Tuesday, May 24, 2011

"She glances at the photo...

...and the pilot light of memory flickers in her eyes." ~ Frank Deford

Oh how photos can bring back memories. Times of happiness, joy, sorrow, embarrassment, pride, anger come rushing to mind, seemingly all at once. There are many moments of which I think back on with fondness and smile to myself. The children, peeking from around my arms, eagerly ask what I am smiling about....and it's almost as if I can't really explain it. Words can't seem to form that can correctly express what is crossing my mind at that moment. I smile and just say "memories".

My mom cleaned out my closet of my old bedroom from home. Everything was boxed up and waiting for me. So the children and I drove out there, packed it all up and brought it home. I spent much time, going through the boxes....giggling at some things and cringing at others. There are many things in my past that I wish I could forget...people, places, happenings....but the truth is that every single happening, the good and the bad, brought me here, to this very moment...where I am in the home I own with my beloved (of almost 11 years!). Our three children are here, with me constantly...so I never miss a minute. I am living the life I always dreamed of!

I realize that I am blessed....beyond measure....and I see each moment used by God to draw me closer to Him. It isn't because of anything *I* have done...but all because of His goodness and love. I know that there *have been* and *will be* many bumps in the road. Times of hurt and pain, confusion and misunderstanding are bound to happen. This is life on this earth. But looking back, I *do* see how God works things out for *good* for those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

So, without further ado...how 'bout taking a bit of a journey with me? It will be short and sweet, as the pages I could fill with memories could be quite numerous....and you all would be begging me to stop! ;)

Devon and I rode our bikes constantly, minding our parents and only riding to the agreed upon "tree" beside the road (so we were not out-of-sight). My dad's garage had a few bays and when he would finish work on a customer's car and the bays were open, he let my sister and I pedal circles and figure-eights through the bays.....simple? Yes, it was....but will always be a memory I treasure.

Playing catch or badminton in the backyard was a regular thing we would play in the summer. Mom also had a set of jarts (the real ones with the metal ends that stuck in the ground) that we played, some, too (before they were deemed "too dangerous").

Each of us took a turn staying at our grandparents house, a couple hours from home, for a week in the summer. Grammie would spend time helping us sew projects, make lemonade, play board games, take walks down the long country road (and stop to get a popsicle at the small general store), get icecream, ride in Grandpop's "bucket" (his Jeep) and play croquet! (That's the house I am at in the picture below!)

I remember having to feed the horses in the early mornings. I was always so glad when it was Devon's turn and not mine, isn't that awful (she's younger than me)!? I was always so nervous. It was dark and scary in the early mornings of winter...and we had to carry feed and 5 gallons of water...across the street, through the neighbor's yard, back through the field then make a left turn and walk to the barn. It was difficult, especially, when the snow was deep. I must admit, I'm so glad I'm not still having to do that! ;) I don't mind hard work...but that was just awful!

When this next photo came to view, while going through memorabelia, my heart stopped for a brief second. Honestly, I don't have actual memories of the accident I was in when I was 16, only of the recovery afterwards. Here is a photo of the car I was a passenger in. See that spot that is cracked on the windshield...they think that is where I hit my head (or my left elbow that I was covering my head with...I don't remember at all.)...

This was a couple weeks after the accident, I believe. It's hard to see, but my left eye/side of my face is still bruised, my arm is in the brace and I think my staples were still in my arm...

I went with a friend to my junior prom. I didn't have a date and he was kind enough to go with me! My aunt did my hair...

My senior prom...

**And then...all those moments led me to him. My *him*....

And from my *him* came this beautiful darling, my Madelyn...

She was about 4, I believe, in the picture above. And then, along came our two boys...first X, then Jaxson.

My past was full of wonderful memories and also times I'm not-so-proud of...but I *am* thankful for how God used them all to bring me to this....right here, right now. I couldn't imagine it any other way!

Thanks, so much, for coming a long with me. I hope it wasn't too long or boring....I know I have a tendency to be quite long-winded (I can tend to be that way in-person, too....not always something I am proud of though!). I need to go, supper needs made and things need tended to around here! :)


"We have only this moment, sparkling like a star in our hand... and melting like a snowflake. Let us use it before it is too late."~Marie Beyon Ray


  1. Katie, I thought for a moment that it was Madelyn in those pictures. She is the spitting image of you when you were younger!

  2. You, my dear, could never be long winded or boring! And oh my gosh, Madelyn looks just like you!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. It is amazing how much your daughter looks like you. WOW!...I see others say the same thing. You had a wonderful life even with the not so wonderful moments. They make us who we are. I for one and so very grateful for even the bad that happened to me cause I am Mary Beth because of them and I know God planned what would happen later in life with my beautiful husband and children. He uses eveything for a wonderful purpose.

  4. Madelyn looks just like you!!! What a fun post down memory lane...getting to know the katy behind the writings:)

  5. First time visiting your blog, and I love it. Enjoyed the trip down memory lane. Didn't seem boring at all!!

  6. Wonderful Post ... enjoyed all
    the moments and Madelyn looks
    just like you..so agree you are
    NEVER long winded or boring..
    Thanks for letting us come into
    your warm and loving home (life)
    Hope you are healing more each
    day wisdom teeth surgery...
    Trish -Ladybug

  7. Katy, God spoke to me through two blogs today; yours was one. I hope to email you someday and explain how. I will say it is connected to "It isn't anything *I* have done...but all because of
    His goodness and love."

  8. I loved reading and viewing this post.. thank you very much for sharing.

  9. i loved riding bikes in the garage... and loved riding over the drain cover.. "clunk, clunk". our kids will have those memories to look back on one day--just different garage!

    loved reading this and seeing the pics!


  10. Sometimes I think about the things I would change if I could go back in time. Then like you, I think that without the good, bad and ugly of my past I wouldn't be where I am today... a very good place!

    Thanks for sharing your trip down memory lane.

  11. Hi Katy...that was wonderful! Do you have any more pictures and stories? Your Madelyn looks exactly like you....like Mother like daughter....how great is that?

    Have a good evening ... loved this post and your message.


  12. Katy, those are the sweetest pictures. I'm so glad the Lord spared your life. :o) Love what you said about your 'sweetie'. The prom picture was lovely. :o)

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  13. Thanks for sharing these photos! I will third, or fourth, or fifth that Madelyn looks just like you!


  14. Absolutely, Madelyn looks like you Katy! I remember an earlier post a while back that had a picture of Madelyn kinda curling up her nose and lip like the first picture of you on here.... so cute! I really think the picture of you with your arm in a brace, looks like Devon. (:
    I remember playing jarts too with the "real" metal tips. We (neighborhood kids) would also play a game called "stretch" using a screwdriver to toss and drive into the ground... the opposing player facing you would have to try and stretch from a standing position to reach where the screwdriver had stuck in the ground. Isn't that crazy?! Talk about dangerous... The goofy stuff we sometimes do and don't think twice about when we're growing up.... ugh!
    Thanks for sharing your pictures -- Enjoyed it!

    Louisville, KY (:

  15. Wow, Madelyn is so like you! :) xxx

  16. Oh my, she is a carbon copy of you! Just beautiful!

  17. Katy - Thanks for sharing your pics and childhood memories! My sisters and I still love to reminisce. We also are so thankful to our parents for taking lots of video while we were growing up because it is so much fun to watch those together and laugh.

  18. I just have to repeat what the others said --- Maddy looks exactly like you!! Loved the pictures =)


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