Thursday, June 17, 2010

Readin' and Writin'

During the course of a child's life...*everything* adds to their education...playing outside, exploring, using imaginations, working hard etc. However, book work is always good to *add* to the mix! ;) We aren't scheduled, really, during the summertime. We work on penmanship, reading and different times.

I will sit and work with the kids a bit...then while they are doing some work on their own...I read a bit. The book I am reading lately is called "Acres of Hope" by Patty Anglin. I am almost finished with it. It's a true story. It's inspiring and an easy read. I saw that Jewels had recommended it on her I thought I would get it to read. :) I am so glad I did! I left the link to the book above...but if you want to learn a little more about them...go HERE. :)

Jaxson loves to practice writing his letters...

Look at his dirt covered cheeks and hands! ;) boys love to play! Days ended with a nice, warm, sudsy bath are always a must for my kiddos! :o)

Xavier and I work on his reading, together. He does a great job...but after a while of reading the words himself, likes to have me read *to* him. All of my kids love that. We started reading the Chronicles of Narnia together. We intend on reading the WHOLE book together from the first story through to the last in the series! Although, my sister *did* buy the kids the CD's of it which read it to you. Maybe they would enjoy listening to that instead of me? I'm not sure....we'll see! :)

I would also like to get The Wrinkle in Time set and the Little House on the Prairie set (which I *used* to have when I was young...wonder where it is?) to read to the kids as well, sometime! :) Do you have any other good books or sets you would recommend?

***And...I have pondered the idea of stopping my school planning for each day, once we start our next school year...and, instead, having my kids do the amount of work they can each day...and then document/journal about what all they did and accomplished each day. Then I am letting them accomplish as much as they can per day...without overly pushing them and without holding them back from doing more, if they wish. Of course, they won't be able to just do too little amount of work....there will be supervision of their accomplishing at least a certain amount per day. What do you think about this? Do you do it this way? I'm still not sure...but have been thinking about this plan. :) I would love to hear your thoughts about it! :)

Hope you are having a nice week. Thanks for dropping by for a visit!!!

Katy :)

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  1. oh I wish you'd link up this book you're reading to the Homeschool Village - meme I have on Thursdays!


  2. thank you for visiting my blog! i am so happy i get to meet more of sweet devon's family! thanks for entering the giveaway! i have 2 girls ages 6 and 9. we just finished "A Wrinkle in Time". wonderful. i must go buy the others now. great blog.

  3. LOVE your blog, love the music, and cannot wait to get to know you. Coming from Homeschool Village


  4. Hi Katy,
    My daughter loved reading the Little House on the Prairie series and I can't wait until my other daughter starts into them. They also have more books in this subject line. We get ours from the library.

    My son's loved the Shiloh books. They are about a dog and it's adventures.

    When it comes to learning during the summertime, we focus on reading at our leisure, letters recognition, numbers and name spelling with my 3 year old. I always try to make it fun for her and when she's ready to stop, I stop. It is the summer months and I wouldn't want to burn her out.

    Love your blog!

  5. What sweet little students! I did go pick berries yesterday and making freezer jam today:D

  6. perhaps the kids would like to follow along in the book as the CD reads the Chronicles of Narnia to them? i think the CDs have different voices, etc.... which might be kind of fun!

    i have A Wrinkle in Time... love that book!

    i may have the Little House Books... but if so, they are packed away. if i ever come across them, i'll send them your way!

    not so sure i quite understand your last paragraph about letting the kids do what they can w/ their schooling...? i guess i would think that they would need the structure? however, like i said, i don't quite get what you were saying... and i have never homeschooled kids (besides myself)... so i guess whatever you do, you'll work out! :)

  7. Hi Katy!

    Thanks for e-mailing me about the potatoes - sorry it has taken me so long to get back to you. It looks very interesting, I will have to try it next year, it's too late to plant potatoes here this year.

    If I had it to do again, I would certainly homeschool my children - I think it is something that people should do more of. I believe that the education they receive within the walls of their own home is priceless - something they can never get in public schools!

    I loved the Little House series, and Narnia - what good books to spark your kids imagination!


  8. Narnia and Little house books are the best!!! My kids love to hear me read to them. Sometimes though the cd's are nice too. I think part of the appeal to mom reading is that I am spending time to sit with them and read. When the cd is doing it, it is too easy to clean up or fiddle with something else. Take care.

  9. Katy, I have taught English for 22 years, and I think your idea to let the kids progress on their own is worth trying. I think if you document/journal what they've done, you can keep track that way. At least maybe try it for one semester and re-evaluate at Christmas if you want to continue.

  10. Acres of Hope looks like such an amazing book! I'm so glad that I stopped by from the Homeschool Village today.
    Blessings to you,
    Sue :)


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