Monday, June 27, 2011

"When you ask God for a gift....

Be thankful if He sends,
Not diamonds, pearls or riches, 
But the love of real true friends."
~ Helen Steiner Rice

Years ago, Chris and I prayed that he would bring us into fellowship with like-minded Christian friends. We are praising Him, for this year...He has answered this prayer! He has placed beautiful families in our path. We have formed a tight-knit friendship with these people and their children and we are so blessed and thankful. I don't think I could ever accurately describe the sweet characters each of these people have...unique and beautiful is each and every soul...and yet, we are bonded with the love of Jesus. We are family.

We attended a first birthday party for one of these couples' son, on Saturday. I got these first couple of pictures, but forgot to get my camera out for the party itself. It was a wonderful time! We were there for five hours! ;)
Getting ready to leave...

You know you live in the country when you get stuck following a tractor! :)

We had a beautiful time of worship and learning at church on well as fellowship. It's beautiful to see the lives God touches (including my own)! Often, I sing to Him through tears....His love for me is overwhelming. He loves you that much too....and wants you to know!

Early Sunday evening, we attended a picnic with family...

Chris and me...


Xavier (he just loves the mini-bike!)...

Jaxson, enjoying some corn on the cob...

My nephew and Madelyn...


Then, to top off the beautiful weekend...Chris was baptized last night! It wasn't planned (in our minds) that he would be...but the Holy Spirit moved upon his heart and I am forever grateful. I have already been baptized, but Chris never had.

Friends of ours and a few others from the church took part in the baptismal service. We were there to help with our friends' children and to watch this beautiful thing take place. We sang praise and worship, tears constantly wetting my cheeks as I prayed, asking the Holy Spirit to move in Chris's heart. As the service was coming to a close, I figured that this night was not to be the night for Chris...I felt maybe I was not righteous enough for my prayers to be heard and I asked forgiveness for any transgressions and continued to pray that the Holy Spirit would move. At the end of the service, there was a time of fellowship and cake...and the next thing I notice is Chris, kneeling at the alter in tears (my tearless man was crying!), surrounded by a few of our friends and our pastor. He knew Jesus and has been growing in his walk...but didn't give it all totally to Him, surrendering *all* ~ until last night. It was beautiful....I wish I had more than pictures to show! I wish you could have been there...or that I had a video to show, but it was all so sudden! Our pastor went and got back into his wet clothes and Chris borrowed a friends clothes (who had been baptized earlier in the night)...and proclaimed Jesus as his Savior...

I love Chris more than the day I married him. I can't even describe how my heart felt last night. My gratefulness is spilling over in abundance! Nothing is impossible for God. He does answer prayers. The Holy Spirit *does* move. He gives, He heals, He loves....He is our everything, truly. This morning, when telling him how much I loved him, I warned Chris that the enemy will attempt to tear at him constantly now...but to remember, always, to rebuke him and focus on Jesus....Joy Unspeakable! :)

Overflowing with love and gratitude this beautiful Monday morning,

"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late." ~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. How wonderful! I know you all felt the joy in your hearts! So happy for Chris and your family! Blessings, Lisa

  2. Precious!

    All in God's timing...

    All's grace as Ann would say!


  3. Thats wonderful Katy....I'm so happy for you! This must be a great day for you!

  4. Oh Katy! How beautiful and moving! I will pray for Chris and for you! Our Lord God is so good!

  5. My heart truly overflows with joy WITH you both ~Deb

  6. Katy,

    Tears came to my eyes as I read this post. How wonderful for you and your family!


  7. So happy for you in all accounts. Congratulations to Chris on his baptism........nothing better than watching those we love get baptized. :)

    Come say hi and maybe you could even link up to my new linky party.....Homemade by YOU Monday which features your recipes, crafts or projects. :)

  8. I got teary eyed reading this! That was an awesome story!

    I just love your blog Katy. I love the way you share the joy of being a Christian!


  9. That is just wonderful to read Katy. God is moving and raising up men to lead their families in the ways of the Lord and that is so exciting!
    That picture of the country road following behind the tractor - that looks so much like my country road, so you can now picture where I live!

  10. That's just beautiful, Katy! God has His own plans and timing...


  11. Praise Him! Praise Him! Praise Him!

  12. Awesome Katy! I am so happy for you and Chris! My sister just became a Christian a few months ago and she was baptized yesterday too!


  13. Awww Katy... that is wonderful!!

  14. Beautiful post Katy!!! Hard to read through my tears.

    God bless,

  15. Awesome Katy... Such a touching
    post.. You always bless others
    with a joyful heart.....

    Warm Blessings...

  16. So much LOVE!! Thanks for sharing the story and the joy in your heart. So happy for you both!! Awesome! (:

    Have a lovely week - - Always wishing you well Katy! (:

    Louisville, KY

  17. With tearfilled eyes, I rejoice with you! How wonderful, Katy!

  18. Praise God for moving in Chris' heart!

  19. you are SO right. NOTHING is impossible with God. I remember the day my husband knelt at the alter and accepted Christ as his own.

  20. Wonderful news Katy,

    May your family continue to be richly blessed. I stop by your blog often and love to read how your family is going but I don't often comment, just quietly enjoy your writings. But today I just had to say that I'm so happy for you all. The Lord smiles when a great man makes such a commitment.

    Blessings Gail.

  21. Katy!! PTL!! No video is needed! I had tears just seeing the pictures! How beautiful to be there when your husband is baptized!

    Hugging you with my heart...
    Heather from IL :)

  22. the picture of you and dad is wonderful . The flowers are pretty. I never saw them before . And the picture of dad getting baptisted is so wonderful.

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  25. Praise God!! Just wonderful!

    Your blog is so encouraging and really shines the light of Christ!

    Blessings to all~

  26. Trying to type through tears...I am greatly rejoicing with you.

    Glory! Glory! Someone once said, "A man is never taller than when he is on his knees".

    As you keep quietly serving him and praying for him your husband will keep growing as a mighty man of God.


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