Friday, June 25, 2010

Pages of Memories

I have posted about my memory journal previously. It's still going strong! :)

I have actually changed something about my organizational methods though. For *years* I have had a daily planner....but now, I have just a monthly calender book that I use to record appts and things to remember...and then in my memory journal, I daily record things I need to do for the day and fun things I want to remember! :) I have set the *official* daily planner aside!

Here are some pages I have done recently. Some are more decorated and neater than others...some days I have more time than others! :)

I originally found the idea for journaling in this way from Jewels' blog. :) But over time, I have found a few others who do this as well, like Susan at Joyfulmomofmany! :) I love seeing different journals. Everyone has a different way of doing things and decorating them and I love to see each of them!

An entry from just the other day....

A clean slate...ready to be written in and decorated...

Do you do this type of journaling? If so, I would love to see what you have done! If you do a post on it...I would love if you would email me (left sidebar) or comment and let me know so I can view it! It's so fun to see each person's unique styles!

Well...I gotta run...lots to do today! Going to visit with my sister and need to go to JoAnn Fabrics too (need some circular knitting needles)! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!!! :)


The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. Hi Katy,

    I so enjoyed this post! What a wonderful idea for keeping your memories and your everyday "to do" lists. These books will be such a treasure for your children and grandchildren! I have actually seen something similar to these books in museums across the country (I love to stop at local museums when we travel). I have been looking for a new, creative way to journal - I think I will try this idea, I'll let you know how it works for me!


  2. Lovely, Katy! Very inspiring!! A look back at those pages would be very heartwarming I imagine! The samples you displayed definitely speak of joy!!

  3. Katy, what a beautiful idea for a journal. I have not kept a journal this way but I might have to start. It expresses who you are in so many ways.

  4. I always make list of this and that and have a binder I keep my list in (but I clean it out every now and then) and often think I should keep my list for ideas the next year around. I love your creative idea, Why not make it pretty to start with and it is list turned into a memory book. Here is yet another awesome idea I can not wait to start today. Thank you for sharing your lovey life and thoughts that God has blessed you with. Smiles, Angelia

  5. Hi Katy,
    I love the way that you journal. I agree that this will be wonderful memories for your children. I love to doodle all the time, so this idea has really inspired me to check into journaling.

    Thanks for the ideas. Hope that your weekend is filled with love and fun!

    Nicki in WV

  6. I don't do that type. I scrapbook, but I journal big time in them. I also have my personal journals. Yours are beautiful!

  7. Your blog is an inspiration to me. A while back you mentioned deleting your blog and my heart skipped a beat. I'm glad you didn't. You really bring alot of joy & inspiration to all your readers. I believe your blog is the most humble and from the heart of any blog I've ever visted. I def see God shining through. Keep on keeping on. \((hugs))

  8. Hi Katy! I have started a book, I have yet to write in it, but I save all my favourite photos from magazines and cut them out and add them to my book. I have a bagillion pictures to cut out and add to the bagillion already sitting in a basket waiting to get glued in! Thanks for inspiring me, your book looks wonderful! I will let you know whenI get mine started up.

  9. Hi Katy,

    Your journal is beautiful! I enjoy doing journals as well as scrapbooking with my two girls. We enjoy looking back at our memories, and realizing how quickly the days go by!

  10. Hi--just stopping in for a visit...I have been out of the loop and I am sure missing everyone. :)
    I love your journal....I think I may start something like that...thanks for the inspiration. Hope you can stop by soon for a visit. :)

  11. What a beautiful way to journal. I just love this idea. I am really pleased that I have found your blog. I just subscribed! Thank-you for sharing your thougths and the beauty that you have created. I am doing something similar with decoupage but it is not a journal, it is an old wooden door.I would like to invite you to visit my new blog and see my door craft project at
    Thank-you for the inspiration.

  12. super cute idea!
    thanks for entering my giveaway. I'm following you back

  13. This is the most delightful post about your journal. It is so pretty and something your family will enjoy reading someday. I am doing one for my grandaughter to have and to no more about me. You have inspired me. I hope you have more posts about your journal....lovely.

    I have been reading your wonderful blog for quite sometime but this is my first comment.

    Nice to finally meet you - LOL!



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