and have pickles soaking in syrup, and will be canning those next week. God bless.

  2. Katy,

    Such a beautiful day...

    Your mail caddy is great! We need to better organize ours!

    Have a lovely Sunday!


  3. Hi there Katy, I have been reading your wonderful words for over a year now. I dont want you to think I'm alurkin, I just never have commented on any blog. Your site makes me feel so warm and thankful, I always leave it feeling great. And I think how blessed your kids are to have a Mama like you!

  4. So glad you take the time to stop by and read! Thank-you! I don't think of anyone as *lurking*! :)


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