Monday, August 30, 2010

Knowing Truth

"There is a knowing of Truth as it is in Jesus, as it is in a Christlike nature, as it is in that sweet, mild, humble and loving Spirit of Jesus, which spreads itself like a morning sun upon the souls of good men, full of life and light."

"There is an inward beauty, life and loveliness in divine Truth, which can be known only when it is digested into life and practice."

~John Smith, from his sermon "The True Way of Attaining Divine Knowledge"

I *love* the description of Jesus, above, in that quote by John Smith. He is "sweet, mild, humble and loving". Knowing Him is *more* than knowing about Him. I am reading "God's Pursuit of Man" by A.W. Tozer...and it is a great read. I will admit, however, that sometimes I have to read some of the paragraphs repeatedly to really understand what he is saying. Sometimes it can be frustrating because I feel as though my mind weaves around all the words but they don't always *sink in*. I feel, though, that God will help me to take away what He will have me to. :)

I just wanted to share those quotes with you today. I read them, over and over, letting them gently rest on my heart for me to ponder. We need to truly "digest" the beautiful Truth.

I am sharing a few photos from in my home. Today was such a busy day (as lately, most days seem to be) and so I don't have a large amount of interesting things to share.

Johnny Cash...a family favorite...and yes, it is autographed! A lovely gift from my parents to Chris, one Christmas season! :) ....

Today has been full....schooling, housework, laundry, knitting (I'm working on a baby blanket that a lady requested), and corn. We met my Mother-in-Love down at the garden today and picked and husked more corn. Silver Queen, Ectase, and Incredible are the kinds we have. We each, after husking, took home big tubs/boxes full and got to work blanching and cutting the kernels off the ears, to freeze.

I got 9 freezer bags worth. It doesn't look like a lot...but it took quite a while! And add that to some I froze previously and all that I have canned, so far, and we are going to have a nice amount of corn for over the winter! I think I will give a couple of the freezer bags full to my cousin...a young, single guy who will probably love the taste of fresh sweet corn in the middle of winter! :)

I hope you each are well. I pray for you, when the Lord prompts by bringing you to my thoughts.
Thanks for the visit. I know this post was quite short and entirely lacking interesting words...but it is 9pm and for a girl that gets up around 5 in the's bedtime! My eyelids get heavy and typing ends up taking twice as long...for although I *am* a fast typer...when I feel only semi-awake, I end up making mistakes and in need of hitting the *delete* button quite often (so I don't lack integrity with total mis-spellings...even though my sister *does* try to improve my terrible usage of commas! ;)

And now I can see that I am really starting to ramble, aren't I? I better close up shop for now and bid you all *good-night* before people start questioning my ability to be a home educator!!! ;)

Gentle hugs and kind smiles being sent to you over the miles,

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Thanks for visiting. Your site is lovely, as is your spirit! Wishing you blessings and blossoms.

  2. Lovely quotes you shared. May you have a blessed night's sleep. :)

  3. Good nite. Very tired & short on words myself but had to read your post. For there may be something the Lord wants me to take away from it & to heart.

  4. Thanks for posting today. I loved reading the quote. My days are full with school lessons, canning and life. Wouldn't change it for the world! Have a good day!

  5. Those are great quotes! I love quotes too.
    The corn looks awesome. I am amazed at all you get done everyday.
    It is a good feeling to be tired and be able to sleep at night.
    I suffer from insomnia, so it's a wonderful gift to be able to lie down and actually sleep.
    Hope you have a wonderful week!

  6. Stopped for a visit this morning. The corn looks great and your days seem full. love the quotes and the peace of your blog.

  7. That was a great quote, thanks for sharing. I know, I sometimes have to re~read material before it sticks as well.

    Your corn looks so yummy, mine was destroyed again this year by a skunk. I have lots of green beans, and looks like roma tomatoes are going to be pleasing as well.

    Good night and sleep well.
    May God bless you and your family,

  8. Mornin' Katy! I'm sure you are feeling well-rested this morning! Loved the sharing of pictures from your home. You make your blog a welcoming place to visit and I am sure all your readers find that comforting. You are doing a wonderful job with "all your hats."

  9. Such perfect quotes Katy. Thanks for being so thought provoking. You always seem to challenge me to rethink about something I've already seen or heard.
    Your corn will be so delicious this winter when the rest of us are pouring ours out of a can. I should definitely take the time to put some up.
    I hope you had a restful night. Have a wonderful Tuesday.

  10. Good mornng Katy, I trust you had a great rest last night. I loved the quotes you shared and the beautiful pics so nice to see.

    My days are also full lately, schooling, housework and getting ready for a construction job on our house. At times I get to feeling so overwhelmed but I know the Lord is in control.

    Hope you have a wonderful day today. Can you post a schedule for your day and how it is broke down I would love to see it if you don't mind.

    Blessings to you and yours,


  11. Tozer is great but heavy reading..don't give up..well worth the effort....

  12. your day was nice and full..
    cant wait to see the blankie you are knitting..

  13. Sleep well my friend! The corn looks great: )

    I wanted to let you know that I received an award last week at Hickery Holler Farm and am passing it along to you. You can read about it on my blog today.

    Thanks for the blog and all your hard work.


  14. I joined your blog because we have alot in common and it is beautiful that we can sure and you being so open about the Lord and how he affects your life and loves all of us!

    I love the quotes you shared with us and I feel very whole and you touched me.

    We do have alot in common the love of the Lord, I love my family my husband and two sons, one in College and the other in 10th grade, I also do canning, I scrapbook everything,active in our church,I quilt, I bake and cook from stratch,and I love to knit in the winter months!

    I hope you stop by my blog, I will be back to yours for sure!

    Prim Blessings,

  15. Wow!! I adore Johnny Cash! You are so lucky to have an autographed framed picture of him!!

  16. I recently read a biography of A.W. Tozer by James L. Snyder. I also have a copy of his sermon- The Menace of the Religious Movie- Christian Light


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