Monday, February 7, 2011

Just a Quick Howdy-Do

Just hoppin' on to say a great, big, merry *hello*! I got a call, early this morning, from a local Ford van has *another* recall (this is the third, I think). Ma (Chris's loving mother) happily agreed to watch the children, as it will be at least a 45 minute wait while I am there. I can think of a long list of other things I could do with that time frame...but I will choose to look at the cup as half-full...and take a book to read. :)

Life is that way, isn't it? Full of choices...big ones, little ones, in-betweeny-ones. Oh, how I could elaborate on that topic of **choices**, but alas, time does not allow for it right now. Maybe another day will give the opportunity.

Early, I started our supper for this evening, hearty beef stew. delicious it will taste this evening. Before I leave for the garage, I will get some more bread rising so it will be ready for supper-time, as well. Hungry? Come on over! :) We always love having company over to visit!

We also need to get our schooling worked on for today. A little math, bible, reading, language arts, spelling and penmanship. We'll do what we can this morning, and then whatever needs finished, we'll do this afternoon. :)

I am not a huge football fan. I don't mind it...I just don't get overly in-to it, either. The SuperBowl, with Pennsylvania's Pittsburgh Steelers playing, is an exciting event for our area. This year, I was actually more interested in the game, though, because an old friend from high school plays for the Green Bay Packers. It's fun to think back that the guy that lived near me for years, went to school with (he was in my class of only 120-some kids), and was friends with is *in* the NFL and started in the SuperBowl! :) He was always such a sweet guy and I'm sure he still is. So although many around these parts were dissapointed that the Steelers lost, there was joy and excitement that our old friend won the SuperBowl!

We went to Chris's brother's house for the evening. I took my knitting....

We drove seperately and I went home at it was getting late in Katy-Time, as my day starts early...and ends early, I was ready to get home and get ready for bed. Chris and the children stayed till the bitter end. :) Madelyn was so dissapointed the Steelers lost. Thankfully, this morning, she is back to her cheerful self!

The children begged their daddy, before we left, to paint their faces. Daddy was happy to oblige...

Well...time is getting away from me as the minutes continue to tick by, they always seem to do that ~ don't they? ;)

He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. Too funny Katy! You just cracked me up with those photos of the kids! We were going to watch the game and go to a super bowl party but everyone decided to have stomach flu..enmasse.

    Choices..a very good topic! That's what my post today is about..choosing to be content with the space you have been given. Choosing to get rid of stuff!! But I love my antiques..sigh..

    We are having fun adventures with cars too but Oh my!! Recalls? Several?! You have my sympathies. I've never owned a dear departed father would roll over in his grave..if he was still in it..LoL! Thank goodness he's in heaven. :o)

    Sounds like a typical day in a homeschooler's life. The cup is truly half full..good for you for seeing it that way!

    Your neighbor,
    Donna @ Comin' Home

  2. My husband's family comes from the Monogahela and Donora area, south of Pittsburgh.

    We didn't watch the game - we don't follow sports much husband took and a friend from church took all the kids hiking (ours and theirs) other than their little girls. The sweet Mama and I sat and talked and shared the afternoon...made some yummy food...that is my kind of day...

    Hope your day is wonderful today, Katy!


  3. Oh I'm sure staying later to watch the game with daddy was great fun for the children and you had a little quiet time!
    The painted faces a quite cute:)

  4. i have a ford recall as well...windstar axle cracking. they actually wont have our part ready until April.
    45 minutes consider yourself lucky.

  5. Still proud of the Steelers!

    Being from WV I was raised
    a Steeler fan.


  6. Hi Katy

    I stumbled upon your blog and have been making my way through all your past posts. I'm enjoying each and every one and thank you for sharing your life.



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