Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A couple days in photos...

Madelyn holding her cousin, Eloise, while at my mom's house for a bit, yesterday (I was quite blessed to get an ample amount of snuggle-time in with this little one too!)...

Lovely books, below, gifted to me from a dear woman at church. She found them at a library booksale and told me that when she saw them, she thought of me! She also bought me some yeast (for my bread-baking) and wrote out an absolutely beautiful card that almost brought me to tears!
Madelyn, at two different times today, knitting...

Books I found at the thrift store, yesterday (I am always so thrilled to find good books at such low prices!)...

I found this Yankee Candle at the thrift store, as well! It was burned once before, but basically brand-new. These large jar candles usually sell for well over $20. This one, I bought for $1.99! The Lilac Blossoms scent is perfect for spring, too!

The children doing some schoolwork. Each are reading...

***You may notice Jaxson is quite amiss in these photos...he was off "working" with Pop-Pop at the garage today! ;)

Memory journaling...

Proof that even the most *seasoned* bread-baker can over-cook a loaf of bread (although, it was, luckily, still edible...just a bit tough on the exterior!)...

Xavier, helping me with my bread-making, by greasing the bowl...

Ahhh....two fresh loaves of bread...

A look at a spot in the kitchen...

Flowers, picked and arranged by Madelyn...

A new-to-me lamp, from my mom, glowing softly as the rain falls outside...

Night sets in...

We are getting ready for our new peeps to arrive tomorrow! I have gotten all the things needed and Chris is preparing a spot for them to grow, in the shed. A simple supper of sandwiches, on fresh bread, tonight...and time spent together as a family! :)

So glad you had some time to drop by! I know there were *many* photos today. I like to remember my time goes by, one second at a time, but still, seemingly, ever-so-fast. I will one day enjoy looking back at times spent when my children were young! :)

Rest well! Pray much!
He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. Eloise and Madelyn are just so lovely! This post is awesome. I feel like I am right there. I just want to eat those loaves of bread. I am off to make some biscuits, chicken soup and salad. Hugs from the desert!

  2. Madelyn and Elosie so adorable
    Always feel like we are talking
    and visiting with each other when I
    stop by your blog...

    Yes we Bread maker do have some
    failures time to time.. I use mine
    for bread crumbles

    Warm Blessing.....
    Trish -Ladybug

  3. I loved all the photos, I love 'visiting" with you & your family. You seem to make everyone welcome, you do have the gift of hospitality! God bless you & yours!

  4. Eloise is getting so big! I enjoy all your photos so keep sharing them...and I do think they will be great memories for you!

  5. Hi Katy..
    I think I was Madelyn's age when my mom taught me how to knit. I remember it like it was yesterday. We were sitting together on our porch and she was so very patient.

    I love it when you talk about your journal. You inspired me to keep one like yours. My 11 year old grandaughter enjoys looking through it all the time.

    Your niece is really, really cute. She looks alot like Madelyn.

    Thanks, Katy, for letting me read your lovely words. I enjoy it so much.


  6. Great find on the candle. If it smells anything like the lilacs outside my window... heavenly!

    Elosie is getting big! I am always wondering where the time goes.

    Have a wonderful day!

  7. Love the memory journal. What a sweet way to remember the day!

  8. Love that candle!

    Madelyn is such a sweet looking girl. I wish my two younger girls could meet and play with her!

    I need to make bread too. I love your posts, Katy. It makes me feel as if you are a kindred spirit!

    Have a wonderful day!

  9. I have recently found your blog, and I wanted you to know I enjoy it so very much. You take wonderful pictures, and your house feels so homey.

    Many continued blessings!

  10. I too love taking lots of photo's as well Katy. I love looking back on them to remind me of our simple days.
    Does your lamp have a base with buttons in a jar?

    God bless you and yours Katy.


  11. Great images, there is nothing like to smell of baking bread in a house. And i see you have some oil lamps around, a must have when living in the country. Nice job. Richard. from Lebanons Amish community.

  12. such adorable pics..
    iam so glad to see madelyn nice..


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