Saturday, April 9, 2011

Hard Work

The past couple days have been busy for me. In fact, the *easiest* work I have done lately was filling this oil lamp with some beautiful, blue oil (smokeless and odorless, thankfully!).

Friday, my sister brought Eloise to town, to our mother's home. She was going to help our mom take out some cupboards, from her kitchen, and asked if I would want to come over and snuggle Eloise a bit while Devon and mom worked on cleaning out the cupboards and moving them. I was *more* than happy to agree!
The boys "worked" at the garage with Pop-pop and Daddy while Madelyn and I headed out to my mom's house to help. I got to hold littlest Eloise for a bit...but somehow, Grammie (my mom) got the baby most of the time, while *I* ended up helping Devon clean out (and move) the cupboards! ;) That's okay though...I know Grammies need their snuggle-times with their littlest loves!
We returned to my dad's garage, to join the guys, for lunch! I was so glad I remembered my camera, for I was able to get a few, sweet pictures!

Uncle Chris holding Eloise...

He must not have that *mommy-smell* that babies love, because sweet baby Eloise was not overly thrilled with him! When he gave her to me, though, she was quite content (which gave me joy!). I haven't yet decided whether it is a *good* or *bad* thing that my sister and I, both, agree that Eloise looks like I did, as a baby, when she cries...? (I think it's mostly the cheeks...I have always been cheeky!)

The boys were quite dirty, from "working" at the after a good scrubbing with soap and water (plus laying a bit of a barrier between his dirty clothing and hers), Xavier got to hold his cousin...

Madelyn (with the true Mother's Heart) enjoyed snuggling Eloise, as well!

Jaxson, triking!

Xavier on his tow-trike (specially made by Pop-Pop)...

Madelyn, again with Eloise...

Jaxson in the *buggy* car...

I was quite full of giggles after Jax brought out this creation...

It's a top for his car...hehe...I love it...and love the imagination!! :)

Xavier....always trying to be one of *the guys*. Such a little man he is!

After lunch, we returned back to mom's house and continued our work with her cupboards. We were surprised when we pulled the cupboards away from the wall, that they came off all in one, great big piece! This cupboard had been in our mother's kitchen our whole lives...a basic part of our childhood memories of home. The idea to just burn it or get rid of it seemed just "not right"...and after some thought, I suggested we take it to my would work greatly at giving some better organization to our home's addition, for a bit.

Our addition will one day be our new living room, a nice-sized pantry and a mud/laundry room. We do all the work ourselves and do what we can, when we small bits. So for now, the addition serves as a sort of pantry/shed.

It was raining (pouring) yesterday...and my sweet Christopher and another of my dad's workers brought out a truck and, in the horrid rain, loaded the heavy set of cupboards and brought it to our home. The addition needed to be purged...items seperated and ready to donate, burn paper burnables, cleaning/organizing etc. So that is what we did was a lot of hard work...but I am happy with how much better it is, now. Of course, I will be *much* happier when it's actually my living room...but for now, I am grateful for the storage space.

For every disciplined effort there is a multiple reward.
Jim Rohn

Here is the product of all our hard work...

To the right in the above pictures, in the back there, I have stored boxes and boxes of jars...pints and quarts...for my canning this summer. The cupboard to the left is the one from my mom's house. It was quite strange (and still is) to have a bit of mom's house, in mine! Although it makes me smile with warmth when I look at it! It creates a wonderful place for storage!

I also did some moving, organizing and cleaning of some things, indoors, as well!

Having a better sense of organization enables me to feel such a wonderful sense of peace. But now, I am exhausted...we did a lot of moving and lifting. I feel as though I have been working out in the garden. It's a good feeling, though, one of accomplishment and satisfactory hard work.

Now, after two-days of much work, I am looking forward to a bit of rest tomorrow! After church, we will be having lunch at Chris's parents house and then enjoy rest and family-time for the remainder of the day! I hope you are enjoying your weekend! So glad you took the time to stop by and visit!

He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. What cute pictures of your kids and niece! Your daughter looks like she will be a great mother! I read your blog daily and just love it. You are a truly nice person and I enjoy reading about your sweet family.
    God bless, Kathy in Illinois

  2. I love it that you write even the smallest part of your life. Even though we've never met I feel like a friend just reading all of the little parts of your life. Thank you for sharing of yourself so much. You don't know how much you've helped me. The Lord is using you to help women like myself who don't have a clue how to take care of a home. Again Thank You, Mary Beth from Pa

  3. That is so wonderful you have part of your mothers cabinet in your house.


  4. Katy,

    That cupboard is fantastic! I hope you will be able to find a place for it somewhere in your house after your addition becomes your living room.

    Have a very wonderful Sunday - the best day of the week!


  5. LOL, that is a wonderful parade of unique vehicles:D I LOVE the cupboard, very old timey and beautiful! Maybe you can find a way to permanently incorporate it into your new addition? Have a wonderful day:)

  6. the cupboard looks like it works well! fits that wall perfectly!!

  7. lovely pics of the baby and kids..
    hope you are having a blessed Sunday..
    take care,

  8. Such a joy coming to your blog always so friendly,warm,thanks for
    sharing your life and family with
    us all...

  9. Katy - We're doing the same as you with finishing our basement. Little bits at a time as the cash comes in! Sometimes makes for a long haul!

    I see all of your Mrs. Meyer's products. What is your favorite scent? I love the basil! I use it all through my house. I bought the bulk package from of the all-purpose solution and use it in a spray bottle. It will last me for years! You might want to check that out if you haven't already! I got a 6 pack of 32 oz bottles of the multi-purpose and you only use 2 tbsp per gallon! And it was only $32.00 for all six!!!! Have a blessed day!

  10. Great photos Katy...and doesn't it feel wonderful to get all of that done. You feel like celebrating! I'm so impressed with your efforts. And how special to have a part of your mother's home in yours. You are right--I wouldn't part with extra storage for any money!

    Darling photos of your family. :o)

    Donna @ Comin Home

    PS.I'm going to a weekly newsletter starting today. Son is graduating then leaves for six months of military training. I just want to 'be there' for the blogging will have to be minimal. My family is growing up so fast. Only one child left to homeschool! In two years I'll be on graduation number five!

  11. I LOVE the oil lanterns. They are a passion of mine. I would have every light bulb thrown out of my house if the family would let me.

    Thanks for visiting my blog ;- )

    Have a blessed day in THE LORD!

    Matthew 6:33

  12. hi katy
    what a beautiful oillamp you have, i love old oillamps, too.your cupboard
    is fantastic.
    have a nice week,

  13. what cute pictures!
    and i LOVE your houise!! can i come over? i'll bring coffee!!!

  14. Really nice you all shared family time together. The cupboard is wonderful. I would have to keep it always. Blessings!


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