Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Q and A

I have been asked many questions over the years...but I don't have the time to go back through all the posts, comments, and emails to find and answer each one in this post. So I will answer what I can remember...and then if you have any other questions...please feel free to comment or email them to me and I will continually edit this post with the questions and answers! :) This may be fun, unless, of course, no one has anymore questions they want to ask...then I may be a tad embarrassed! ;)

Q. Do you wear skirts all the time and if so, is it a religious decision?

A. For the past 8 or 9 months I have been wearing skirts pretty much exclusively. I definitely don't think it is a requirement for salvation nor a *must* for anyone. I choose to wear them because I like them and I feel more feminine in them! :) I was going to wear pants through the colder, winter months...but put a pair on and felt just plain weird! That was when I decided it was time for knit tights to go with my skirts instead!

Q. Do you use a certain curriculum that you homeschool your children with?

A. Yes, I use the Christian Light Education curriculum. I really like that it holds to the same values as my family does. It emphasizes wonderful morals, values and a deep faith in God in each and every subject! I am finding, though, as this is our 3rd year of schooling at home...that I am learning more what my children need and that I don't always need to get that from a particular curriculum!

Q. Where did you learn to knit?

A. I taught myself to knit and you can too! I found THIS site to be of great help to me. Once you learn how to knit and purl...the rest you can learn gradually as you go! Also...don't start out with something too may cause you to get discouraged and give up. Dishcloths are a fun thing to start with! Then you can move on to mittens, hats, scarves, afghans and sweaters! :)

Q. Do you have a dishwasher?

A. No, not technically speaking. *I* am the official dishwasher! There was one in here when we moved in...but you had to rinse the dishes first and then put them in to be washed in there. We had some troubles with it too...and finally I just asked Chris to take it out! I like putting my hands in the hot, sudsy water to wash dishes in. It's not my most favorite chore...but it's not the worst either. Plus, I find it really doesn't take long to get them washed! :)

Q. What breed is your sheep?

A. be honest, I don't know. She is a "hair" sheep rather than a "wooly" one. She was the lamb used in our church's Easter passion play this past spring and her owner was selling her and we were thrilled! I love our little Stu....she's one of my babies!

Q. Have you ever been to the Christmas Village in PA?

A. No, I haven't...but it looks amazing! All the lights (on the website pictures) look beautiful!

Q. What did you do before you were married and had children?

A. What a fun question Tina! Thanks for asking! Well, I went to public school and high school. Lived in the same house my whole life until college. I went to one semester at college but really knew I wanted to be a mother and wife at home (and felt that was where God wanted me, as well) and couldn't see putting in the time, effort and money for I stopped after a year. I, then, worked at an assisted living facility as a caregiver until Chris and I got married and once I got pregnant with Madelyn, soon after, had to quit. I was terribly sick with that pregnancy for the first 4 months or so (think of your worst stomach flu...and that would be about the equivalent) and was not able to work anymore. :) So that is some things about me, in a nutshell, from before I was married! :)

Q. How do you re-use your candle jars?

A. Well...honestly, I don't. Usually when they are done burning, I throw them away. I am not sure what I would use them for if I saved them. I don't use a lot of jar candles though. I prefer tapers, votives and pillar candles. Then I can use them over and over again in different holders! :) I suppose if you had a jar candle that had a really unique and fun jar ~ that you could use it to put another candle in to burn! :)

Q. What religion are you?

A. I am a Christian...saved by grace and living for Him! :) I was brought up in the Baptist church but my husband and I have been attending the First Church of God since I was pregnant with over 7 years now. We really like it there and feel our pastor is a man sharing God's message! I believe being a Christian isn't about *religion*...but more about a *relationship* with an Almighty Creator and His Son, Who loves each of us so much...that in order to bridge the gap that separated us because of our sin and imperfection, He died for us. And not only that...He was mocked, humiliated, tortured and then killed...He took my place. I will be forever grateful.

