Friday, July 29, 2011

"Be simple...

... take our Lord's hand and walk through things." 
~ Fr. Andrew

I feel as though I have so much to much on my heart as of late. There is so much I want to say...and yet, don't. I desire peace and simplicity....but this isn't always the case ~ especially when striving to live biblically in a fallen world. I have been struggling, for a time, with things. My faith is solid and firm...but as it grows, so does my awareness and frustration with things that are not biblical. I want to love, love, love....but at the same time, not lose sight of the Truth

Many disagree with my beliefs...and say so. Some have even said I twist scripture...when I actually believe it's quite the contrary! I suppose, I will just keep praying and digging deeper. I follow Christ...and will keep doing so. If others think I am *off*...I will examine my beliefs with scripture, again, and hold true to how the Holy Spirit leads me. 

As J.C. Ryle said:

"The cross of Christ will always bring reproach with it. If a man will become a decided evangelical Christian he must make up his mind to lose the world's favour; he must be content to be thought by many a perfect fool."

"The wise are those who have that wisdom which the Holy Ghost alone can give. They know their sins, they know Christ, they know how to walk and please God, and they act upon their knowledge. They look on life as a season of preparation for eternity, not as an end but as a way, not as a harbour but a voyage, not as a home but a journey, not as full age but a school. Happy are those who know this!"

"Some will be content to belong to the church, others will never be content unless they also belong to Christ."

So, now, I walk with my Lord...content to be thought a fool for Him and thankful to belong to Him, forever! Ryle was such a wise man. I am enjoying his book "Heading for Heaven"

Here, at home, time has been spent cleaning and rearranging. 
I started moving some things around on this bureau. I hung up the shelf (a thrifting find) and moved some things that used to be here. In the jar is my homemade laundry soap. 

A closer look at the shelf...

More adding-to and rearranging...

For my sister's birthday...I made her some all-natural,multi-purpose cleanser (borax, water, castile soap and lemon essential oil). I also knitted her some dishcloths...

I put it all into a basket with some other fun items and this is how it turned out...

Thursday morning, the children, my mom and I took a trip to visit Devon to celebrate her birthday! We had a nice time visiting, celebrating and *eating*! :)


I really must get going now...the day holds busyness of its own, and nothing gets accomplished while I am sitting here! Quickly, though, I have to tell you that the other day, I drove the Jeep for the first time! It was a lot of fun. (Chris had needed the I got to take the Jeep!)

Here is a (quite silly) picture of me...*in* the Jeep, after driving it. I am on the phone with Chris, in this photo. He was calling me to make sure I had arrived at my destination safely (not for *my* benefit...but because he was worried about his *Jeep*!! ;)

So, now I am really going...lots on my to-do list today! **Including taking my affidavits and homeschooling objects to our school district...nothing like leaving it till the last minute, eh?**

Glad you stopped by. I know the post started out serious and heart-felt...but I hope you, at least, enjoyed the photos I shared! :)


Grace unto you, and peace, be multiplied. 
1 Peter 1:2b


  1. Hi Katy!

    I enjoyed your ENTIRE post today. When referring to our actions and earthly homes, I do my best to explain to those I love that, this here is but a "test." Our job here is to serve, please, and glorify God and to bring others to him . . . All we can do is our best and sometimes we will seem "foolish." I'm not saying anything you don't already know! Some people aren't as mature spiritually and it's harder for them to see past this world. LOVE is patient, and thank the Lord, HE is merciful! Keep on keep'in on Katy! (: I think your post today is wonderful and sends a clear message.

    Good find on the shelf. Wish I could find a small one like that with the pegs. The basket you made up for your sister is so neat! I like practical and homemade gifts as you do. I think I will try your cleaner recipe. Where do you find the oils?

    Thanks Katy!

    Smiles & well wishes sent your way!


    P.S. Had to chuckle about the "checking in on the Jeep" phone call, especially from someone who didn't particularly like Jeeps. (: Sounds like something my hubby would do! (: Have a great day!

  2. I, too, am alone in the way I live, according to the salvation of Jesus Christ. I have 3 siblings, and we all accepted Christ within 3 weeks of one another back in the late '70's. They have never desired to share the joy of Christ in our conversations, building with scripture - maybe once or twice a year on the phone. But not as a lifestyle. My two daughters are married, both saved, in christian marriages - both left my home in rebellion. One went to my oldest sister's. Not one sibling I have saw the pain I was feeling - they all judged ME and figured my girls rebelled because of ME and my husband. Now, the oldest, pregnant with her first, is moving down with her hubby (in the military) and the years the locust has eaten are being replaced!!! Hallelujah!! I get: her birthday, holidays and to visit and help with my soon-to-be grandchild. My other birdie is in a great relationship with the Lord and lives 5 states away with her husband. Many, many tears from my heart and body. Now I have one sibling joyfully beginning to credit the Lord in her conversations, thank God!! But, I've been accused by my own 'blood'
    of loving God more than them. I would hope so. That accusation, from all three, broke my heart. The closer we get to God, the more we "see"; the harder it is that we see. But He is faithful! ;)

  3. Katy the two comment posts has said it all holds so very true the closer we walk the harder it becomes for others to understand.
    Your message post is wonderful
    thanks for always sharing from the enjoy all your posting
    Many Blessings

  4. Lovely post.

    Katy never loose sight of what you hold dear. We are all different persons, all children of God and I do believe He made us all.

