Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happiness Consists of....

...Reading together, the children to me and I to them. We are almost finished reading Little House on the Prairie and will, then, move on to Farmer Boy. (The children *always* beg me to read "one more chapter"! :) Madelyn picks a book from the shelf, to read to us. Xavier reads from one of his readers. Jaxson is reading three-letter words and doing quite well! :)

...Nice days, where the sun shines brightly and doesn't set till *after* supper! It gives me the perfect opportunity to hang laundry out on the line!

...Scrabble letters...functioning as a wonderful, inexpensive teaching tools! I know many teachers in our area (each whom I respect and many of them are dear friends) who are very upset about the cutting of education funding by our Governor. I agree that education is a very important thing...however, it needn't be an expensive thing. Paper, pencils, good books and a few other inexpensive, creative items are all one *really* needs. Children, back in the 1800's, were educated very well, using very minimal things! I know as a homeschooling mother, I can find many creative and cheap ways to teach my children. :)

A sentence X created using the scrabble letters. The last word is "chair"...he used a blank tile as the "H"! ;)

While tidying, around the house, I found this note that Xavier wrote...

It reads: "Jesus is our love in our heart cause we love Jesus. We love you."
To me, those words are like poetry and just beautiful. Definitely something I will save and treasure for years to come! :)

Earlier, today, we got the chance to meet up with my sister, who was in town. We met at our dad's garage and visited. We (Devon, my mom and I) each brought something to contribute to lunch. I enjoyed a lot of baby-snuggling-time with my sweet niece, Eloise! Madelyn informed me (more than once) that I was quite the "baby hog". I will admit...yes, I completely enjoy snuggling little Eloise and *am* a bit of a baby hog!

Madelyn and Eloise (notice Mad's nickname on her shirt "peek-a-boo", that is what my dad has called her from the moment she was born!)....

Xavier and Eloise (poor girl kept trying to go to sleep and was having a tough time of it, as we kept switching her from one person, to the next!)...

Jaxson, holding Eloise for the *first* time! My children are quite proud to have such a beautiful cousin! :)

On the way to the garage, there was a loud noise under the back tire of my van. Then it *thudded* the whole way...the children and I prayed for safety, and were well-protected, all glory to God! We made it to the garage and a man who works for my dad, was able to see the problem (my right, back brakes were falling apart!) and fix it! I am so thankful the parts store had the right brakes for the van and my dad was able to get them! The drive home was *much* smoother! **I must admit, the children and I were singing in the van, to worship music, while driving through our small town, on the way home, and I think one lady, downtown, was laughing at me. I must admit, it had to look funny...seeing my mouth moving, but not hearing the sounds inside the van! Oh dear! ;)

This evening, we had friends over for supper (stuffed chicken breasts or stuffed pork chops, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, mashed potatoes, corn (canned from the garden), and homemade bread!) and had a wonderful time of fellowship! We talked and laughed and had a nice time! *Then, our one friend, who had fixed up our guitar for us, started teaching me how to tune the guitar and also a few chords! I am very excited...although I am realizing that my short fingers are a bit of a hurdle when playing the guitar! ;) I am determined to practice though!

Now, the day has wound down and I am extremely tired. It's truly past my *bed-time* and I need to wrap up this post and head to bed. I always like to read a few pages of a book, before praying and drifting off to sleep. I'm not sure I have the energy for that, tonight! I have started reading Uncle Tom's Cabin. Have any of you read this old, well-known book? :)

I hope you are well. Thank you for visiting. I am always so glad for the friends who stop by!
Until next time, Lord willing,
Katy :)
He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. I was so excited to find your new blog this evening. Your writing is such a treat for me. Question: how do you get your kids to bed on time? Mine are terrible at getting to bed and when I do finally get them there they don't stay. Grrrr...any tricks up your sleeve?
    Thanks for your beautiful blog and spirit.

  2. Oh my gosh Katy; your children and Eloise are just so beautiful! I get so tickled to see their different personalities through the pictures. Eloise seems to be such a trooper! Love the picture of her and Jaxson - too cute! Your daughter gets prettier by the day - - looks like her Momma! (: Such sweet blessings!

    Smiles and well wishes sent your way ~ Louisville, KY
    * Particularly "smiley" since we're expecting mid 70 degree weather for the next several days! Hopefully the warmth will come up and over your way! (: Thanks for sharing!

  3. Truly wonderfully blessings that you shared Katy!
    It is the small simple things that make life so joyful!
    You and your blog are such a blessing~ I look forward to your posts~ they encourage and inspire me~thank you!
    Wishing you a blessed day!

  4. Lovely post and photos as always Katy, I feel very refreshed after visiting with your and you family, so have a lovely way of writing.

    Hope you have a nice day,


  5. Your niece is adorable! So are your kids!

    What a sweet day you had.

    I agree with you about educating our children not needing to be expensive!

    Have a great weekend!


  6. Looks like you had a wonderful day! Praise the Lord you were safe and didn't have serious problems with your vehicle - God was watching over you! Madeline is so pretty, she looks so much like her Mama! What a precious note your little one wrote, a real treasure.

  7. A lovely post, as always, Katy!

    Yes, I've read "Uncle Tom's Cabin." I also read it with my children when they were in their early teens, during a study on the Civil War. It was very eye-opening for them. It was the first book we read that contained language that we should never use. (But I am one who believes that "that word" is necessary to fully understand what was happening historically.) I did a lot of explaining to my children.

    I, too, agree that education does not have to cost a lot. I so enjoy reading Charlotte Mason's philosophy of education.
    One father is our area decided to keep his children home yesterday to boycott the PSSA tests. This is my last year of all the state paperwork and evaluations. Do you know we are the worst state for home school regulation? (Sorry to go on and on.)

    Nice to see your laundry on the line and a young reader! As you know Katy, never rush this or compare. Children learn to read at their speed. Like walking, it will come!
    Have a blessed day! ~ Ruth xo

  8. ki katy
    it sounds you have had a wonderful day.i think the simple things they are the best!!!
    beautiful pics.
    wishing you a blessed day!

  9. I so enjoy reading about your days with the children. Your way of homeschooling seems to work really well. Sometimes I think people try so hard they make things difficult.

    Little Eloise is adorable. I hope you don't mind that I am sending a copy of the last picture with her eyes open to my sister Eloise. Sis is thrilled that a little tiny baby has the same name. :)

  10. thanks for stopping by my blog! I love your blog, and your family is adorable! :)

  11. I love how you are so hospitable to others. I have felt convicted of not having others over as frequently as I should. Have you ever read The Family Meal Table by Nancy Campbell? When I read it, I thought of you, dear Katy! :)
    God Bless

  12. Katy,
    What a wonderful post. Reading with your children is something they will always treasure. My daughter and I read all the Laura Ingalls Wilder books to each other, aloud. And all the Narnia books, many Nancy Drew books, many other Christian mystery books for children.....wonderful times.

  13. I love love love the pictures of the children with Eloise. So cute! =)


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