Friday, September 3, 2010

Living Simple & Simply Living

A walk around my home...

The kitchen...

Into the laundry room...

Notice the baskets over on the bench on the stair landing? Those belong to the children. They each have one. (Madelyn must have had hers upstairs when this picture was taken). When I fold their clothes, I put them in their baskets. When they are filled, they carry them up and put them away. :)

A yummy snack...

Yarn and knitting items....only a fraction of all that I have. Not totally organized, as you can see, but I'm *real* and *imperfect*. :)

Stained glass on the front door...

Lots and lots of beloved books...

Just so you know (in case you weren't sure already ;) who we serve, in this household...

As the clouds started to roll in, as God brought rain to our area, we did our schooling by lamplight...

I hope you all enjoy your labor day weekend, ahead. Thanks so much for visiting and for taking a lil walk around my house with me. I hope you stop by again, soon.

Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. good idea about the laundry baskets!

    the kitchen looks nice and clean!!

    (ps-i can feel the baby moving right now!)

  2. Love it! The laundry basket idea is awesome, thanks for sharing! ;-)


  3. Oh..what a cozy home filled with love. Everything is in it's place and nice and clean. Katy, you are one busy lady that I sure do admire.

    Have a wonderful labor day weekend. Try to take some time off!

  4. I love to see homes decorated with sayings & Bible verses. A daily reminder as I pass from room to room in my homestead. What we feed our mind with is what we live. Your home is lovely. It brings a peaceful feeling to me when I see the pics. Have a blessed Labor Day weekend!

  5. Looks so lovely and homey. :-) Your children are blessed as is your husband to have you!

  6. I love these pictures...I love popcorn, also. Too much=).
    And I have some of those same books on my bookshelf.

  7. Hi Katy! The title of this post just grabbed my heart! This is what I strive for everyday.

    And I really enjoyed walking through your lovely home. You can feel the warmth oozing right through the computer screen.

    Have a safe & happy Labor Day weekend!


  8. Your house looks so cozy and inviting! I would love to come and "sit a spell". :) Hope your weekend is a great one!

  9. I'm up early this morning, and I'm so glad I stopped in today. I enjoy the little glimpses into your home and family time. I also knew your music would be the perfect background for the work I need to get done.
    Be Blessed!

  10. Hi~I so enjoyed my visit at your home. It i very warm and inviting. That is also what I strive for in our home. Hope you have a great weekend and do come say hi! :)

  11. Your home looks so warm & cozy! Thanks for sharing!

  12. lovely ,beautiful home filled with beauty, warmth, love and the Lord THANKYOU for giving us a small tour.:) I always like to see someone elses house to get ideas for my own. I truly hope to hear from you soon, and have a very blessed weekend.

  13. Love your pictures. Everything looks so cozy. I love the simple country living.

  14. I always LOVE my visits at the Country Blossom HOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Katy you have a wonderful way to make everything so inviting.
    God bless you and your beautiful family. Have a great weekend!

  15. i wish i was sitting by that lovely warm fire light reading with your kids. my favorite photo is the teapot with the dried flowers in it. lovely.

  16. Hi Katy!

    My e-mail is down right now - so I'm going to leave a comment for you here! You won the One of us Must Be Crazy book!!!! Yippee!!!

    Please send me your mailing info!

    Have a great weekend!

  17. beautiful and tidy home..Lots of love there..
    love your knitting basket, lots of pretty yarn...

  18. I love your site & so thankful I ran across it! The tour of your home was very nice - and like many others I LOVE the basket idea.

    Thanks for including the music...since I found your site last week I've been playing the music for inspiration as I design.

    Jenny - aka Backwoods Mama

  19. thanks for digging this up for me!
    Everything is beautiful and shouts the word "home!"
    Very lovely. Did you buy the "island" seperate or is it a built in one?

  20. As you know, I'm just getting caught up and trying to read all of your blog posts. This one is so beautiful!! Your home seems so warm and inviting...what a wonderful home keeper you are!!! (p.s....I used to love Jewel's blog "Eyes of Wonder"...your home and so many of your pictures remind me of her, and since she doesn't blog anymore, I am soooo happy to have found you! ;) )

    Blessings to you!!


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