Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Cherishing My Life

I am so blessed and fortunate to have a sister. I wish Madelyn had one, during her time on this earth, as well. But God is sovereign and knows what each of us needs. God knew I needed Devon. She challenges and encourages me. She is one of my best friends.

It wasn't *always* this way. Growing up, we played and had fun, had our squabbles and tiffs. Then we became teenagers...me two years before her. In my attempts to be "cool" I went my own way and left her in the dust (much to my, now, shame). Oh to do it all again...how I would do things differently! (The knowledge we have in hindsight...eh?)

Now that we are *all-grown-up*, although still different, we are good friends. I rejoice for her life and the gift that is *her*. Not only is she my trusted, faith-filled, like-minded pal...but now a woman who has joined me in the journey of mother-hood! And what an absolute beautiful treasure my niece is.

Help one another, is part of the religion of sisterhood.

~ Louisa May Alcott


Sisters is probably the most competitive relationship within the family, but once the sisters are grown, it becomes the strongest relationship.
~ Margaret Mead

On Valentine's Day...I got up early (4:30...but not intentionally...my body seems to try to race the sun at rising!), for I was getting to go to my sister's for the day. My mother agreed to keep my children and I planned on heading over to Devon's to help with housework, Eloise, or whatever needed done. Since I was up so early, I made some rolls, spent time with God and in His Word, and got Chris's lunch and coffee made. Soon, the children were up and ate breakfast and we were ready for the day! Since I had planned on letting Devon get some rest while I was there, and I knew Eloise would be sleeping much of the time, I took some knitting and a book.

Look at this gorgeous picture of the sky as I was driving to Devon's home (about an hour away from my own)....

I just love seeing the sun shine down through the clouds. It seems to just be the radiance of God, overflowing from heaven, doesn't it? And doesn't it look like that radiance is just enveloping the whole earth? It gave me such a great start to my day. :)

Once at Devon's, we had such good conversation...I folded some of the baby clothes and did some dishes...but that was about it. Devon nurses but had a doctor appointment to run to quickly, so she had her mama-milk in the bottle, in the fridge, for me to feed Eloise, while she was gone! It was wonderful! Oh how I miss the baby-stages. As mothers, we really need to focus and enjoy each stage of our children's growing-years...as they pass so quickly!

Some photos from round-about here at home...

I was able to get a new-to-me floor lamp that a family member wasn't using anymore! I changed the lampshade and the stand is gold...which will be sanded well and then painted with flat black once the weather is nice. It has a bit of an extension so the top of the light can be moved over...great for when I am reading or knitting! :)

Although wind has been whipping everything around, wildly, the sun has been shining a bit more and temperature has been getting warmer...melting *some* of the snow!
Oh...and I just have to tell you, as X was feeding the dogs, this morning, he called Ruthie a *sweetie pie* which was just so sweet to hear! It gave me such a big smile!

The children, playing *church* in the addition...

They were even singing hymns! It was glorious music to my ears!

Jaxson (can you tell that he wipes his nose, side-to-side? Poor guy!)...

Xavier, above, and Madelyn, below, increasing their knowledge...bit by bit...

This past weekend, Chris took some time to work with his leather and tools...

He made me a fly-swatter! Isn't that cute!? He used a clothes hanger and untwisted, then retwisted it to make the handle.

He free-handed a ladybug on it and then stamped an old nickname of mine along the top....
Katybug. **I had a VW beetle which I drove in high school...which I *still* have but don't drive.**

I'm still missing Stu...and think I will for a long time. But all of your loving words and kindness has been so appreciated! Thank you, it means so much.

I'm so glad you came by. I hope your week is going well. I hope you are cherishing your life...each moment...the good and the bad. The day seems to be going on without me...so I best get going! Much to do! Until next time...

Filled to overflowing,
He must increase, but I must decrease. ~John 3:30


  1. Ms. Katy you better be careful ~ driving and taking pictures (; Wouldn't want anything to happen to ya! (smile)

    I always wished I had a sister although my brother is awesome and truly one of my best friends! Would have liked for my daughter to have a sister, but that's ok too. I do think sisters share a very special bond (most of the time) as I have witnessed between my mother and aunt.

    What a neat fly swat!! It's sweet that Chris personalized it for you. If it were mine, I'm not sure that I would want to get *buggy stuff* on it. Chris is talented. We here also have an appreciation for hard working hands and homemade items.
    Enjoy the rest of your day!

