Friday, April 15, 2011

Fireflies in the Garden

Here come real stars to fill the upper skies,
And here on earth come emulating flies,
That though they never equal stars in size,
(And they were never really stars at heart)
Achieve at times a very star-like start.
Only, of course, they can't sustain the part.
~Robert Frost
Few things are quite so pleasant, as sitting snug beneath afghans on a chilly evening, while your daughter reads poetry aloud. The best part was ~ I didn't have to ask her to! She offered! She likes to read scripture, aloud, to me, also...and I really enjoy that too!

Xavier, my handsome little fella, donning his new haircut (and sunglasses ~ very important since they are "just" like daddy's!)...

Yesterday, the sun shone gloriously and brightened my spirits! The windows were opened and the breeze blew in! It was a smidge chilly....but warmed up as the day progressed. I was thrilled to get a couple loads of clothes out on the line, to dry!

The children were just itching to show me something they had, with camera in hand, I went out to see this...

Xavier-the-horse was pulling Madelyn around in their very own *buggy*! They were having so much fun with it and I couldn't help but laugh...I just love their sweet imaginations!

There were a few times the, uh, horse pulled too fast and dumped that poor little lass out of the buggy! Whoops! ;)

We have had that stroller for over 9 years (since Madelyn was wee) and honestly, I have no idea what we have been saving it for all this time! It's held up quite well though! When the children found it...those gears in their heads started turnin'!

*Old* man, Jaxson, and his walking stick...

Below are essential oils I have gotten, recently! I already had the cinnamon...but I now have clove, peppermint, lavender, orange and lemon too! They smell absolutely wonderful! They have so many fantastic uses (here are an example of some)! Do you use essential oils? What are your favorites and how do you use them!?

I definitely plan on using the orange and lemon while cleaning (and maybe the lavender too), the peppermint will be great for my headaches and the clove and cinnamon are anti-septics and also smell great when simmered on the stove in water! :)

I have had an email (and maybe others are wondering as well) about why I wear skirts. To be completely honest...I just *like* them! They make me feel more feminine, submissive to my husband and they are *very* comfortable! I don't believe that it's biblically mandatory. I think Tasha Tudor really sums it up well:
“Why do women want to dress like men when they’re fortunate enough to be women? Why lose femininty, which is one of our greatest charms? We get more accomplished by being charming than we would be flaunting around in pants and smoking. I’m very fond of men. I think they are wonderful creatures. I love them dearly. But I don’t want to look like one. When women gave up their long skirts, they made a grave error….”
The Private World of Tasha Tudor
Now, of course, just because women wear pants doesn't mean they look like men. But...there is great enjoyment in wearing long, flowing skirts. There is something gentle and pretty about it. :)

So glad you had the time to stop by today! I need to get moving! There is much to do! Today is my dad's sister,Devon, and Eloise are coming to town and we will all have lunch together! It will be a great time to celebrate another year of life for my dad, whom I love immensely! :)

Before I go (I always do this, don't I?) I just wanted to share with you THIS. Eloise is rolling over! Goodness, the days are turning into weeks and the weeks are turning into months! Just love my little niece, I do, but my how the time flies by much too quickly!

Enjoy your weekend, friends. Thanks for visiting!
Katy :)
He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. How sweet of your daughter to read the bible to you. I love when my youngest sits and reads with me. It's just very special!

    I was wondering if you could share with us (your readers) how you created your header with the pics of your year? I would like to do the same on my blog but am not sure of the steps to do so. If you are not able I understand.

    Have a good day in the sun (if it's sunny your way as it it our way).


  2. Hi Katy! What a sweet post...
    I just love coming here and reading~I am always encouraged or inspired or blessed in some way...

    Wishing you a blessed weekend! ♥

  3. What truly wonderful imaginations, LOL, I love that *buggy*! I use essential oils for cleaning, mixed with vinegar and water and I love the sweet orange and lavender ones the best! I sometimes use them in soaps as well instead of the fragrance oil and it is wonderful in there as well:) Looks like a sunny day again today, enjoy it and Happy Birthday to your dad!

  4. Looks like you had a bit warmer and enjoyable day:) I love hanging things on the line! Soon we will be doing that here too after the yard gets it's "makeover" this weekend (ground is getting leveled and reseeded in the dead spots)
    Your niece is adorable...I popped by there and left a comment:)
    Thats a perfectly good reason to wear skirts in my opinion! I dont see it in the bible either..but they ARE so pretty and "gentle" like you said. I'd love to see a pic of you in your most favorite one!
    Madelyn is so sweet...what a young, tender age! Reminds me of my older daughter when she was that age...Now I have another daughter who is 10 this weekend. Its so nice to relive that tender age again!
    Have a lovely day! Hope you get more sun again...its sunny here too...I'm so happy for it!

  5. Lovely post, Katy.

    I have a few essential oils but haven't really used them yet...I have Sweet Orange and Lavender! I think I want to use them when I clean. I think Peppermint would be wonderful for stuffy sinuses and noses.

    The kids are so cute, playing horse and buggy...

    Enjoy snuggling your sweet niece and celebrating your Dad's birthday!


  6. That is soooooo cute,your kids are just awesome.It is great that they don't have to have anyhting BUT their imaginations and they are FREE to go.
    Zachary is the same,give him an stick or box and he is happy.He was mowing yesterday(thanks for commenting)and I could hear him singing really loud.I am very pleased with him not wanting the big toys and all that stuff that is not needed to have fun,PURE SIMPLE COUNTRY LIVIN!!!!


  7. I love to use essential oils as well Katy. I love Geranium and also Bergamot and Ylang Ylang. Oh, there are too many I love!

    I love to wear skirts also and have made some out of vintage bed sheets which I think look quite pretty. Have you seen the West girls Homestad Blessings series? They wear the most beautiful skirts.

    Take care and God bless.


  8. What a wonderful post...
    Always so warm and loving...
    Happy Birthday to your Dad as


  9. Hi Katy!
    Thanks for your sweet comments on my blog. You know I always love coming to see what is going on at your home. Don't you just love children's imagination! It does not take a lot of money buying fancy toys. These days of being able to open windows is wonderful. It was a great day here in NC today but we are to have the bad storms tomorrow that have been making their way from OK.
    Love you!

  10. I have actually met Robert Frost when I was in the 4th grade. He came to our school to speak to the students. It was so great. I still remember reciting his tabby cat poem, about the cat that has kittens in the barn every spring. Ahh, the memories. Thanks for posting.

  11. "Gentle and pretty"--what a sweet description about the way you dress. (I love your daughter's long skirt, by the way!)


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