Q. What is your favorite song/hymn?

A. Oh my, I have many! So many songs of praise and worship are absolutely beautiful. One of my favorites though is Deep in Love with Michael W. Smith. If you haven't heard *must* go to that link and listen. I also have it playing on my blog at times. It is just a beautiful song of deep love for Jesus! I also really enjoy instrumental...especially piano, violin and the harp!

Q. How involved are you with your church?

A. I am pretty active in my church family. I go through phases, as at times, I find I need to refocus my priorities at home with my family. I have helped with the youth, taught a class to grade school children on Wed. nights, taught VBS, helped with our yearly production of our Easter passion play, and taught Sunday both young children and also a jr high class. :) Now, I help with watching young children during at least one of the church services (and occasionally both ~ if needed!). It's a blessing to me to watch the little ones! I am also involved in our secret prayer sister ministry...which I enjoy! I try to help however I am needed...but there is a delicate line that is there, that I believe we, wives and mothers, need to be careful of. Over- committing ourselves and in turn, neglecting our husbands, children and/or homes in any way is not what I believe God wants us to do. :)

Q. How do you head off the *grumpies*?

A. Ah, such a sweet question from Natural Mama! I believe we all have our days where we are feeling less-than-joyful. More than getting angry...I tend to be a *cry-er*. When I get overwhelmed or hormonally *imbalanced* (that's a nice way of saying it..right? ;), I tend to be more weepy. Those days, I stay in prayer and in His Word...sometimes things are a struggle for the day...but I just keep going, for *I* am the mother..the *keeper* of this home. Often, I talk to my mother or Chris and they help me with their words.
It is *very* important, though, to tell your children that they aren't the reason for your *grumpy-ness*. That you love them, but that even Mamas have difficult days and that you would really appreciate their best behavior. Many times, when my children see that I am sad or easily frustrated...they will come and give me hugs and kisses, ask me if I am OK and try to be more helpful than usual. I try to thank them for their love and care for me. I hope that helps! xo

Q. What kind of candles do you use (paraffin, beeswax...etc)?

A. I use whatever candles I can afford, for the most part. However, I am collecting beeswax so I can make some of my own honeypot candles and hope to make my own candles one day! :)

Q. Where did you get those beautiful lamps?

A. I am guessing you mean my oil lamps! :) The more *plain* ones I have are ones I purchased at a flea market. The beautiful, large, pink lamp with the shade was a sweet and loving gift from my husband and children for Mother's Day! :)

Q. What time do you go to bed and wake up each day?

A. I am definitely an early-to-bed, early-to-rise type of gal! If I can be in bed before 9 then I am quite happy! If I am not in bed by's usually not too much longer before I am! I usually wake around 5 every morning...sometimes a little earlier and sometimes not till 5:30. It's just my natural rhythm. I don't use an alarm. When I wake up in the morning, I look at the clock (to make sure it's not 3am or something...sometimes I feel ready to be awake *then*!) and then I bound out of bed! :)

Q. What is the very first thing you do in the morning?

A. As soon as I get out of bed, I check my email and such. The computer is located in my it's perfect time to just do my computer checking. Then I go downstairs and read my Bible and have quiet time with God. Then I'll eat some breakfast and knit while watching Fox and Friends until 7am when the children wake up. Then the tv is off and I make Chris's lunch and coffee, get the children breakfast, go out and start Chris's car (now that it is winter, I want him to have a nice, warm car to get into), and throw some wood in the outdoor woodstove. :)

**Yay! More questions!!! :)

Q. What prompted you to consider homeschooling?

A. There were two major things...first, we are one of the furthest homes from the school in the district we are in. Madelyn went to public school for Kindergarten. She got on the bus a little after 8 in the morning and didn't return home till almost 4:30 in the my opinion, that is way too much time for a 6 yr old to be away from her mother.
Second, a smidge of attitude came home in the evenings with my child. She would learn things from other children that I wasn't fond of. Now, certainly, children are children...but I just got very wary of the influence of others around her. I prayed about it....talked to Chris about it and we decided to give it a shot!

Q. How has your family life changed since the beginning of your homeschooling journey? Do you feel your family is more "close knit" now?

