Monday, February 28, 2011

A Weekend in Pictures

Saturday evening, we were invited to supper at friends' of ours home! We had tacos and I made a pecan pie for dessert. We had such a good time. Good friends are such a blessing, aren't they? :)

While us gals stayed clear...the children and the *dads* began wrestling! Everyone laughed, a lot. It was zaney....but fun!

As we were getting ready to go, Jaxson found a rocking horse and took a bit of a *ride*! ;)

Sunday was a day of love, church and good fellowship with friends and family. For lunch, we were invited to Chris' parents home. I took a loaf of my bread and we had a delicious meal of ham, homemade au gratin potatoes and green bean casserole!

The children, playing at *Ma & Pa's House*...

And for Sunday night supper, homemade pizza was on the menu! :) While our friends (mentioned at the beginning of this post) went to a bible study they are in, we care for their children. They ate supper with us and their 8 year old son scored my pizza a 200! I asked if that was a good score (as I wasn't sure what the scale was!?) He said the highest score is a 201 and I didn't quite reach that because the cheese kept slipping off the slices of pizza! ;)

Today has been filled with schooling and also my questioning of how I want to continue recording our school days. I have done it written (which I prefer) but then I have been plugging it into homeschool tracker (free download) which is great...and will print out nicely...but is tedious. I write out my records and then have to plug them into the seems like an awful lot of work...? So...I can't decide what would be best. Any of you home-educating mamas want to share what you do? :) I'd *love* some suggestions!

Hope you all enjoy your week ahead! Thanks for visiting me!
He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. The pie looks scrumptious, Katy...and I'd bet it was a winner! :D As for the pizza....I had to laugh that you got deducted a point for the cheese falling off! LOL....sounds like it was a winner as well!

    I'm not a home schooling mom, but I would think that if you are writing and entering info on the computer both, you are doing double work....and I know you have plenty to keep you busy without making more work for yourself. Which one is easiest and most natural for you? And which is quicker? Don't know if that will help or not.....praying the Lord gives you wisdom! Enjoyed your blog, as usual!

  2. I homeschool here in PA as well....I use a simple log my husband made on excel and just check off the subjects that are done daily. We just punch holes and put them in a binder. I print them off on different color paper for each kid.

    I know someone who loves homeschool tracker, but if you think it is tedious, then I would bother. Just do what you prefer.

    The story about your pizza score made me laugh! Aren't children funny? You'll have to do something about that cheese falling off if you want a perfect score!

    Hope your week is a wonderful as your weekend!


  3. Out of the mouths of babes. lol Love his scoring of the pizza. It looks delicious.

    I don't homeschool but would think that the system that works best/easiest for you is the one you should choose.

  4. Mmmmmm the pie and pizza look delicious! Glad you had a good weekend. Visiting with friends is always a highlight!

  5. We love homemade pizza and your looks wonderful!

    Our homeschool laws are different in TN of course. We have "umbrella" schools that keep up with our records.

    I turn my grades in to Homelife Academy (my umbrella school) We aren't considered homeschoolers by the state, but rather private Christian schoolers. Nothing gets reported to the state.

    I've seen your written records that you've shown before and I think you do a great job!

  6. Katy~I am looking into Edu Track.I have seen an homeschool mother in our co-op use it and it seems very easy.And the good thing is you pay once for it.


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