Saturday, June 26, 2010

Boys & Their Toys

On some of the hotter days of these summer months, the kids will usually play outside a bit...then come inside, faces red and beaded with sweat. We'll get a few popsicles out of the freezer and then all retreat to my bedroom.

Chris and I's room was part of the addition we built onto our house. Our room still isn't 100% complete...neither is the downstairs part of the addition that will one day be a living room. We do things as we have the money to. :) Anyway...our bedroom is pretty large and roomy. It's the only room we have A/C in. (Many warm summer nights the kids will bring their sleeping bags and pillows in and *camp out* in our room!)

The boys will bring in their cars and set up their "houses" and such. Madelyn will sometimes join them or else lay on my bed and read or watch a program on tv.

I will check my email, read or knit while they play. It's so cute to hear their "people" talking to each other from their *cars*...."Hey Buddy!" says one in a deep voice....the other drives their car over while making loud muffler sounds. :)

I also love how children line cars up. I have noticed that my boys do well as other boys in my Sunday School class or friends' children! :)

I am a lover of all things old-fashioned. However, I am truly grateful for the ability to retreat to a place of comfortable coolness on those really hot summer days. So, I am quite a fan of air conditioning. It makes rest time more pleasant as well. (I don't know about you...but I have trouble sleeping if I am too hot.)

Yesterday, Jaxson and I made the hour trip to my sister's house. Her guest room/craft room (baby's room-to-be) needed organizing and she asked if I would help. I love doing that kind of stuff and gladly agreed! My mom kept the older two kids and Jaxson and I made the trip over!

Later, on our way home, we got stuck in construction traffic. Again...another wonderful time to appreciate the invention of air conditioning. We sat, sun blazing down, for quite a long time. Without that air conditioning, Jaxson & I probably would have fried! ;)

Jaxson, while wearing a hat (which he *loves*) from Aunt Nen, enjoyed reading while we sat amongst a long line of vehicles. I turned in my seat to take a picture...and when I did, my left elbow/arm hit the car horn! I was so embarrassed! All these people waiting in lines of traffic with me were probably thinking I was incredibly impatient and rude...when in actuality, it was an accidental *honk*!!! ; ) Oooops!

**If you were wondering what was on Jaxson's t-shirt in the top few says: Satan is a poo-poo head. ;) HERE is a picture of what it looks like, although Jaxson's is blue!

Today, I am having a slow and calm morning! It is wonderful! Madelyn had a sleepover at Grammie's house last night, so she is spending time with my mom. Chris and the boys went to run a few errands and I have been working on *knitting in the round*. (I have knitted a sweater on my circular needles...but never actually knitted in the *round*. :) There are things that need to get I should get going. Wishing you all a beautiful weekend! Thank you for visiting!

Katy :)
The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee,
and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and give thee peace.
~Numbers 6:24-26


  1. I agree 100% on the AC, too much heat makes me sick:( I have a funny *horn* story too, once I was at the drive thru at our bank & realized I forgot to fill out a deposit slip, so I got my stuff out and proceeded to fill everything in all the while wondering who the rude person was somewhere in the line laying on their horn. It turned out, I was pressing MY OWN HORN while filling out the slip:D VERY embarassing;) Enjoy your weekend Katy!

  2. We have all ac but last Summer it broke so we had a window ac in our bedroom only for awhile, the kids would all pile in and we'd camp out on the floor and eat dinner, good memories!

    Enjoy your "me" time!

  3. Hi Katy,
    I love the pictures of your son's playing with their cars and lining them in a big line. It brings back lots of memories of my twins son's doing that too.

    I totally agree with the air conditioning.

    Hope that you enjoy your weekend!

    Nicki in WV

  4. Glad you are staying cool.
    Thank you so much for the kind link to our handwork shop.
    May I offer you the summer issue of Plain and Joyful Living? my email is
    Warm wishes, Tonya

  5. Will you work for chocolate chip cookies?! I need to organize our basement for the upcoming school year and do a better job at baking then I do at organizing!

    Have a blessed weekend!

  6. Hi Katy,
    I've just found your blog recently. It is so great to see your thoughts on homemaking and child rearing! I totally agree with you, and am also a MaryJane's Farm fan.
    I have a question: do you recall where you found that C.S. Lewis quote on homemaking? If you do I'd love to know. You could post it as a comment on my blog, Hearthside, at

    Have a good weekend!
    --Heather in PA

  7. Hi Katy,

    Just wanted to thank you for welcoming me to the blogging world, and for your kind words! I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! Your post today was great, I love seeing children actually playing with toys they enjoy and not sitting and playing video games all day! Have a great evening and thanks again, I would have responded sooner but I was posting pics from today's trip to Adventure Aquarium, I have to laugh at myself because I'm such a "rookie" on posting. But I will learn! Take care!

  8. that's so cute about the toy cars. my two year old son has a similar barn toy and calls his a garage!

  9. I had that same farm house on the left when I was a little girl. Yes I was a tomboy, my sister got the dollhouse. I wish I still had it today!

  10. We would really struggle here in the desert without a/c. We do use our swamp cooler frequently, but the a/c is best if it's really hot. I enjoyed seeing your boys playing in your room. My older boys had a farmhouse just like that when they were younger. Loved the t-shirt saying too :-)

  11. Thanks for visiting my blog. I'm enjoying yours as well. My name is Katy too and spelled the same way. Love the pictures of your boys. Looks like you have a wonderful place and blog. I'm happy to have met you online! Yay!


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