A. Things tend to be busier...much time and energy is devoted to the learning process...but other than has seemed *just* how our family should be. :) And luckily, our family is already close-knit. We are together much of the time! We are a loving and energetic family! :) But I believe for a family who spends a good deal of time apart, homeschooling is a wonderful opportunity to draw each member closer together! :)

Q. How hard is homeschooling?

A. Well, honestly, it depends on the day. :) There *are* difficulties and tears at times (from a child frustrated with trying to learn something or from me...because I can feel maxed). As we school through the years, we learn things that work and don't work for each of well as better ways to teach/prepare/plan/organize etc. It's all a journey...rocky at times but definitely worth it in the end! :)

Q. Would you consider homeschooling if you had a large family?

A. Oh my, yes. I would absolutely still homeschool if I had a family of 15! (Oh, how I wish I did, some days!) I believe a loving home and mother are the *best* things a child can have. The great thing is that the younger ones pick up on what the older ones are learning and doing and seem to learn some things a bit easier! Also, older children can be of great help with younger children! With no control over what is taught in a public well as no control over who my children are around...I much more prefer educating my children at home. It's what works for us. It's not always easy but definitely what I recommend to any mother who wants the absolute best for their children!

Q. Are you still doing weight watchers? (I read about it in your archives) Have you reached your goal weight?

A. No, I am not still on the program and didn't get to my goal weight...but the program *does* work. :)

Q. How are you keeping warm in skirts through the winter?

A. I wear leggings or knit tights with my skirts. I find that I stay quite warm with them on (sometimes too warm as I am busy doing things around the house!).

Q. What was the hardest part of transitioning into homeschooling?

A. Honestly, there wasn't much difficulty to it...except the fact that Madelyn had to accept that she wouldn't be seeing her friends at school anymore. Other than her sadness about that, the transition was easy! :)

Q. Is it expensive to homeschool?

A. Yes and No. What I mean is that it can be...but doesn't have to be. There are lots of ways to get cheaper school books and such. It may take some creativity but it can work out well. Plus, once you have the schoolbooks for the older children, you can save them for when the younger children move up!

Q. What time in the morning do you start schooling and how long does it take for the 3 children?

A. Some days we start schooling between 8 and 9 in the morning...other times not till 10 or so. Depending on the day, it can take anywhere from 3-5 hrs. It just depends. But it doesn't mean it is straight "sitting at a desk, writing" for the entire time. That's the fun of can get as creative as you want! Also, Jaxson isn't officially homeschooling yet. He just turned 5 and I do things with him with learning...but nothing that I *plan* for or journal about. :)

Q. Do you feel like you are educated enough to be their teacher and how about when they get to higher grades?

A. I absolutely feel I am educated enough to teach my children! :) My sister homeschooled her senior year (I am 2 yrs older than she) and I taught her Physics that year! I really enjoy Algebra, as well. In no way am I trying to sound vain....because I am not Albert Einstein...but in school, I was in the *gifted* program and have no worries about being adequate to teach my children! *If* I ever run into a subject that I *do* feel I am less than qualified to teach...I will find someone who knows about it! There are a lot of wonderful resources out there for homeschoolers! :)

Q. Do you sew?

A. I have done a few things...but not much. I have my sewing machine, as I type, getting oiled and such. When I pick it up, I would like to start sewing some more things. I am a beginner sewer...but look forward to getting better!!! :)

Q. I am currently liking your decorating style but was wondering how you keep young fingers from pulling down all those touchable things and from messing up the pretty corners of displayed items?

A. My children are 5, 7 and 9 yrs old they don't bother things...but when they were younger, we didn't feel we should have to put things up (unless of course it was dangerous to them or something we truly treasured). So, we just always taught the children that there were certain things they mustn't touch. :) Plus I like things that look if something got damaged, it looked as though it already fit right in! I wanted to be able to know that my young children could go to another home and already know not to touch the *pretties*. :)

Q. What does your husband do for work and how long did it take to become debt free? How long has it been now that you have been been without debt?

