Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Marketplace

Madelyn had a nice birthday. :) She will have more birthday fun in the coming days too! :) My nephew came and played for a few hours and the children had a lot of fun. My mom brought over a small cake, as a surprise for them, after lunch.

Madelyn read all your birthday wishes and loved each one!!! She was glowing as she read them! Thank you! :)

The evening was spent at a community VBS. Many local churches worked together to make a marketplace from Jesus' time.

We took Stu and a couple chickens to make it more authentic there. Don't worry...although the boys *wanted* to ride with Stu to the "marketplace"...we didn't let them! ;)

At the local EUM church...they set up tents for each of the *tribes* (picture taken before everyone got there!). Then they had tents and things set up where crafts were done. Each was set up like it was a person's shop. (pictured below ~ *shop owners* setting up before the kids were there)

The children were dressed in the attire from back then and put into tribes. They heard lessons and stories from their tribe *mothers*...then they got to go around and pick whatever crafts and things they wanted to make at each *shop*. My mom did pottery on her wheel and the children made pinch pots. There was a woodshop, where the children made birdhouses; basket weaving; jewelry making, rope making, punching tin, jewish dancing and much more!!! :)

They have had over 80 children there each night...and it is still going on a couple more nights this week! :) Each child in attendance seems to have enjoyed themselves as I watch their smiling faces going between activities!

Jaxson, helping my grandma to the church. :)

We took Stu, and all the children really enjoyed her. People were surprised and snickered as they saw how Stu followed me around like a dog. She didn't need to be on a leash or tied up at all...she stayed with me ~ everywhere I went! (Monday evening, one of the chickens we took layed an egg while we were there! ;)

The woodworking *shop*...

Jaxson had fun dancing the hora! :)

A few of the pinch pots some of the children made, sitting out to dry...

Xavier learning about herbs...

Madelyn doing some basket-weaving...

I have a lot more going on this week...along with my normal housework and busyness around here...I have sign language class this evening, Friday we will be taking the children to a play place near where my sister lives (in celebration of Madelyn's birthday) and Sunday, a picnic. Plus, I *need* to get down and weed at the garden. It must be looking just awful!

I hope you are enjoying your week. I thank you for taking the time to stop and visit. And again, thank you for the birthday wishes for Madelyn on my previous post. It really made her smile!

Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Looks like it was a lot of fun :)

    Glad Mady got to enjoy all the lovely comments for her. Hope you all have a wonderful picnic on Sunday.

  2. Hi Katy!
    My in-laws church did the same type of VBS for several years, and last year (the last one they did, as the lady who coordinated it moved), my 2 older ones got to participate and LOVED IT! Animals always add a nice touch.
    Happy Birthday to your cutie-girl, prolonged birthdays are always the most fun!

  3. VBS looks like tons of fun! Our VBS starts next week.

    My garden is looking like a jungle! It has been hard to get out with the heat and humidity add in the mosquitos and yeah you get the picture.

    Hope you have a great week!

  4. This VBS theme is great. I have taught small children at VBS in the past. I enjoyed it. I and my sister did a Noahs ark theme one year and the children loved it.

  5. I love your blog. The music makes me relax. great touch. we are a jewish family. we have danced the horah many times let me tell you! i love the baskets! i would hang out at the basket making tent for sure. looks like you had splendid weather for it.

  6. Hi Katy!

    Just wanted to comment on how precious the photo of Jaxon helping his grandma!!!!! I loved it!!!



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