Tuesday, May 11, 2010

The Red Chair

I found the *perfect* chair for my porch. I was driving through town yesterday and went past an antique store...and it was out front...calling my name! The store wasn't on our "to do" list and the kids were unsure why we were parking in front of it...but I had to see the price on this fantastic chair! (It was already made into a flower planter like that as well!!! Perrrfect!)

And the other half chair that I had put on the porch, previously, I just moved back to it's spot with the hosta! The hosta is growing really well...except, of course, where the chickens have stopped by for a nibble...as you can see in the picture! Lil' stinkers! :)

And before I go....I just wanted to share another fabulous find! See the triangle dinner bell in the picture below? I saw it at Tractor Supply yesterday and it wasn't expensive! I have always wanted one...and was soo thrilled to find it! It will be a great tool to round up the kids at lunch time, supper time etc!!! :)

Little things definitely make me happy, as I have mentioned before! ;) Thanks so much for stopping by to share in my excitement with me! :) Hope you are having a wonderful week!!!


  1. I absolutely love the red chair. It is so cute. We have a dinner bell to call the kids into the house. It works great and saves me lots of yelling (which I hate) and searching!

  2. You found one, I know you've been wanting one, me too but this is too cute to be outside! :)

  3. Oh my gosh, I LOOOOOOVE that red chair. Look at the detailed legs on it! It looks awesome!

  4. A dinner bell is just the item you need to round everyone up.
    I love the chair too.

  5. I love that red chair and your dinner bell. Your porch is looking good as is your flowers. I still have not planted this year due to the cold and late frost we have had. I am hoping to start soon though and get my garden going also.

    Have a great day.

    Anne F.

  6. love the chair... looks great!

  7. Your chair looks great! Something that I would have picked as well! I have a couple of those same type of chairs throughout my yard, and they are so prim looking!
    Happy Spring~

  8. The red chair is so pretty on your porch! I have a bell like yours; it came with my house. However, my children are grown and I've never even used it. :o( But it is so pretty hanging out by the back porch! I love the simple pleasures too!

  9. The simplest things make me happy too, and I love that chair!!!!

  10. Cute chair! The red looks great against your house.

  11. I think you chair looks great setting there on the porch. The red is cheerful. I think it is great someone besides me would like to have a bell and use it to call the family in. I never thought of this kind. My pap had a small church like bell you put on a post. I did not get it the day of the estate sale. All good things come to those who wait so I will wait till one comes my way. Enjoy ringing your bell.

  12. I have a thing for old chairs! I would've made a bee-line for that one. It looks great!

    I love Tractor Supply - they have the neatest stuff that you can't find anywhere else.

  13. I love that red chair. Looks great!


  14. Hey girl..love what you have done to the porch..they chair fits in just perfectly..and the dinner bell..thats funny I saw the same exact one at tractor supply friday. Almost got it too..just didnt know where to hang it yet.

    It's the lil things make me happy too.

    Hey, are you keepin your journal up? It's harder when the weathers warm isn't it. Don't want to be indoors any more than I have to lol


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