    Smiles and well wishes sent your way ~ Louisville, Ky

  2. Dear Katy,

    Love it that you got to spend some time with your niece and sister...family is everything;) I miss the PA sky and mountains. We now live in Colorado, and the beauty here is just as breathtaking. When I was a girl, I too used to play church. My congregation was the mtn across from our house in the hollow where I grew up. I would stand on the steps and have my bible, my hymnal and just let loose for all the creatures, trees and family to hear. My mother loved it;) Glad to hear your week is off to a good start. Hugs, Erica

  3. I always wished I had a sister growing up, (I am an only child). When I got married we decided on having at least 3 or 4 children. Well God didn't see it that way, having my 2nd son, well lets just say it didn't go well. He has a form of Autism and has some other health problems but for the most part he is happy and healthy. And I thank God everyday for the 2 sons he did give us, even if it wasn't meant for us to have anymore children, we are blessed with two. I love reading your post, you are such a positive person. God Bless you and your family!! :) ~South Illinois~

  4. That is a beautiful fly swatter, love the lady bug on it:) The kids are so cute playing "church" and I love that there is a canine worshipper there too, LOL!!!! I'm sure you will grieve for quite awhile, I always do with my furry ones, they just touch our hearts in such a way, but it will ease as time goes on:) Glad you got to see your sister!

  5. I remember when my brothers and I used to play church =) My brother preached on Faith. Glad you captured it on camera! The flyswatter is SO awesome - the ladybug is really cute as well as your nickname. Enjoyed the pictures! Have a great week!

  6. I grew up an only girl of three kids...I always wanted a sister, but the Lord knows what we need! He gave me four daughters! (an two sons!) What joy!

    That fly swatter is so neat!

    Have a lovely evening!

  7. Wonderful post... Yes Sisters are
    the best..:-) so very true what
    your post has said... the photo
    of the drive is beautiful what a
    peaceful view....

    Just Love Chris fly swat.. Oh and
    that Ladybug... does he sell these
    its awesome...

    Warm Blessings
    Trish-Ladybug.... :-)

  8. Love the fly swatter!

    I am glad to hear that you and Devon have a good relationship. I value the friendship I have with my sister!

    Have a great Wednesday!

  9. HOw precious that is to have a good relationship and such a God Honoring realtionship with your sister. Your posts always refresh me! You are shining for Jesus.

  10. Katy, That is such a lovely story and I agree..our sisters are special. I love your photos..and especially what Chris is working on it. How interesting!

    Donna @ Comin' Home

  11. Katybug fly-swatter... love it! Very cute and practical.


  12. I never had any sisters, but I have five wonderful SILs. Your children remind me of my brothers and I growing up. I am the oldest with my brothers two and four years behind. We used to play church, wedding (with an old lace curtain as a veil and a make believe groom), and house. Oh to be young again..... :)

  13. Katy, that is a beautiful thing you did for your sister. I didn't realize that she wasn't nearer to where you live. I know it was fun to cuddle a baby again. My sister, who is older than me, and I had a relationship like yours and Devon's. We are close now and she has been such a help since my fall. She cooked a lot of food that lasted us for days.
    Love you.

  14. What a blessing you are to your sister!
    I love the kids playing church! That made me smile because my brother and sister and I used to do the same when we were little! I vividly remember my brother, when he was about 8, holding up a Pepsi can and preaching against drinking it. LOL A bit legalistic, huh? :):)
    Poor X, that nose just gets me! I want to reach out and rub a bit of vaseline on it. :)
    The fly swat is AMAZING!!
    God Bless!

  15. oh man, iam sorry to hear about stu..Its so sad...I loved seing pics of stu, so cute..
    praying for you all..

  16. A sister is to treasure. It is so wonderful you see the blessing & cheerish her like you do. I miss having sisters. I thought of you & Stu today when passing a pasture with sheep. Your table is so pretty. The littles playing church is so cute. My children used to do this when much littler. Just blesses a mamas heart. Blessings!

  17. Can you tell me where you got your oil lamp on the table? I have one that is exactly like it- right down to the tines that hold the globe. I am interested in how old it is. I was gifted it with some other really old things in the house like a 1940's singer and am curious if it has a date.


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