Monday, May 17, 2010

A Surprise For Madelyn may have read a previous post where I mentioned that Madelyn went with my mom to visit my great-aunt in Massachusetts. She won't be home till I decided to rearrange/organize/clean her room for her while she is gone. HERE is a post with a pic of her room before! I spent 2 days in there...(don't worry...I did get some time to sleep!)...throwing away trash, while being careful not to throw away little girl *treasures*. You know what I mean, right? Little knick knacks that girls tend to keep and are *special*. I probably threw away a couple things that she would consider a *treasure* but I wouldn't...and my thought is that if it is in the bottom of a box, under other items, it must not have been *that* important. I also gathered some things to give to Goodwill.

My mom and I painted Madelyn's room using a Mary Engelbreit theme. Some of you may know I am a fan of Mary Engelbreit's drawings and cute, whimsical decorations! I also decorated my bathroom in a Mary E. theme! :) You can see a pic of the bathroom HERE. I have a new shelf in there though...that you can see HERE. :) The bathroom looks a bit different, now, than in those pics...but you get the general idea! :o)

I used Mrs Meyer's and scrubbed down tables and such...leaving a nice geranium scent in the room....

See the crate below behind the rocking chair? That's a majority of Madelyn's *craft* stuff. It's amazing how, when items are found and put together, much she has! (And she has some more things that I couldn't fit neatly in there so I put them on the bottom shelf of her bookshelf...bottom pic)....

Her dresser is older and in dire need of a paint job...but at the moment, it is pretty well scheduled near the bottom of my *to do* list! ;) The tub to the left of her dresser seems to appear that it is holding a lot of mess. But, actually, it isn't. There are some baby dolls in there, some rolled up sleeping bags, overnight bags, and a few other odds and ends...but not nearly the craziness that it *appears* to be! :)
And also...her dollhouse. I love when she plays with it! *Even the boys will sometimes, under her watchful eye, play with it to! It blocks the beautiful view of her painted sun on the wall...but that's OK for now. Now it looks like the sun is rising over the horizon behind the house! ;)

**And** we may get her a door for her room too. When we moved in here...9 years ago...there weren't doors on the upstairs bedrooms. The hall is pretty small and the rooms aren't large doors are kind of a pain. However, she is turning into a young lady...and she wants some privacy and space to herself at times and has asked for a door. I'm hoping I can convince Chris that we should go to Lowe's and get one for her and have it on and ready for when she gets home! :o)

So there is my sweet Madelyn's room. :) Thanks for stopping by! Hope you have a wonderful Tuesday!!! :o)


  1. Aw, such a sweet room for a sweet Madelyn!!

    I love the paintings, you're very gifted!

    Amy <><

  2. what a precious beautiful room :) And what a sweet mommy to get it all spruced up for when she gets home!

  3. she has a lovely room, and my oh my she will be so happy when she gets home..

  4. Her room is lovely. Mom did a great job.

  5. What a beautiful room. What a lucky little girl! I am sure she will love it! xxoo

  6. It looks wondeful and I love the dollhouse and that *big* animal standing in the downstairs, LOL!!!

  7. About the door - do you have space to do a pocket door? My dad has pocket doors on his house (small century home) and they work GREAT for small hallways and spaces!!

    Another idea would be to make a nice thick curtain to put over her door frame. Just a thought!!

    Although a door works too - HAHA but I wasnt sure if you were looking for "small space" ideas.


  8. The room looks wonderful, before I read through the post I was getting ready to do you keep her room so tidy! My daughter will be 9 in a week and is a neat child, but has things she can't bear to part with...any ideas on convincing her to part with older toys? I'm beginning to lose her floor LOL. Love your blog! I feel so peaceful reading it.

  9. She will see and feel the love that you have for her!! She will know she has a wonderful mom!!:0)

  10. Anonymous mother~ Hello...Honestly...I don't have much in the way of good tips about that! We seem to struggle with the same things here sometimes. Although I *do* try to explain to her that we aren't to love *stuff* and that when having "too" much isn't good. I talk about how, if we donate things, other children, who may have less, will benefit from it. I desire for my children to have giving hearts and sometimes *giving* of something you really desire to keep, is one of the best gifts you can give! It's showing selflessness and having more love for someone else! :) That's what we try to stress to our children...I hope this helps!

    Thank you, to each of you, for your comments. I appreciate each one and try to respond when there is a question..whether through comments, going to your blog or through email! :)

  11. Your are such a sweet Mother. I think she will love it, it is beautiful. She seems to be such a sweet little girl. I love your blog too and you have such sweet music playing on it.

  12. What a precious room she has. Love the picket fence....... well really I love it all! You are such a sweet momma! She is going to think you are the best!

    Glad you liked the babies. I now have two little bantams in the front room in a bird cage and 3 little chicks and baby duck in a apple basket. They are so noisy. The little milk barn is filled up. Oh my!!
    Blessings, Linda

  13. What an adorable turned out so cute! :)


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