Thursday, March 3, 2011

Making Bread: Step by Step

I know many who want to make their own bread but are either afraid to try or *have* tried and it didn't go so well. So...after talking to a friend the other day (hello, Julie B!)...she said she is more of a visual I thought maybe others are, as well. I needed to make some bread I took pictures as I went along! If you have been wanting to make bread...follow along with me! :)

Amish White Bread
A recipe I found from HERE and use often.


2 c. warm/hot water
2/3 c. sugar
1 1/2 Tbs. yeast
1/4 c. veg. oil
1 1/2 tsp. salt
6 c. flour

First, you will want to dissolve your sugar in your water. Some recipes call for "lukewarm" water...I find that isn't hot doesn't activate the yeast. So I like to make mine pretty hot...then as it hits the bowl (which is cool), it gets to a good temperature.

Next, you add your yeast. I like to buy my yeast in bulk, as I use so much. Stir and dissolve it into the sugar/water mixture as well as you can....

While you let the yeast *proof* get out another bowl (I like to use my heavy, yellow-ware bowl to let my dough rise in) and grease it with shortening or spray (I use shortening.)...

The yeast should proof in just a few minutes or so (notice how it looks creamy?)...

Next, get your vegetable oil and salt ready and add it to the mixture....

Now it's time to add the cup at a time...

Once it is time to put the last cup of flour in, I stop stirring it and use my hands to *knead* it into the dough. Then I continue to knead the dough for a bit, till it is springy...

Then I transfer it into my yellow-ware bowl...

Cover it and then set it in the oven (or somewhere warm) to rise. I, actually, before-hand, turn on my oven to it's lowest setting, let it heat up a little bit and then turn it off. Then I let the bread dough rise inside. I usually will let it rise 2-3 hours...or whenever I have time to get to it! ;)

Risen dough...

Time to punch the dough down, knead it a few times and then divide it in half...

Form the dough into loaves and place in greased bread pans...

Again, I set them in the oven to rise. I will leave them at least an hour (usually more) until they look something like the picture below. Then I turn the oven on to 350* and let the loaves bake for 20 minutes or so (Your oven may be different than may take a bit longer for you or vice-versa).

Once your loaves are done baking...take them out of the oven and let them sit, briefly, in the pans. Then, when able to, take the bread out of the pans and let the loaves cool on a rack.

Cut, eat and enjoy! :o) It's really not difficult. While you let the bread rise, you can do your housework or schooling or run your errands! Making bread does take *time* but it doesn't have to mess up your plans for the day! :) I hope you will try this recipe. It really is delicious and rewarding to make your own bread! If you prefer video-learning, the West ladies have a bread-making video you can purchase or maybe even check out at your local library! :)

My littlest love, Jaxson, was sick today. A seemingly simple cold also carried a bit of a fever and extreme exhaustion with it. He slept a lot of the day. Once I gave him some Children's Tylenol and it had time to settle in, his fever broke and he had a bit more energy. The fever came back though, later, and so I gave him a nice, warm bath and put him into some comfy pajamas. I gave him some more tylenol and then Chris tucked him into bed. :) I am hoping he is feeling better tomorrow. I am also hoping the other children don't get it. It's so sad to see a usually energetic child, feel so glum and miserable!

Thank you, so much, for visiting! I hope you will find these bread-making steps helpful! If you have any questions, please feel free to ask! :) I will do my best to help you out!

Warm wishes for a beautiful end of your week!
Katy :)
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  1. Hi Katy~ Loved this post,tonight I made some hamburger buns and this was the first time in probably 2-3 years I have made any bread type items. I use my bread machine just on the dough setting as I just have no strength in my hands to do the kneading, then I make what I want out of the dough tonight buns Sat. will be some cinnamon rolls. I was wondering what type of flour do you use?? I am using a recepie for Honey wheat rolls and it turns out real nice. We don't eat white bread and I try and stay away from white sugar, the roll recepie calls for honey.
    Your bread looks real good.

  2. I LOVE baking bread! There is just something comfy and cozy about it:) I know how to make bread and have been making it for a long time but I still enjoyed this post!:)

  3. I use the same recipe to make my bread. I haven't bought store bread in months!! I really hope your step by step pictures will help anyone wanting to make homemade bread. I was scared at first about making it, but I am so glad I tried it! Once you start making it you won't want to buy store bread again.

  4. I love making bread:) I hope your little love gets to feeling better soon, it's so hard to see them sick and it never stops, mine is 19 and when he is not feeling well I still hurt and want to 'fix it':)

  5. Katy, you make it seem so simple. I could almost smell it baking! I hope little Jaxson feels better soon. blessings, marla

  6. Hi Katy....I always admire the pictures of your homemade bread. And having this pictorial is great! I felt like I was right there and you were teaching me how to do it. I used to make bread when I was newly married and then when the kids were growing up. I should make some again using your recipe. Thanks for sharing.

