Friday, February 25, 2011

The Joys of Children

You are worried about seeing him spend his early years in doing nothing. What! Is it nothing to be happy? Nothing to skip, play, and run around all day long? Never in his life will he be so busy again.
~Jean-Jacques Rousseau

I love children...I love their use of imagination and creativity! Playing cars (with car sounds, of course!), house, cafe/diner, making forts and houses, puppet shows and games...all part of childrens' winter much time is spent in-doors. My children just love playing legos. My sister and I used to, as well!

Yesterday, at rest time, Jaxson tried to build a bit of a fort on the couch, to sleep in. He was having some X came over to help him. Using pillows and a blanket for a roof...the fort was complete...and soon, Jaxson was sound asleep inside!

Although you can't see him, he *is* in there...snoring away! ;)

Then, the children made a fort in the playroom and asked for permission to sleep in it for the night. As the floors can get cold, at night, I had them ask their daddy for permission. He agreed, as long as they had plenty of covers to be kept warm. They were all asleep in no time...

Xavier was somewhere under this part of the fort (I don't know how that basket didn't topple over!)...

Madelyn, asleep in another section of the fort...

And Jaxson...snoozing, all cuddled up in a sleeping-bag...

Yes, I admit, I miss being a child! :) Funny, isn't it, that we will wish for the *freedom* of being a grown-up when we are children....but then once we are grown-up, we realize the true time of freedom existed when we were children! That leads me on to this next thought...

"Real books from the library, a tub of art supplies, being read stories rich in vocabulary, a variety of good music, the daily discussion of God’s Word and how it relates to the world around him, and the attention of a loving parent who includes him in all the activities of real life are the secrets to a great learning experience for children."
Although I have heard of Charlotte Mason for years, I never really looked, in depth, to her way of home education. Well, I have begun looking into it and I am in love with her methods! This is my third year of homeschooling and I am finally realizing that it doesn't have to be about "proving to the school district that they are learning adequately". I was always trying to do everything correctly. I am seeing that its about letting my children *learn* in the best way for each of them..."living" books, nature studies, art appreciation, hymn studies, and as an atmosphere, a discipline, a life. HERE is Charlotte Mason's educational philosophy.

"Ideas are held in that thought-environment which surrounds the child as an atmosphere, which he breathes as his breath of life...."
~Charlotte Mason

"Let children alone-...the education of habit is successful in so far as it enables the mother to let her children alone, not teasing them with perpetual commands and directions - a running fire of Do and Don’t ; but letting them go their own way and grow, having first secured that they will go the right way and grow to fruitful purpose."
~Charlotte Mason

Oh how I am soaking all this in and plan on implementing it, immediately! What a beautiful, gentle, loving way of educating children! :) Goodness, how I wish I had looked into this sooner! If you educate your children at home, have you used this method? If so, what have you thought of it? What are some ideas you have implemented and would like to share? :) I would love to hear them!

On a sad note...I went to town yesterday and gas, here, was $3.35! I was aghast! I know it will keep going up, as well...which just makes my stomach do flips. I *am* glad that I don't go many places and am more of a home-body. But my, oh, my how this will hurt so many. As gas prices go up...the price of food and clothing will go up, as well. :( I continue to stay in prayer for our country and our world. I hope you are, too.

Today, we will be schooling, cleaning, baking, reading and playing. My nephew is coming over to play, later on, which the children are looking forward to (especially Jaxson, as they are the same age and are *buddies*). Although it is sleeting outside, we will stay warm and cozy, inside...enjoying the day!

***If you have a moment, today, please stop over and say hello to Jewels. Today is her birthday...she has brought joy to *so* let's shower some love upon her, as well! :) Wishing you a beautiful day, Jewels! xo

Wishing each of *you* a beautiful day (and weekend), as well!

Laus Deo!

He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. Fuel in the UK has got really expensive lately, allowing for rounding errors for changing into gallons and then into dollars, I am currently having to pay around $8 a gallon!!

    As for children, now that I have my own I am just soaking up everything she can teach me, and she already is at only 4 weeks old!

