Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Strawberry Jam

My favorite jam is strawberry jam. Strawberries + sugar = delicious! My Father and Mother *in* loves went to a small Amish community on Monday. They had (previously) found a place where they were selling strawberries for $2.50 per quart. They offered to pick some up for my sisters-in-love, myself and my mom! So we each gave them some money and they picked us up some strawberries. I got 8 quarts. :)

So, after the children and I tasted a few of these sweet, red berries, I began to hull them and wash them.

HERE is a link to the same recipe that I use for my strawberry freezer jam. Now, you can buy sure-gel by the box...but I get it at a local, small store in bulk. (My mother-in-love picked me up the one pictured below...thus why my name is on it!)

Yum...mixing in all that sugar.....(I know, it's an *awful* lot of sugar...but very few things taste better than a piece of homemade bread, warm, covered in a bit of butter and a spoonful of strawberry jam! :)

I made numerous batches of this on Monday and then did a few more batches on Tuesday. You let your containers of jam sit out for 24 hrs before putting them into the freezer.

I made a couple more loaves of bread breakfast this morning was toast from that bread and strawberry jam! Deee-licious! :) I would *love* to hear the different kinds of jams and jellies you make (or would like to make)! :)

So glad you stopped by today! Hope your week is going well!


The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Oh that jam looks just delish. I am going to get some strawberries this weeekend and make it. I had been looking for an easy receipe. Thanks for this post.

    Hope you have a great week. Mine is not going to bad if only it would stop raining and let us dry out from the floods we have around here.

    Anne F.

  2. Strawberry freezer jam is the best. I also like making grape jelly using grape juice. My moms best friend makes the most delicious cherry jelly you ever tasted. I just couldn't imagine pitting and cutting all the cherries it takes by myself.
    Enjoy your day Katy.

  3. mmmm mmm good!! i want some homemade bread and jam!

  4. Yum! (I think this is my first time commenting, though I've been visiting regularly since Christmas.)

    I always make LOTS of jams, and slated for this year are: Strawberry-plain, spiced, rhubarb and peach; Raspberry-Peach; Blueberry- lime, rhubarb, and spiced; Cherry; and if all goes well and I can go picking, plain raspberry jam. Other types may work their way in too, if I find new recipes.
    I love giving a basketful of homemade jams as a shower gift, and with 3 littles, P.B.&J. is a favorite lunch!

    I so enjoy your blog, and am glad the Lord led you to keep it up and running!


  5. That sounds delicious! I want to go pick some strawberries later today but my fibromyalgia has been really bad so we'll have to see, I've made strawberry, plum and peach over the years and they are all so yummy:) Enjoy the day!!!

  6. Hi Katy,
    Your jam looks yummy!

    I also love to make jams and jellies. I make strawberry, strawberry-rhubarb (when there is a huge crop of rhubarb), cherry, black raspberry, red raspberry (my favorite!) apple, grape and plum jelly.

    I like to make a few extras of whatever I'm making and during the holiday season, I will make some quilted looking cap tops to them and give as gifts. EVERYONE loves homemade things and jams and jellies sweeten up the deal. I even throw in some homemade bread at times too. YUM!

    Enjoying your blog all the time! God Bless!


  7. Oh, it looks so good! We love strawberry but we just plain love jam. I have made yellow tomato preserves, black raspberry, blackberry, dandelion jelly( tastes alot like honey ); but my favorite is tart cherry preserves. There was a horrible wind storm one spring about 10 years ago that blew over our cherry tree. We all miss that old tree. We would make and freeze cheery cherry pies for all winter but the jam/preserves were the best! We still have our cherry pitter hanging in the summer kitchen. It made the job so easy. ***sigh*** good memories.....
    My favorite jam/preserves from childhood? Grandma's red plum. Favorite memory--her grape jelly on the table in the iris jelly dish for every meal. Grandpa had to have grape jelly with every meal. And he always spilled a little coffee in his saucer while waiting for the coffee to cool down. Great memories....I have that iris jelly dish now and I am so proud of it. Thanks, Katy, for bringing these warm memories back for me this day! ★ Linda ★

  8. Fresh bread with homemade jelly or jam is the best! I have already made my strawberry and will be making apple & grape jelly. If I can get some blackberries from my parents' neighbor I will be trying my hand at that also.

  9. Yum-my! I love toast with butter then jelly on top. Juss thinks I'm a total weirdo..but that's how my Mom made it for that's how I love it :)

    How long does the jelly last in the freezer? And how long does it last in the fridge after defrosting?

  10. We love making jams too. I have made apple, peach, raspberry, blackberry, wineberry, grape, mint, gooseberry, hot pepper and probably others I can't think of right now. I think anything homemade is good. Take care and God bless.

  11. Oh that looks so yummmy.....I need to get some jam made soon...if I ever get enough time to do so! ;) Come on over for a visit. :)

  12. The boys and I are really enjoying Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief right now. It's fun to read aloud!

  13. Katy - can you use this recipe with other fruit too?

    BLueberries are on sale in my area. I was wondering if I could do the same with blueberries.

    Or do you have any other amazing recipes for blueberries?


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