Wednesday, April 13, 2011

♥ An Open Heart ♥

I must confess, I have a passionate heart. There are things I feel very strongly about and have a desire for the whole world to know. With that, though, can come much controversy and contention between people. That is the last thing I ever want to happen. When there is strife between people, it makes me sick in the pit of my stomach. I don't like quarrels.

Sometimes it is difficult to share your thoughts and beliefs without offending people. So then, you wonder if you should share them at all. I don't want to ruin my witness, for Christ, by hurting others. Sometimes, I feel I *should* share my heart, as I do, and then I realize I should have said some things differently. For example, THIS post, where I expressed feelings about working vs. SAHMs, I should have said that my heart hurts when women *choose* their career over their children. I completely understand that there are circumstances when women must go to work. I apologize for any hurt feelings.

I desire to encourage others...and put things out there to make them *think*. I know that not everyone will agree with me about things...and that is okay. But please know, I am not standing in judgment of you. I desire to love and share my convictions thoughtfully. I hope each of you are able to see this when reading my posts...Although I may not always write things you agree with, know that I try to always remain biblically based while writing with the desire to encourage and not dis-courage you!

Katy :)

He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. "I desire to love and share my convictions thoughtfully."

    That shines through here, Katy! Thankful that you share your heart and encourage us in our walk with the Lord!

    Blessings friend,

  2. I know what you mean. Sometimes, though people may choose to be offended when no offense was intended or given.

    Keep sharing your heart - prayerfully - and trust God to use it!


  3. And you are doing just that Katie. You can not make everyone happy the only you must make happy is God. You are doing that for me, reading your posts and you actually taught me to really bake for the first time. I am not a good homemaker but I know that is what the Lord wants of me but you and others like you were sent to help me. I made those cinnamon rolls last week and my family went nuts over them. My daughter said I was a good cooker. So thank you for all you do.

  4. i do not see that at all on your blog.:) People must decide within their own hearts between them and God what is right for them. Your posts are inspiring, and beautiful. Thankyou,

  5. Well said Katy!

    Many Blessings,

  6. I think one can only be offended by your posts Katy if their shoe is squeezing their foot. I love reading what you write about. It's about you. I don't feel you are pushing your thoughts and values on me or anyone. Keep on doing what you are doing. Love the way you are!

  7. Katy, You shouldn't have to apologize or clarify what you write on your blog.They are your thoughts and your opinions.
    Beautiful blog.

  8. I dont feel you are being harsh on people at all. There are circumstances that women have to clarifying this is wonderful. It's good not to put an uneccesary burden on people. I know what you mean though through your posts...I did get the sense that you were referring to those that choose to work because they dislike being at home with their children.

    I love the peace in your blogs. I also love when you share your hard days too.

  9. Katy~I just have to say that I have chills right now from reading your posts yesterday,though they are great chills BC your writing are inspiring an dyou have the right to say how you feel.Please don't think even once that you must apologize for your feelings.
    You post what we all are thinking and are feeling.You just know how to say it very gently.You write the truth about how we feel about being a stay at home mother.there is a lot that goes with that TITLE and it is a BLESSING


  10. Katy,

    When I worked outside the home I felt upset when women would comment about being able to stay at home. I was convicted that I should be home as well. I would say that we couldn't afford it, but I knew we could but at the time I wanted to buy new clothes, srapbook, go to jewelry and home parties, eat out,have cable, cell phones, have nice Christmas', have the house I wanted and go on a vacation now and then.

    When I finally surrendered during my second pregnancy, God allowed our house to sell so we could downsize, and I learned to cook, can and buy my clothes from garage sales and to re-think every non-essential thing I bought. Now 18 years later after being home I don't regret making that choice at all. God has provided more for us than either of us could have imagined!!

    Take the leap of Faith if you can so God can prove himself faithful.


  11. I like what "At Home with Amy" said.. LOL!

    It's a blog... the point of a blog is to share YOUR feelings... people have a choice whether or not to read it... and whether or not to agree. However, it is common to write something and realize that maybe it didn't come off the right way. It's admirable that you posted to correct yourself... and hopefully, whoever was offended can see that you truly weren't trying to offend in the first place! Your blog obviously is a place that many come to for encouragement and guidance. Keep doing what you're doing!

