Monday, April 25, 2011

"All that is gold does not glitter....

...Not all those who wander are lost;
The old that is strong does not wither,
Deep roots are not reached by the frost."
~JRR Tolkien

I am reading The Lord of the Rings. Usually, I am not one to enjoy such stories...but 10 years after they first released, I finally watched the LOTR movies and, surprisingly, really enjoyed them. I decided that it was definitely worth reading the book! And, so I am. Tolkien is a wonderful story-teller! He is very descriptive and imaginitive. I must admit, though, I am glad I watched the movies *first*...otherwise, I would be completely lost with the book. Of course, the book is *much* more descriptive and full of much more of a story...but the movies give me a base to imagine from, since I am not always good at doing that myself. :)

I am excited to also share that the laptop, a friend helped us build, got delivered this week! How fun it is to be able to have something wireless and portable. We are not much in the *tech-y* way around this is quite a treat. I basically got the laptop for homeschooling purposes, though. It will be nice to be able to input homeschool tracker info on here, as the work is done (rather than writing it all out and then bringing it upstairs to the desktop to type out). I *will* admit, though, that I like my desktop computer better! ;)

We enjoyed a nice, simple Easter church and then with supper at Ma and Pa's house (Chris's parents). The doorway gets quite jumbled with shoes, at Ma's house, when the whole family is visiting...

I had mentioned in THIS post about my mouth/wisdom teeth/gums pain. I was able to get into the dentist today and he confirmed that I have an infection in my gums. He said it was probably because food was rotting in areas that can't be reached by my toothbrush (or even by his hygentists, there). So, after writing me a prescription for an antibiotic to get rid of the infection, he recommended that Chris and I discuss the possibility of me having the two wisdom teeth on my right side, removed! I'm a bit nervous about the prospect of that...but I don't think I want to go through this infection repeatedly (which the dentist said would probably happen if I don't have them pulled). So...I guess we'll see what Chris thinks!

Today is quite humid, in Western PA. It has rained a bit, sun shined a bit, and I think some thunderstorms may be on the way. We've been dealing with quite a lot of rain the past few weeks. I don't like to complain...but I am really looking forward to some enjoyable, sun-filled days, hopefully soon!

My sister-in-love invited the children over to play with their cousins after taking them there, this morning, I went to my dentist appointment, had lunch with my mom, picked up my prescription (for my antibiotic) and then came home to do some housework. I was delighted to see, when I arrived, that my Mrs. Meyer's order had arrived...I was excited to try out one of the dishsoaps, since this time I bought two new scents that I haven't tried before! So, I quickly rain some hot water and made a sweet smelling sudsy dish-bath with the Rosemary dishsoap! Doing dishes is much more enjoyable when you use a sweet-smelling soap! After some housework...

I made bread for the week...

and worked on some knitting!

The children are now back home, again, after a full day of play and fun with their cousins. They are watching a newly-received (from Grammie and Pop-Pop) Bambi movie, now...while enjoying some rest after a *busy* day! ;)

I need to work at getting supper in the oven and make another laundry switch! I hope you each had an enjoyable Easter with your loved ones...a resurrected Christ is of the utmost importance to celebrate! How He loves us, yes!? My heart is overwhelmed at His sacrifice for, most undeserving, me.

One last, sweet and memorable, photo to share before I go. Madelyn reading to our good friends' daughter, one day when they were over...

Until, Lord willing, we meet again, wishing you beautiful days....full of love and blessings to overflowing!

He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. Katy,

    I think it would be worth getting those teeth pulled, but I will pray for you and Chris to have wisdom!

    I love Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena! When I use the counter spray my husband always mentions how good and clean it smells!

    Have a wonderful week - hope you get some sunshine - we are sunny today and it is like 86 degrees today! Hot!


