Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wanted: Sunshine

Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.
~Hans Christian Anderson

Keep your face always toward the sunshine - and shadows will fall behind you.
~Walt Whitman

Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow.
~Helen Keller

Despite the early morning snow, seen in the picture at the top, I am quite *happy* to say that the sun is shining brightly here, as of this moment! Oh how much I love that sunshine! I am eagerly awaiting the snow to melt (again) and getting to beautifying the outside of our home with some cleaning and amateur landscaping. I can't wait to get lots of flowers potted and set all over my front porch. :)

Normal goings-on have been the theme around our home. Baking, cooking, schooling, housework, playing, reading, and knitting have kept us busy. I have enjoyed the slow-ness of the season, but am now antsy to get out and take some walks and be outside! I think I have *thickened-up* a bit (that's a nice way to put it, isn't it?) over the winter and feel the need to try and shed it! I must convince my body that the extra insulation isn't necessary for the beautiful weather that is heading our way! ;)

Some photos from around our home as of late...

Jaxson, hiding from the other children, under clothes drying on a rack in the laundry room...

Rest time...

Madelyn working on some schoolwork...

And, finally, I have (again) picked up my knitting on the afghan I have been making for my sister and her husband. If you are newer to my blog, I am making a patchwork afghan as a wedding present for my sister and her husband (who will be celebrating TWO years of marriage in May...yes, I am embarrassed that it is taking me *so* long!). This patch is called Elfen Lace...

I have, also, been wisely following what is going on in the Middle East and in our *own* country. It's not good. There is much I would love to attempt to share with you, but honestly, I don't even know where to begin. I watch Glenn Beck often and recommend his show to others, as well.

He isn't perfect, I know, but I truly believe he loves our country and our freedoms...He and his staff do a lot of research and encourage us to do the same. HERE is a place you can go and see some of his shows (without the commercials!). He explains what is going on *much* better than I...so please, watch and learn and as Glenn so beautifully puts it "do your own homework"...and see how the things he is saying *are* true.

Even if you don't like him...just at least check out the facts! It is for your benefit that I encourage this. I am prepared and know that my God is Sovereign and in charge....but I know that *I* like to be aware of what is going on around me...and thought maybe, you would too! :)

I hope you have sunshine pouring out over you, this day. Sunshine comes in many forms...from the sun, the Son, love, friendships...
Thank you for taking the time to stop and say *hello*. I really enjoy reading your words left via comments or emails. :)
Katy :)
He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. i love the sunshine too. I agree with you I am ready to get my hands in the dirt and plant flowers. I have ask the Lord to calm my heart about the things that our happing in our country and abroad. sometimes its hard, but I know he's in control. Hope you have a wonderful week.

  2. That is a GREAT hiding spot Jaxson has found, I *almost* didn't see him there;)It terrifies me what's going on in this world and the fact that my son is in the Army doesn't help:( I just pray it will all calm down somehow and peace will eventually win out, and our Government will come to their senses! We had sunshine today too:)

  3. We are having some sunshine today, thank goodness. It is so welcome after such a dreadful winter.

  4. After a snowy night we had sunshine all day!

    I share your concerns about the things happening in our country and the Middle East. We appreciate Glenn Beck.

    Have a great week -


  5. Love your site and enjoy reading about you and your family.

    Yes its hard to read about all the worlds problems and I do watch Glen, he sure finds facts that we can't find, there to see but I don't know where to look. So Glad God is in Control.

  6. Bring on the sunshine!! I have "thickened up" too over the winter...sigh...hopefully some springtime gardening and walks will put it to rights again! :)

    Your knitting is beautiful and it has been so lovely to watch your knitting journey from beginner to lace-knitter!

    Hugs Katy, love Tina xxx

  7. hi
    i send you from my bottom of the hearts sunshine.we have since yesterday sunny but cold days,
    i love sunny days,walk with my dog....
    your knitting work looks great.
    have a wonderful day,

  8. Katy -

    We too are watching and wondering at the events unfolding...but I am consoled in knowing *Who* is really in control...God is still on his throne and none of this is a surprise to Him.

    We are having sunshine and very warm temps here on my little island this week...

  9. Katy, I think Phil told a big fib! Our neighbor suggested someone shoot Phil and mount him on the wall! haha

    Hope you are staying warm. Can't wait until spring.

  10. Hello Katy,

    We have a lovely sunny day here on the east coast of Australia. Wish I could send some over to you. Never mind though, your spring will be with you in no time and you'll be able to play in your garden to your hearts content. Have a lovely day and keep warm.

    Blessings Gail

  11. I understand the "thickened up" statement. I know that I have added a little extra this winter.

    I am praying for our country and the world. I watch Glen and the world sure is scary.

    The afgan is going to be beautiful!

  12. You are a beautiful person. I am always blessed to read your words.
    Thank you.

  13. thats a beautiful square..wow, i cant wait to see it all done..You do lovely work my friend..
    take care,

  14. So enjoy your blog.. have shared
    with others how refreshing and
    warm your blog is.. Yes I too
    watch Glenn Beck.. I know its
    hard watching all the events,
    but God is in control!!! Pray
    for our Country and those who

    Warm Blessings


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