Saturday, February 12, 2011

Odds & Ends

A favorite meal, in our family, is hamburger stroganoff over homemade noodles. The stroganoff I make is easy and delicious. I brown 1 lb ground beef...when it is ready ~ I add a can of cream of mushroom soup, salt, pepper, and a small can of mushrooms. I will let it cook till hot....then add some sour cream. I usually add a little less than a cup...but you can add as much as you like! Heat till bubbly-hot and serve over noodles!

Delicious! :)

I am excited to share this *beauty* with you...

It is an oil lamp, my sister had and never used. She offered it to me and I gladly accepted it! I gave her (the lamp, not my sister!) a good ole washing-down and then found her a home...

For supper, last evening, I tried a new recipe. I had a box of Bisquick that I had to use in a previous recipe that I made. I don't use it much and wondered how I would use up the rest of the box. Then I found THIS recipe, for chicken fingers, and tried it out! They are terrific! Even my Christopher, a-not-big-on-chicken-kinda-guy, liked them!

I sliced up some potatoes and made some fries, in the oven! They were the perfect dish to go along with the chicken fingers!

After supper was cleaned up, candles were lit and enjoyed...

Madelyn was treated to a sleepover at Grammie and Pop-Pop's the littlest loves and I played an I Spy game together.

Then, while Chris helped his brother with moving a desk, the boys and I visited with my sister-in-love, Nikki and my nephew...who, I am excited to report is starting to *walk* and just as handsome as can be (Goodness, where has the past year gone?)!

Today has been a bit of a slower day...still cold and lots of snow outside. Chris got wood for the woodstove while I did laundry, dishes, picking-up and the like, around the house. I'm not sure what the *evening* will hold in store. I hope you are enjoying your weekend! So glad you stopped by for a visit! :)

He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. That's a very beautiful lamp! so kind of your sister!
    A game of I spy in a candle lit room sounds so relaxing and wonderful! And your homemade noodles make my mouth water! We attended a wedding last Saturday and they served Chicken alfredo over noodles much like made me think of you:)

  2. That stroganoff looks delicious. I bought some ground beef today so I think I will try that recipe out one night this week. I love the lamp. And your reference to your "sister in love" that is so sweet.

  3. The chicken and the stroganoff look yummy.

  4. I really do like the lamp. Such a nice treat from your sister! My mom used to make a similiar stroganoff dish and I always loved it.

  5. hi katy,
    the lamp is gorgeous!!!such a nice treat from your sweet sister!
    your homemade noodles looks very do you make the noodles
    have a nice day,
    hugs regina

  6. I love the red lamp. What a sweet thing for your sister to give it to you.

    I've saved the stroganoff recipe. It looks soooo good. I'll be making it tomorrow.

    Those boys have such sweet little faces. I'm sure the game was lots of fun. Have a blessed day.

  7. Yummmy food, Katy. I have an oil lamp very similar to yours only my base is belonged to my dear Gram :)


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