  12. Katy, I love your posts, your Blog, etc....and all that you stand for.
    I did post a comment yesterday that sometimes it is necessary for a mom to work..that was me 20 years ago, and I would have given the world to be a took 9 years for that to happen, fortunately throughout that time there were times my DH worked nights and watched the kids during the day while I worked..etc....and now I have been at home for 12 years and don't regret that at all..and full's now time for me to leave the nest (so to speak) for a few hours a day, when I find the correct job. I guess my point is...what someone said..we don't know what someone else's life is like until we walk in their shoes. You are a wonderful mom....your home looks so inviting..and thank you for sharing your Blog with us!

  13. Thank you for all you share Katy!

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  15. Katy, I have read many a blog post about being a SAHM vs WOHM and your was nothing like some of them were. There was not a hint of judgment in your post at all. Sometimes a certain subject is just going to ruffle a few feathers and this happens to be one of them. You have shown kindness and humility and have nothing to be apologetic about. I find myself very inspired by your blog and have found many great new recipes and motivation by visiting here. Keep it up Katy!

  16. Hi Katy. I have written before that I love your blog. I really believe that the Lord sent me to you. Even though I believe I am a christian, I really know now that I don't think I was going about things in the right way. You have been an inspiration. I am a working mom, and not once was I offended. Yes, I wish I could have been a stay home mom, but I don't believe that was supposed to happen. So I make the best of things for my family. As much as my job is important, my family is top priority. I have to make due with 41/2 hours sleep because of my hours, but hey they say sleep is over rated. LOL Just kidding. You continue to post what you feel. I am sure I speak for all of your followers that you are an inspiration. Keep on blogging.

  17. Continue to express your thoughts. Don't change who you are. Your blog is who you are. I visit often. If any time I got my toes tramped on it was because I was convicted by God. In no way did I think you were offending mothers who work out side the home. But encourageing that it is a wonderful thing being a stay at home mom. Blessings!

  18. Your blog has been a blessing to me! I enjoy reading each and every post. You have a special way of coming across in a NON judgemental manner...just a sweet, sweet Mom sharing from her heart.

    Please keep sharing as you do.

    You are blessing so many!

  19. Katy, I really love your blog, you come across as very caring, and kind. You offer your own heart & insights, you have a wonderful ministry in your blog. Some people will be offended, but most will be blessed. Don't apologize, just continue to love as you have been & share the gift of love with others who need it very badly.

  20. Dearest Katy,
    I think your blog in just lovely and your words show how warm your heart truly is.
    God bless,


  21. Dear Katy,

    I want to encourage you this morning to continue in the way of the Lord. I know you are like I am in that you prayerfully consider every post. You desire your words to be from the Lord.
    Jesus said to count it an honor when people say evil against you for His sake. If we are to be followers of Him, then we have to be ready to take some name calling. But Katy, especially at this time of year, my endurance of a bit of hatred from a commenter is so nothing compared to what Jesus endured for me.

    You should never change yourself (or the words of your posts) to pleae another. That is what blogging is about...sharing yourself and your life! Personally, I do not have a problem with those who disagree with me. I will not tolerate those who bully other commenters. I feel "If you have a gripe, have it with me, not another "friend".

    So, as the blog hostess, delete hateful comments and send them straight to where they came from! Hate is never from God!

    Your blog is a light shining in darkness. You encourage me and so many others every day. Keep up the good work! I've never met you, but you are my sister in the Lord. So that makes us family! :)

  22. Thanks Katy for the Openness of Heart and obeying the direction
    of the Lord and your Heart...
    You are amazing Christ-Like Sister
    in the Lord... And we Love You !!!

    Keep Sharing your thoughts of the
    heart...Trusting in the Lord how
    He is using you to reach others...

    Your words inspiring....Filled with
    warm love for others

    Blessings / Hug

  23. Katy - There are always going to be people who disagree with your opinion. I didn't think your post was offensive. I'm with you - I understand if a woman has to work due to financial reasons, but other than that, I believe it's God's will for mothers to be at home.


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