Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Round About My Home...

Tonight, Chris and I attended our first Seder Meal and foot washing service. It was beautiful and of course, I cried. Realizing how much Jesus humbled himself for us, in all that He did, is such a glorious example of how we, too, should act. I have far to go...but desire, greatly, to live as more of a servant in love.
We also enjoyed wonderful fellowship with great friends, afterward. We were the last to leave the church...then stood in the dark parking lot, talking and laughing...until we couldn't bear the sting of the cold wind that was whipping by us! Like-minded friends are such a beautiful gift and we thank God for the wonderful friends He has given us!

Quickly, I have a few photos to share from home. This first one, though, was taken at my dad's garage, last week. Madelyn is wearing a new headband her aunt made her! Isn't it cute!? :)

Here at home, while the winds blew hard and rain beat down, at times, it was smelling sweet, inside! Here I have a pot of water with a few drops of clove essential oil, simmering! It smells just wonderful!

Outside, the wagons are tilted up to keep the rain from collecting inside. Those two wagons get *a lot* of use, here! That poor, rickety fence there is not of my doing. It was put up by our neighbors. While outdoors today, she met us at the fence to chat...and although having done so before, reminded us again that she has that fence up in order to help keep the leaves from their side of the yard from going into our side of the yard. Her heart is sweet...I couldn't tell her that in all truthfulness, I would rather have the leaves in my yard than her fence! I worked at raking some of the leaves away from the fence, today. It was blustery...but it was nice to be outside, when it wasn't raining!

Xavier's pile of crosses. My boy...knowing Easter for what it is, he builds crosses. He puts nails on either end where the hands go and even makes a small peg at the bottom to stand on. He has made all sizes and will even...gulp...pretend to crucify Jaxson. (They pretend they are Jesus). X will hit a nail off to the side while Jaxson pretends to cry out in pain. It may seem quite gory to some...especially to those who are un-believers...but I know my boys' hearts are in the right place.

The garage (and look, the grass is really turning green! Although, there *are* still many spots of mud! I am optimistic though, beautiful days will be here soon enough!)...

Flowers are blooming around the house...

Bread baking...

Chris's parents kept the children while we went to the Seder meal at church. When we picked them up, Jaxson came out and handed me this jar of flowers that he had picked at "Ma's house". I told him how much I loved them and *thank-you* and he replied with, "It was nothin'."! A humble spirit...just what I needed to hear tonight. :)

So now, I must draw to a close. I have taken my contacts out and my glasses are on, and with each blink my eyes feel dry and pained...ready for sleep. It's nearing 10 pm for me, late in Katy-time. It's been a bit of a short post, for me. I just don't think I can stay awake any longer!
Thank-you for visiting! Have a great Thursday!

Katy :)
He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. Very sweet post.

    We went to a seder meal a few years ago, and it was so neat.

    Love Madelyn's headband - very cute!

  2. I love all the little glimpses into your life in each post!

  3. I think I would rather have the leaves also :-)

    Don't feel bad my boys (3 of them) also used to build crosses and act out the Easter Story when they were younger - it was very sweet and great for their understanding of Christ's love.
    Have a Blessed Easter

  4. Katy, a sweet post full of love, beauty and thankfulness - the perfect kind of day!

    I'm intrigued by the essential oil and water many drops of oil do you add and how long does it last?

    Have a beautiful day!

  5. Oh, the hearts of children! We read from our One Year Bible each night. After we were done last Megan asked if I would read her the part where Jesus dies and goes to heaven. It made my heart soar to hear her ask me to read this to her. It is hard for me to put into words how sweet it is to see little hearts opening up to love of Jesus!

  6. Our church had a foot washing and communion. It was first time I had ever been to a footwashing. I thought it was very touching and I cried too. It is very emotional for me when I think of what Christ did for us.

  7. I love the headband and the crosses:) I've never thought to simmer the essential oils in water, thank you for sharing that idea! have a wonderful day and as always...thanks for sharing:)

  8. I've never found a church in my area that does a foot washing so a few years back I asked my husband to let me wash his feet. It was a very beautiful experience that I will always remember.

  9. So touching of a post....

    Warm Blessings

  10. Hi Katy. Thanks very much for passing by my blog today and leaving that comment. And please dont be a stranger. And very nice job on your blog, makes me wonder if i should get back to the grind stone. Thanks again. Richard from Amish stories


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