Saturday, June 5, 2010

The Great Escape!

Here is sweet, sweet Fitty the Sheep...(isn't she pretty?)

Anyone notice anything special about Fitty today? No, she hasn't lost weight...but that's a good guess. I'll give you another try...maybe the picture below will help...

Yes, you guessed right! Fitty is *not* in her pen! Fitty is loose...and has all the lovely grass in the yard to graze on, with no intention of going back *in* to her pen! She also has this fascination with Ruthie, the dog.

And this is me...

...yep...I am in a skirt, as usual on hot, muggy summer days. And yes...those are flip flops on my feet. Not really great I-need-to-catch-a-sheep shoes, are they? ;)

And here are the girls...minding their own business, without a care in the world...

What's a girl to do when her sons come running in the house to tell her that Fitty was loose? It's 4pm on Friday, Chris is at work, a storm is coming with all that goes with it, rain, thunder, lightning etc. Now, I'm an animal girl. I am quite proud of the fact that I am basically Dr. Doolittle's daughter! (My dad totally clicks with animals...and it seems to run in the family! Although I, for the most part, love can be an unfavorable quality when your husband's dog, Cash, loves you and you don't totally have the same fondness for him... ;)

So thinking that I am an oh-so-wonderful animal tamer extraordinaire, I try to call Fitty in. I kneel gently and sweetly to her and she comes within a foot or two of me. There she stands, eating grass. She's quite strong and I wasn't totally sure how I would catch her...? Jump on her and hold on for dear life? Lure her in the pen with hay or corn? Each time I tried something or even moved any closer to her...she would take off. It was like a game.

It's muggy and starting to rain. My feet hurt and I was getting awfully frustrated with Fitty Girl. So...when I can't do something myself...I call my teammate/best buddy/love, BigBoss. Lucky for me, He had to drive out our way for work he said he would stop on his way through. Good, I thought. This will be better...right? "But" he said....(Ut oh)..."You have to stand out there and not let her eat the leaves of the tree where the limb broke off into the's poisonous". (Through the night, the wind broke a branch from a tree in the yard).
"It's poisonous?" I yelped, "She already ate some of the leaves!" Oh good grief! He informed me that if she ate too much of it, it could kill her! So, I was to stand guard and not let her near the tree till he got to the house. the humidity and rain, I stood there...guarding the tree...while Fitty happily grazed in the yard. A little while later...

YAY! Big Boss to save the day!

Look at him...gloves on. Ready to catch an escaped sheep! Woohoo! This will all be taken care of soon and I can go back inside!

Here Fitty, Fitty.....

Oh the hilarity of it all! (I was so glad I grabbed my never know when a great picture will occur....)

Big Boss called his brother, who is a school teacher and was already home from work at this time. So my boys, Big Boss, his brother and myself continually tried to catch this stubborn sheep! (Madelyn was spending time with her Grammie.) I hiked my skirt up a bit and held it bunched up in my right hand (still modest, however) made it easier to run and helped keep me a little cooler as I was sweating by drips and buckets! Then our neighbor joined the chase and helped too. We would all corner her and slowly move in and somehow, she kept squeezing her way by us. Big Boss dove for her a couple times (and hurt his knee...I told him he isn't as young as he once was!). After over an hour of this craziness...we all gave up. She wasn't really going anywhere...we had lots of grass in the yard to keep her occupied. Big Boss had to get busy with his work we all agreed we would just stop and rest a while and try again later. Big Boss tied Stu the Lamb out in the yard to graze and then left the Sheep Gate open so, if Fitty would so desire, she could get back in her pen.

I said a prayer, asking God to help us catch her...and then went inside and soaked in the coolness of the ceiling fans!

A while later...the boys went out to check on the sheep and came running in, telling me that neither Stu nor Fitty were in the yard anymore! My heart sunk. So, out I went to search for them. I called their names and walked around the garage...and all of a sudden...what do I see???

Both Stu *and* Fitty had gone into the Chicken Run!!! Hallelujah! I was so excited! I ran over, quickly, and shut the door to the run..then went and called Chris. He was relieved and said he would take Fitty over to *her* pen when he got home from work. (Stu isn't a problem, thankfully. She isn't difficult. She doesn't run away from us or anything!)

So the boys and I threw them some corn to keep the busy till Big Boss could get home. The chicken running around the outside of the run cracked me up! It was as if she was saying, "What are you two doing in there?" ;)

And I took this picture of one of the chickens..and if you look in the top right can see one's legs in mid-run! ;) I thought it looked quite funny so I wanted to share...

When Big Boss got home from work, he called to have his brother come help him, once again. (We are so, so thankful that he and his wife bought a home, not too far from us!) After chasing Fitty around the run for a bit...Big Boss finally got a hold of her...

Although it looks fierce, I guarantee you, no animal was hurt during this process! (The only ones to get hurt were Big Boss and his knee....and myself when I went to grab her at one point and my left arm slid forcefully along the bark of a tree! Ouch!) ;)

Although she squirmed a bit on the way back to her pen, and I actually thought I may have to jump on her because Big Boss was losing his all turned out OK! Whew!

Finally, home sweet home. What a relief! I truly feel God answered my prayers by guiding the sheep into the open chicken run. It all ended up wonderfully. I can't imagine what we would have done if we had to chase her into the evening and night!

Isn't He wonderful? Seemingly insignificant prayers *are* heard by the One who dearly loves us. It gives me great reassurance to know He is there...through the *small* things as well as the *big* things! What a God we serve! :)

I pray each of you got a good hearty chuckle from our crazy escapades. That day we were all laughing at ourselves...but exhausted and frustrated as well. Now that everything turned out OK, we all laugh at the silliness of it all! :)

Many of you, through email, have shared with me the hurts and struggles you are going through right now. It is my hope that you were able to laugh at my circumstances that transpired the other day and, if even for a brief moment, were able to have some joy. :) Please know that I am remembering each of you in my prayers.

Thank you for visiting. I hope your weekend is abounding in love and blessings...whether they be big or small...they *are* there. Keep a look out for them! ;)

Again...please feel free to email me, at any time. I *do* respond when time permits. :)
I hope you have been blessed and will pass the blessing on!


The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26