    As I always told my children even if I don't agree with what you believe, say or do I will respect you for your commitment to your beliefs.

    And interestingly my children as adults and I have become closer to agreement on many issues.

  5. I am with you Katy. I understand. Just keep seeking the Lord. Not all will agree - in fact most won't. But just keep following God. Check everything against biblical principals. And rest in the Lord, leave it all with him.


  6. Dear Katy,
    I so enjoy your photos today. I just love the canning ring hanger. I think I'm going to try that. Much more country than a few gallon zippy bags! haha

    Katy, never compromise. Be true, first to God, and second to yourself. As your blog's moderator, delete if necessary, those haters who seek to destroy. Jesus said we would be hated. We often think that if ones do not agree, the problem must be with us. Not so!

    You always base your posts with Scripture. Could it be that those being critical of you are not followers of Christ? I am not judging, God's Word their fruit.

    When God lays a post on my heart, it nags away at me until I write. As writers, Katy, this is our ministry. I do not believe my hubby quite understands, but my little visit around the world each day through the blogs of sisters as yourself, encourage and strengthen me.

    Keep writing what God places on your heart. We answer to His call, not the call of the world. We will never know who we have reached until we reach Heaven. You have a ministry. Continue serving the Lord through your words.

    It is human nature to think on the negative, but Katy, consider the source. It is NOT God.

    I love your blog and count you as a sweet sister in the Lord.
    [[[Hugs}}} and have a good weekend.

  7. I love what you share Katy about your life. 'Be simple' is good advice when there is so much going on in the world and in Christian culture that grieves our hearts and causes us confusion.
    JC Ryle has a little chapter about walking in truth in his book of stories for children. He points out that the first mark of someone who walks in truth is that they hate sin.
    2. They love the true Saviour of sinners.
    3.They serve God with a true heart.
    4.They really try to do things right and true in the sight of God.
    He also says 'Trust all to Christ and He will manage all that concerns your soul.' Isn't that just wonderful advice? I really need to take that on board because I'm always trying to manage all those concerns for God rather than allowing Him to do it for me.
    p.s I have a story about the one and only time I drove a 'jeep' when our other vehicle was off the road. I did not enjoy driving the old rickety Suzuki jeep with its temperamental gear changes (I think you call manuals stick shifts) but the temptation of a day shopping and a meal in the city with the ladies from church was too much and I plucked up the courage to drive the jeep. On my return drive in the dark, a fog came in off the river so thick I could not even see the side of the road let alone in front of me! The wind was howling at gale force and blew that jeep all over the road. It was the most terrifying drive of my life and I never want to drive one again!

  8. I love your blog, you do an outstanding job of giving of your faith. Praise Him. Most likely the ones complaining the most, need to hear the message gently given, the most. Blessing and peace to you and your wonderful family.

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  10. I am the kind of person that has trouble making decisions that aren't considered "the norm." It is hard for me when people don't agree with what I am doing. I am working hard to make decisions that are best for my family regardless of what others think and say. Keep on the path you are on and don't be afraid to say what is on your mind and in your heart. Although not everyone will agree I find your thoughts very encouraging!

    Great find on the shelf and I like the gift you gave Devon. Exactly the kind of thing I would love!

  11. If you have time....could you please post a recipe for the cleaner you made your sister. My youngest child has very bad Asthma and I am starting to make my own cleaning products. Thank you!!

    Love your Blog by the way!!!..:))

  12. Hope you have a blessed and beautiful weekend! Hugs, Shauna from

  13. You are a wonderful lady. I am inspired by you. I think as people we are given the right to choose for ourselves what or who we believe in. I think we all need to respect and encourage each other and look at each other as children of God.

    You keep doing what you do!! You are a wonderful inspiration!!!

  14. Katy,

    I am like you and my decisions and our decisions as a family often go against the flow, even among Christians, but it's what's best for us. Whether anyone jumps on the bandwagon or not doesn't matter, I know it's what God wants for us! So I totally understand and it's nice to find a like-minded Christian lady! Keep following your convictions strongly! :)

    Love what you showed of your home and your gift was a very thoughtful and practical one....I would have loved it!

    Hope you have a great day!

  15. Could you please share the recipe for the cleaner? I know you noted the ingredients, but I'd love to know the exact proportions. Thank you!

  16. Hello Katy,

    There will always be those folk that don't understand why we believe what we believe. There are so many of us who are trying to live our lives to the glory of our Lord. Each day we will have struggles, but we must press on and please be encouraged that we all often feel just as you do. I'm 60 and still wonder why I have days when I just loose it. But I do know for sure that my Saviour never looses it and no matter what others may say or whatever criticisms they might come up with, He will always be there for me and indeed for you and the other lovely folk that read your inspiring words. Please keep encouraging us and remember that your words can be a blessing to people you may never meet this side of heaven but when we are all together one day, you will surely have people come to you and say thankyou for what you wrote, it really made a difference.
    Blessings Gail

  17. Each time I visit here, I so enjoy the little glimpse of your beautiful family life. Your husband's heart must soar to come home to such a sweet, loving, devoted, and joyful wife. And countless are the ways in which your children are blessed to be along-side you each day Katie.
    Thanks for sharing your lovely home and your sweet journey with us:)

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