Monday, June 14, 2010

A Little of This & A Little of That...

The weekend passed by so quickly for me...was it like that for you? When I was younger, time truly didn't *seem* to fly by like it does now! I went to my sister's house (an hour away) on Saturday. My mom rode with me and it was nice to talk with her. I am so thankful for the wonderful relationship I have with my mom! :)

Sunday we went to Church...had a wonderful time of worship and fellowship. Then home for a simple lunch followed by a time for rest. That evening we went to a large, extended family (and friends) picnic at Chris's cousin's house. Some family members who live far away were there and we were all able to visit! :)

This morning was muggy and the air felt thick to me. Forecasts have been calling for storms...but all we have seen are a few small mists of rain. I packed Chris' lunch and made his coffee and kissed him goodbye as he went to work. Then the kids and I went out to feed the animals...

Good morning Fitty! ;)

Jaxson giving Fitty and Stu some corn!

Madelyn was feeding the chickens...and I'm not sure...but I think she was pretending to *be* a chicken...what do you think?...

Smiles from a sweet girl in braids...

...a cutie-patootie...

and X-man...who, when wearing his daddy's hats, always has his ears pushed down...hehe...I know someday I will miss that!

After running some errands this morning, I have been busy at home doing laundry and dishes, dusting and cleaning. I made some homemade laundry soap a little bit ago...and am now resting for a few minutes before getting started on making some strawberry jam! Yum! :) **If you go HERE you will find some different homemade laundry soap recipes...the one that is like what I use is Recipe #3! I took pictures while making it and will be doing a post on it sometime soon, as well!)

Tonight, if the rain holds off, I have a few errands to run...and then may try to get some hoeing done down in the garden. :)

Quickly, before I get started on the jam...I wanted to share these two pictures with you. My great-aunt is up from Florida...and on Friday, some of the *girls* from the family went to a local restaurant for lunch. They had us seated outside and to our excitement...we spotted a mama and baby bird! Notice in the picture above, the mama with a worm in her mouth...ready to go feed her sweet little one!
And...although it's a lil the picture below you can see the baby! Yes, it was an awfully *big* baby!!! ;) She was quite fluffy! (Ok...I am assuming it was a *she* although it very well could have been a *he*!)...

Thanks so much for dropping by! Remember, my Rachael Ray Bakeware Giveaway is open until Thursday, if you haven't entered...please do! It's a wonderful prize! :)

Oh...and I'm not sure if you noticed, or not, but I changed my header! :) It's fun to do, every now and again! I like to update the pictures, some, when I can! I hope you have a wonderful week ahead! Off to make some jam! :o)

The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.

~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. holy commas! hahaha!

    nice pics... looks like maybe mad was singing and swinging her arms!

    hey... i LOVE strawberry jam... :) hint, hint!

  2. Your flowers are beautiful on your porch and what cute pics of your babies, both the human and animal kinds, LOL:D I'm getting strawberries tomorrow for jam...YUMMY!

  3. The flowers on your porch are looking great!

  4. Enjoyed your pictures and a fun look into your daily life. These days of simple family pleasures are long gone for us. Enjoy them.

  5. sounds like a nice peaceful weekend:) I too enjoy reading about your everyday life:)

  6. It has been so muggy hot here today but I just had to try making that bread. I did have fun. The boys & I enjoyed it. One loaf is almost gone already. Thanks for your help. I enjoy seeing & hearing about your little farm. You & the littles take care & have a blessed week.

  7. Oh, that's so wonderful ~ I love finding birds nesting around the house, it's like a benediction upon our land!


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