A. My husband is a mechanic/auto body man. He works for my dad. One day a week, he also works for *his* dad at the family meat market where he is a meat cutter. My husband is talented and gifted in so many areas. He doesn't see it that way...but I do. He is certified as an electrician also....but in our small town, the demand for an electrician wasn't large enough.

We weren't really in much debt it didn't take us long to get out of it. We paid off the van a few years back. Then we went back into debt for a short time to purchase our outdoor wood stove. We began paying that off and then used our income tax return to pay it off completely. Now our only debt is our mortgage which Dave Ramsey doesn't call *debt* but it shouldn't take us long to pay that off either! :)

Q. Are you and Chris high school sweethearts and how did you know that he was "the one"?

A. Although only living 10 miles apart our entire lives, Chris and I didn't know each other until we were teenagers. He lived just past the school district cut-off he went to different schools than I did. We "met" when I was 15 and my family and I decided to attend a different church. Chris and his family had already be members there for years. He is a few years older than I am. I remember thinking he drove me batty, a bit, because he would tease me. I also thought "With my luck, I will end up marrying him someday."....It was such a prophetic thought...and I never even realized it. I wasn't really attracted to the country boy who wore his work boots to church! I was also dating someone else at the time (oh how I could erase those days and just give them all to Chris...but I continue...).
Back then, there was a messaging system on the computer called ICQ (I Seek You...get it?). Chris was on my *friend* list and we would chat every now and then over the computer. He had really been into sports when in high school and my boyfriend at the time was playing basketball and I invited Chris to go watch some of the games with me. We enjoyed each other's company and things with my boyfriend had been getting pretty sour. The less time I spent with my boyfriend...the more I was with Chris...and things bloomed from there! :)

So....basically, no we weren't high school sweethearts...but I wish we would have been. He is an absolutely beautiful person, in and out. I love him as much as anyone could ever love another person. :) I *knew* he was "the one" the first time I kissed him. Seriously! It was as if, when I kissed him, I couldn't imagine my life with any other person. That very night I told him that I *knew* I would spend the rest of my life with him....which is quite a bold thing to say to a man (sometimes the idea of commitment scares them off!). To my joy~Chris told me the same thing! And we have been together, now, since I was 18. He was definitely my gift from God.

Q. Will you have anymore children? Why or why not?

A. Oh, this is a subject very near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately, no, we will not have any more children. I would have liked to have had 8 (or more!). I truly value being a mother. I got terribly sick (especially being pregnant with Madelyn...think stomach flu for 4 months straight!) when pregnant (sometimes to the point of not being able to function much) and with our income, Chris thought it would be best if stop with three. As much as my heart completely desires a *house-full* of children, I know that God made Chris head of this family and that I need to respect that.

Q. Do you ever wake up and truly not "feel" like doing the same things again? (schooling, housework, baking, mothering, shopping, errands etc etc?
How do you deal with that? How do you keep motivated to do such a beautiful job ALL the time?
Do you ever have a bad day?

A. Oh my yes, I have my off days...just like everyone else! I am flawed and imperfect! :) I don't usually wake feeling like I don't want to do the same things again, though. It's my life. It's my call from God and I find that to be a huge blessing! I, for the most part, enjoy all those things that some may think are "boring" or "mundane". I don't do a beautiful job all the time. Honestly...I just do the best I can. I must say, starting my day with His Word and in prayer, is the best motivator for my day! :) Also...I try to remember, we are to live to serve. It's not about *me*.

Q. What are your thoughts/views on body image? Are you at a place of contentment with how you look? Was there a particular reason you stopped weight watchers?

A. I am content. I am heavier than I would like to be, right now...but I am not overly obsessed about it. I feel that I dress modestly and appropriately and when going out I do my hair and make up. I am not concerned by if others think I am beautiful or perfect. I want to please my husband and God. :) I want to dress in a way that people know I am a child of the King. :) I think I had stopped WW because I thought I could continue on my own. But there definitely is something about staying accountable to a person or program that helps! :)

If I can find or remember anymore of the questions I have been asked over the years, I will be happy to share them....and again, if you are curious about anything ~ please feel free to ask! It will be a fun get-to-know-me time! Don't be shy! I will continually add to this post!