  2. Katy, this is our fourth year of homeschooling and God has really shown me that I don't have to try to keep up with what the schools are doing. I let Him lead. My definition of success and the world's definition of success are not the same, that's for sure.

    We enjoy learning, reading, exploring, and discussing all sorts of things.

    I love the Charlotte Mason method.
    We use Sonlight which is based on living books.

  3. I discovered the Charlotte Mason method years ago, and it has been a blessing. We don't do everything that way, but we use living books and resources, we do a lot of nature study, and understand that children need to be exposed to ideas and art and music and books and learn from them.

    It has been wonderful...

  4. Oh how blessed you are! Your children seemed to enjoy their play, and their home...wonderful!!
    Thank you for sharing! Luv-Loretta

  5. If you are interested in CM method you should check out they have a comprehensive site dedicated to the CM method. I hope you've read Andreola's book it is a must for the implementation of the CM method. I also enjoyed Catherine Levisions books on CM they are much smaller quick reads but full of information. Many blessings! Kyle @ Roosterhill

  6. So glad you let them sleep in the fort for the night. They will remember that for a long time to come.

  7. Katy~That is so cute and very thoughtful of you all to let them make the fort and sleep in it.The littlest things mean so much toour children.Zachary LOVES making forts in the living room and our shnauzer(Jake)will lay in there with him.
    I started homeschooling thinking that I had to be just like the PS that he went to but slowly I have discovered to be more REALXED and more like CM.I do the basics and we add all the natural things like cooking is turned into fractions and reading lots of books and implementing lots of things we do everday without even thinking HEy that is schooling!!!!!!!
    You are one awesome blessed mama,I believe you can do anything.
    We are homebody's as well and now I am thinking and worrying WHAT R WE GOING TO DO IF IT GOES HIGHER.

  8. How fun that they were able to sleep in the fort. They will cherish the memory of this fun night!

    Gas is currently $3.59 here (central Indiana). We have a truck and a Blazer. Since I am a homebody Chuck is driving the Blazer most days. He only drives the truck to work on Friday if I have errands. We did our March budget today and didn't raise the gas portion. Now I am wondering if we should have.

  9. Hey Katy...I am so glad to see you posted, as I was on my way over to visit. We've just moved, again, and I've pulled Jackson back out of school. We are both excited to be homeschooling again, however, I've got to decide what we will be using. I wanted to ask you a few questions about Abeka and how you liked it, if you have time...

  10. Beautiful post Katy. You are very blessed to be home-educating. When my children were that age, it wasn't allowed in our part of the world unless you had teaching qualifications. I would have loved to have had my kids at home.

    The price of fuel is scary in the UK, I have to ration my travelling.

    Have a Blessed day! xxx

  11. Katy,

    Remember me? It has been awhile since I left a comment but I read your blog everyday.

    We have been following the CM method for 6 years now. We started off homeschooling with the CM method, so I don't know much about other methods. I can tell you that the CM method is so flexible. We have enjoyed this method very much.

    You are right that it is a life style. We just finished Swiss Family Robinson. The whole family, including Daddy, listened the the book on tape. We usually gather around as a family and listen to great books on CD. We also read aloud to our children very good literature books.

    We also sing hymns as a family. We learn a lot as a family and that is the beauty of homeschooling.

    Carole Joy Seid is the person that has helped our family with the CM method. You can visit her website to listen to what she has to say about the CM method.

    I know there is so much out there about CM method. Take your time and absorb this new approach in homeducating your children.

    God bless,

  12. Katy,
    How ironic...I recently checked out the book, A Charlotte Mason Companion by Karen Andreola and knew immediately that the Charlotte Mason method is the way I want to go. (Please get the book and read it if you haven't already)
    We have been reading 'living' books already for awhile, but after reading her book, I have recently checked out my 8 year old biographies, living science books, and living history books. I love it! We have began keeping a Nature Journal and it is a perfect time for it with everything blooming outside right now.
    My stomach is sick at the gas prices. Makes me want to continue to stay my rear-end at home! :) :)
    God Bless You Katy!


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