Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Sunday Afternoon

I have been overwhelmed with gratitude for all the kind, loving words I have received, from so many, over my sadness with the loss of my Stu-girl. Thank-you! I have done much better today...although a friend did give me a hug at church, to console me, and it made me cry. I still miss her, each time I go outside. I had hoped, as I layed in bed through the night, that for some miraculous reason, she would be alive when I got up this morning. Unfortunately, that didn't happen. Chris had to bury her. I am terribly heart-broken over it...and know that when the snow melts, I will miss her even more. She was always my *buddy* as I was out-and-about in the yard, doing odds and ends or hanging out laundry.

Last night, I didn't want to go to church today or do anything. I suppose, after crying so much, I just wanted to wallow in my sadness. Thankfully, God gave me the energy and oomph I needed to get up and get going this morning....and I am so glad it was so. I enjoyed church and then lunch, at Chris's parents', afterward. Pa (Chris's dad) told us that the family was hooking up the horses and sleigh for rides. The children were excited, as they love when the horse and sleigh gets hooked up! So...we drove home and they got suited up in their snowpants and coats...then back to the meat market to meet up with the horses.

You will notice, in the top picture, the fields back behind the meat market...where we have our large garden and then the pavillion where we have family picnics in the nice weather. :)

The tractor...

Before it was time for the children to load up...they had a snowball fight with Chris's cousin, Steve and our Uncle Ron!

There's Uncle Ron, below...look at that sly grin! ;) He and Jaxson are gearing up for a snow battle...


The wind was ferocious and Madelyn's hair was just *every* where! But that didn't stop her from having a great time!

A self-shadow portrait...

After the snowball battles calmed down...Cousin Steve and Uncle Ron helped the children make a snowman!

Sleigh Rides!

Such great exercise for the horses, Matt and Malachi...and such fun for the children!

And off they go!

Again, thank you all for your comforting words to me, they truly have meant so much. I'll still have tears about it, I am sure, as I am a type who gets attached very easily...and also a bit emotional as well. But, as I layed in bed last night, sleepless and came to mind that each moment...there are people around the world suffering from the loss of a beloved family member or friend, who are being diagnosed with cancer and the like, who are suffering hunger and terrible pain...and it really put things into perspective for me. I dearly loved Stu...but I am also able to thank God for the time I had well as the fact that I still have my parents, my sister, my husband and children....alive and well. I am thankful for so much....blessings abounding and it helps the grieving process, so much.

Your love and prayers are so appreciated and helpful to me. Thank-you, so much. Wishing you love and joy throughout your next week. Keep the blessings counted, as Ann has so beautifully taught us to do, it truly keeps the sadness in perspective.


He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. You have the right perspective Katy...
    We do grieve for our losses and that is okay, just remembering others who are suffering helps. 2 Corinthians talks about this...

    On a different note, sleigh rides? Awesome!

  2. Katy,

    I didn't visit yesterday, and I'm truly sorry to hear about your Stu baby! :( The recent picture you posted of her looking from her house is just precious - - It looked as though she was grinning and eager to say hello. I know you'll miss her, but I hope your heart is quick to heal. ((HUG))
    Take care Katy - - Hope you have a good day with lots of love from your Valentines tomorrow! (:

    Smiles and well wishes from your friend in Louisville, KY

  3. Katy, I'm sorry you're hurting, I hope each day will help ease your heart. The snowy day pictures are wonderful, looked like everyone had a great time. God bless you and your family. Happy Valentine's Day.

  4. So sorry to hear about Stu, Katy, but I hopped over here to wish you a very Happy Valentine's Day surrounded by God's amazing love! May He comfort you and give you sweet memories today to make your heart smile in your sadness.


  5. Hugs Katy, and what a lovely treat for the children to go in a sleigh! I would love to do that, but we don't have them here. I hope you went too! xx

  6. Glad to hear you all are feeling better. The pictures of the family enjoying the snow and going on a sleigh ride are wonderful. What fun!!! Thinking of you...Hugs, Erica

  7. hi katy
    wonderful live in a wonderful country.
    happy valentine!!!
    love regina
    ps.the noodles was delicious

  8. What a wonderful old sleigh. I was so sad to read your Stu is gone. I know the sheep was such a huge part of your family. I pray God brings your family & you comfort. Blessings!

  9. I have always wanted to take a sleigh ride. How fun!


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