  2. I would go for the removal if you can, to this day, I still have one that bothers me, it's been years. I had all my sons removed 2 yrs. ago, he had no room for them, he had 5! Maybe it will help with your headaches too.
    When mine acts up, it gives me headaches. I did have one removed, another one in front of the 2nd one removed, so I would have space for it. A third came in crooked, and my 4th one has never come down. Tooth problems are terrible!! Hope you heal quickly, God Bless You!

  3. I would agree with the others on having those wisdom teeth pulled. They seem to do more harm than good if left in for too long. Great to see you have a laptop and I hope it helps in your daily work. I thought your posting was great and seeing all of those shoes piled up was really sweet! It just says family to me! I heard that you are getting a lot of rain. Do you collect the rain at all to use around the homestead? I have just started collecting rain to see if I can help lower our water bill on watering my garden. It will be neat to see what the result is. I cannot believe how much rain water I collected from one night of rain. It is truly a blessing when you see all of that fresh water! It makes me think how thankful I am to be able to have clean water when so many around the world have to travel so far to collect well water. Clean drinking water is a true blessing! Have a great week!

  4. Loved all the shoes! I noticed all the shoes parked in the entry on Sunday also.

    Lots of rain is falling here. I took the kids for a walk between rains and there was lots of standing water in the neighbors yards.

    I agree that the teeth should probably come out. Mine flared up several times before I finally had them removed. Sorry I didn't do it sooner. As always it is pleasure to stop by and visit!

  5. Praying for wisdom for you Katy in
    having the teeth pulled...

    Thanks for sharing Mrs Meyers
    cleaning products,I see where I can
    purchase them at the locate Frys
    Stores in my area...

    Love the New Laptop Computer very
    nice ..

    As always your post are so refreshing....

    Blessings /Hugs

  6. Why do you need to ask your husband about having your teeth pulled? Honey it is your mouth!!!! He has no say, good grief your in pain. Seriously you do not need permission from him. You are your own person he is NOT your master!!!!

  7. Oh my, please let me clarify, anon, my husband *is* head of this household as God commands, but I wanted to talk to him about the decision of having my teeth pulled, not to get "permission" but just because we discuss all our decisions like that. :)

  8. Hi Katy,
    I will pray for you about your wisdom teeth. They can be awfully painful. I had all 4 of mine pulled when I was 16. It's not as bad of a surgery than you think.

    We are getting lots of rain and severe storms. I am also looking forward to some beautiful sunny days.

    Hope that you and yours have a wonderful week. I just came in from hanging laundry on the line. Gotta love the nice fresh smell!

    Nicki in WV

  9. Hi Katy,

    I'm a new follower and look forward to reading more posts.

    We've had a lot of storms recently, but today has been beautiful (thank the Lord!) The sunshine sure does wonders for one's soul sometimes :)

    Thanks for the link to Mrs. Meyer's, I'm heading over to check it out now.

    Have a wonderful and blessed week.

  10. I am going to a dental surgeon in just a couple of hours to see about getting 2 of my wisdom teeth out...and not looking forward to it! I cannot afford it at this point ( and that is with dental insurance!) so I will have to figure out what we are doing from there. You have my total understanding!! Hope you're feeling better!

  11. You will feel so much better when the teeth are gone! I had the same problem and every few months my face would swell up and the ache was awful. I went to the dentist and got an estimate and Hubby and I put money aside every week until we had the 600 to pay for it.
    My Hubby is head of the house too, I don't feel like I am being oppressed. We discus all major issues and alot of minors ones too. Two heads are better than one. I need to find the book about Help Meets, Do you know which book I'm talking about?

  12. So sorry to hear about the wisdom teeth. This is so weird as you and I sometimes seem to run in the same circle of life as I am battleing a tooth infection myself. I guess now I wil have to have a root canal as it is a front side tooth that I cannot live without. My face is all swollen today and it explains my tiredness the last few. I wonder if your headache could have come form your tooth also. Best of luck to you, I need to make some bread too and make some of that good Rosemary soap. I love to smell it more than to eat it so I bought a new pot of it this year at the garden center to scent my homemade soaps with. Love it too.


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