Saturday, July 31, 2010

His Beautiful Message

"This is the Lord's message to us: 'Just stay near Me -- as close as you can. Don't run yourself ragged looking for help and hope. Don't keep consulting this person, that person, and the other person. Talk to Me every time you think of it. Read portions of My Word and then chew and chew and chew on them. Stay in My Truth. Crowd your way into My presence. Drink from My stream. Stay, stay, stay. And rest in My faithful love and care.' Instead of allowing ourselves to be troubled, worried or led astray by our circumstances, David urges us to feed, like a humble sheep, on the faithfulness of God -- to graze safely in God's good pasture."

~Ron Mehl (What God Whispers in the Night, p. 70)

I am reading the book I linked to, above, by Ron Mehl. It is a wonderful book and when I read the paragraph I quoted above...I felt such a sweet peace and knew I wanted to share it. :)

My mom is doing well and resting a lot. Thank you for all your loving notes and prayers! I truly appreciate them! God is so good! :)

The summer days are full. I am thankful to say, though, that the past few days, the temperatures have been especially the 70's and 80's. I love comfortable days like these! We will be starting our school days soon. I am excited for what the new schooling year holds...the learning and growing that occurs is such a beautiful thing to watch happen! The bright eyes and excited faces of my children, when they learn or understand something new, is a joy to behold.

Thank you for stopping by. I pray that what I shared, from Ron Mehl's book, blesses you like it did me. And I have a link to it from Amazon if you are interested in purchasing the book for yourself! :) May your day be full of joyful surprises and love!

Katy :)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Katy, I love that message so perfect for me.

    We too are getting ready to school soon. I ordered my books from the company you told us about and I am anxiously awaiting the books. I am so greatful I will get to do this with my children and for all your help on it.

    We have been busy here also and trying to freeze and get somethings canned before schooling starts.

    I just purchased the book by Elizabeth George that you told us about and I am anxious to start reading it.

    Have a very blessed weekend and enjoy your cooler temps.



  2. That paragraph you shared gave me alot of comfort today Katy! My son is having a hard time in Army boot camp and is extremely homesick, which weighs so heavy on my heart, but I keep reminding myself to "let go, and let God". Enjoy the weekend:)

  3. Katy....thank you so much for those words...something I really needed and has touched my heart. :)

    Stop by and visit me soon. :)

  4. Katy, the message you shared with us is perfect for me today. Thank you for sharing. :)

  5. The quote is so right. A thought I am trying to grow in all the more day by day. Thank you for posting it!
    My three teens attend school where their dad teaches(I homeschooled them as well) and I homeschool my younger set of cuties :) Have fun with all the preparing and sharing time together. It's so much fun isn't it?

  6. so perfect for me too. Thankyou for sharing. I have gotten A Woman
    After Gods Own Heart from your reccommendation. I read it every morning now. I want to pass on a really great Christian author, Elizabeth Elliot. Check out Keep A Quiet Heart. Very ,very good.
    Have a very blessed weekend.

  7. It is so wonderful to hear your Mom is doing well. I am sure this is a relief for you. Praise be to God! I love reading about your home schooling. I think it is great you teach your children at home. A lovely meaningful passage from the book gives us so much to count on and just knowing God is never to busy.


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