Katy :)

I pray that out of his glorious riches he may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, so that Christ may dwell in your hearts through faith. And I pray that you, being rooted and established in love, may have power, together with all the Lord’s holy people, to grasp how wide and long and high and deep is the love of Christ, and to know this love that surpasses knowledge—that you may be filled to the measure of all the fullness of God. ~Ephesians 3:16-20


  1. I just posted a post on why we wear mostly skirt and my husband did a vblog for me:-)

    Ps we wear fleece blooming and petticoat to stay warm in the winter

  2. I just recently stopped wearing skirts all the time but you will get used to the cold. It got to the point where I didn't need tights or anything to keep warm. I don't know what part of Pa you're from but one of the fun christmas things we try to do each year is to visit Christmas Village. Have you ever been there?

  3. Katy,
    What an interesting post! It is good to learn more about you.
    Looking forward to getting to know you better!

  4. Katy, I hold the same position as you as far as skirt-wearing goes. I love them! I do have one pair of jeans for camping/hiking, but they do feel just plain weird when I wear them for those activities. Anyway, I have found in the MN winters that the long underwear from Walmart are the perfect thing to keep my legs warm when I go out. I have the cream color and the navy blue, two pairs of each. They go well under just about any skirt/dress I have. And by the time I pull up my handknit socks over the bottoms of the long johns and pull on my warm boots, it's a really cute, cozy look. (Don't see the long johns at all as I prefer to wear my skirts ankle lenght for the most part.) The problem with tights for me is that they are kinda spendy, especially when I have to replace them so often because I can't seem to make them last that long. I either get a run in them or a tear at a seamed area you know where. So I save my tights for Sunday, and sport the $ 4long johns at all other times.

    Stay warm, Katy!

    ~Kelly in MN

  5. Hi Katy, loved reading your Q & A post! I have a question for you:

    What did you do before you married and had children?

    Love, Tina xxx

  6. What a neat idea, doing the Q & A thing, how kind of you to take the time to answer as many as you can.

    Katy, I've been visiting your blog for a little over a year, off n on, and just love stopping in. I love reading your selection on scripture.

    Blessings, From one PA. gal to another,

  7. I love reading Q and A's to get to know a little bit more about a person. :)

  8. Katy love your post and the blog
    I used to wear shirts alot to work
    most so then pants Yes I have a
    dishwasher.But there is just Hubby and myself.I Do wash the dishes alot too..
    Don't live in your area Pa so I
    have not seen the Christmas Village
    But does sound awesome..
    Homeschooling is the best,I heard
    that more and more Mothers are doing so I know my Grand Niece will
    be doing it..

    Warm Winter Blessings Stay warm
    everyone... From Az...

  9. I was pretty much going to say what Kelly in MN said, though my name isn't kelly and I live in CA, but I have always worn the thermal underwear under my skirts, I did recently order some tights to see if I like them. The thermals are very cheap and for me one of the problems I have is that I am very large so my legs rub together and it is not comfortable with nothing on them. So in the winter time I use the thermal underwear and in the summer time I wear bloomers that I ordered from Woman Within. My new skirts and shirts are coming tomorrow.

  10. We used Christian Light alot when my kids were younger. I really loved it. I now use a bit of this and that.
    We do have a dishwasher now, but I didn't have one when I was growing up. My dad always joked that we had two dishwashers (me an my mom) so why would we need another one :-)

  11. Thank you for answering my question Katy! Sounds like a similar story to mine! :) xxxxxx

  12. Hi Katy...I have a couple of questions for you - What is your favorite song or hymn? How involved are you with your church?


  13. I just wanted to comment on your skirt question. I too like wearing skirts because of the comfort, you can move more freely in a skirt, as well as feeling more feminine. In the colder months I have found tights keep my legs warmer than jeans do. Skirts are easy to sew and easy to find 2nd hand at a great price. My favorite type of skirt is the three tired style. In the past I have purchased woman’s size small skirts and cut them down for my daughter who loves to wear skirts too. She usually wears tight and dress style boots with her skirts.