    Your little Jaxson looks all snuggled in while snoozing in his Daddy's big chair. Hope he is much better tomorrow.

    Hope your weekend is fun ...and rest a little, too.


  7. I pray that Jaxson will be much better tomorrow and the other children stay well. Our son in CA is very sick and went to the doctor today. I am praying he will be well soon and that his wife, who is pregnant, doesn't get what he has.
    Thanks for the bread recipe. My mouth has watered over your bread. One of these days when I have lots of energy and feel good, I am going to try to make some.
    Love you!

  8. Thank you Katy for this post. I have been wanting to make bread for a while, but a little unsure about it. Your description with pictures will be a great help.

    Hope your little one is feeling 100% soon and back to his normal self.

    God Bless,


  9. THANKS so much Katy! Have a nice, restful weekend!

    Louisville, KY (:

  10. Katy,
    We have not purchased a loaf of bread in a very long time. I usually make a whole wheat loaf, but once in a while I make the Amish White Bread. We love it.
    Thanks for a great blog.

  11. I usually knead my bread on my floured counter, but will try kneading it in the bowl. That will help with the clean up! I am so glad that you shared your techniques for bread making.

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  13. Homemade bread is simply simple =) I tried my hand a baking bread a couple of months ago and failed miserably. Then last Friday, I made my first successful homemade bread (using Tammy's "homemade whole wheat bread" recipe from I know this sounds a bit...strange, but my heart literally leaped when I saw the risen bread dough and my happiness was complete when I took the bread out of the oven. When I see the pictures on your blog of the bread loaves, I look forward to Friday nights when I can bake some bread! =) Thanks for the step-by-step! =)

    Hope your little one feels better soon! Have a blessed week!

  14. Hi Katy! Thanks for the wonderful bread recipe. I hope to make some. I have been eyeing your beautiful loaves and could almost smell it. I hope Jaxson is better today. I posted yesterday and don't know what happened. I had tried to post on other sites and got no where.
    I hope you have a great weekend.

  15. Looks wonderful. But being a diabetic I dont eat white bread.


  16. Katy, thank you for posting this. I use a dough setting on my yard sale bread machine to knead my bread, but the bowl idea of kneading looked great! I wondered if you use any kind of preservative to keep your bread fresher longer? Mine has a tendency to dry out rather quickly. Thanks for sharing with us all! I love your blog!

  17. Thank you Katy,

    Your little tutorial makes it really clear. Will try it and let you know how I get on.
    I do hope your little one is feeling better soon.As you say it's not to nice to see them feeling off colour.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Blessings Gail

  18. Thank you Katy,

    Your little tutorial makes it really clear. Will try it and let you know how I get on.
    I do hope your little one is feeling better soon.As you say it's not to nice to see them feeling off colour.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Blessings Gail

  19. Oh I hope your little guy feels better soon...and that you all stay healthy! I love making bread, but I must say I am lazy..I let my cuisinart do the kneading for me, and I can also make more loaves at one time. There is nothing quite like homemade bread!

    Blessings, Ellie

  20. Excellent Step by Step for making
    Bread..I also use a Bread Machine
    our favorite bread is sourdough
    Which I make my own sourdough
    starter the old fashion way..
    Have not bought bread in over
    Three Years.. I use both Bread
    Flour and All Purpose Flour..

    Sure hope the little guy is doing
    better...Prayers for you both

  21. Thank you sweet Katy for this! I made this yummy bread for tuna salad, tonight. It was so good! The second loaf I made rolls to go with chicken and rice tomorrow. I also made the cinnamon rolls you linked to this bread post. Thank you for mentioning that they could be refrigerated for twelve or so hours. I made them to bake for breakfast in the morning. It really was as you said and we did our schooling and went on a nature walk then came home to the smell of fresh baked bread . You are an inspirational blessing to me Katy. Love, Angelia in Tx

  22. Thank you for this recipe I havent tried it but plan to tomorrow!!! I do make bread but many times the bread is to dense...not sure what that means but I am hoping for better luck with this one. Thank you again!

  23. Katy just made your bread this afternoon however I couldnt get 6 cups of flour in it I used probably 4 1/2 cups and needed a bit more water to work it in??? I am hoping it turns out any suggestions or reason why this happened? Thanks

    1. I am not sure why that worked out as it did for you??
      I hope it still turns out okay for you!

    2. Katy, yes the bread turned out and is now my families favorite so far!!! After reading your instructions again I see that I added the four too quickly instead of one cup at a time and I am thinking maybe that is what happened? Wanted to say I just discovered your blog over the weekend and I LOVE it!!

    3. Thanks so much!! :)
      And I am so glad the bread worked out well for you!

      katy :)


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