  14. You are such a doll!! I loved this post!!! Funny about the skirts and how you said pants feel funny. I can't imagine not wearing jeans! I'd wear them daily if I could!! Skirts make me feel so "exposed". That draft just kills me! HAHA I had a similar convo with a lady at the pre-school. She said she hates jeans - and would prefer to wear yoga pants all the time. Funny how we all have different preferences!

  15. Katy,
    I loved reading about you! I have a question, albeit weird as it might be, I was wondering how you head off the 'grumpies'.
    I have had horrible PMS since my last baby and some times I just absolutely hate the few days during that time of the month. It's like I am a totally different person. It is hard for me to buck up and go against how I'm feeling as well.
    Just wondered if you have any tips or if you have similar problems...suggestions besides running
    PS. Like today was so rough...the mess the kids made in the house..I actually got out a plastic garbage bag and started picking up everything on the floor to go *in the trash*. Honestly. I was so frustrated. :/ Most days in the month, it wouldn't have bothered me at all.
    Anyway, just asking, b/c you seem to have GREAT advice and I really look up to you and your advice (even tho I know that you are human, etc....I still think God is using you to help us women!)

  16. What type of candles do you use (paraffin, beeswax...), and where did you get those beautiful lamps?

  17. I was wondering what time you go to bed and wake up each day? And what is it you do first thing in the morning?

  18. a couple more questions.

    What prompted you to consider homeschooling?

    How has your family life changed since the beginning of your homeschooling journey?

    Do you feel your family is more "close knit" now?

    How hard is homeschooling?

    Would you consider homeschooling if you had a large family?

    And a couple of non schooling questions..

    Are you still doing weight watchers? (I read about it in your archives) Have you reached your goal weight?

    How are you keeping warm in skirts through the winter?

    WellI guess those were more than a couple of questions:):):)

  19. Ok I'm back..the reason for my multitude of questions is that I'm rethinking our schooling (it's on my blog. the one I sent you an invite to) so my next question is

    What was the hardest part of transitioning into homeschooling?

    Is it expensive?


  20. what time in the morning do you start schooling and how long does it take for the 3 children?

    Do you feel like you are educated enough to be their teacher and how about when they get to higher grades?

  21. Do you sew? I remember one of your post you had bought some material to make skirts. Do you make your skirts?

    I love your Q & A post by the way!

  22. I am currently liking your decorating style but was wondering how you keep young fingers from pulling down all those touchable things and from messing up the pretty corners of displayed items? I've always kept such things out of reach of young ones and am just now starting to put a few things out as my youngest is 2 1/2 years old. Before this it was always too much trouble to do so as I'd have to behind the baby all day to keep her away from the decor.

  23. A few more questions.

    What does your husband do for work and how long did it take to become dept free? How long has it been now that you have been been without dept?

  24. will you have anymore children? Why or why not?

  25. Do you ever wake up and truly not "feel" like doing the same things again? (schooling, housework, baking, mothering, shopping, errands etc etc?
    How do you deal with that? How do you keep motivated to do such a beautifil job ALL the time?
    Do you ever have a bad day?

  26. what are your thoughts/views on body image? Are you at a place of contentment with how you look? Was there a particular reason you stopped weight watchers? I'm always curious to hear how people think about these kinds of things:)

  27. Where do you get your books that you read? It looks like you get some from thrift stores but the others, do you order online, book store or borrow? Just wondering.ha.

  28. Good morning Katy! I've enjoyed getting to know you...I'm officially done reading all your archives!:) It's been so fun!
    Anyhow...I was wondering...was your life always simple///was it ever rat race~ey:) How did the process of "simplification" Take place. I'd love to hear your journey of how the life that you live now came to be! I guess I'd love to hear more's always fun to know how something happened....and then take snippets with me to learn from!:) I know not every family is like the next...but I like to learn and use what works for me.
    Have a lovely day.
    That's probably the last of my million questions now:):):)

  29. Love the Q&A. I wear skirts all the time, too, for comfort.

    I need some leggings though when it gets cold in here!


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