Thursday, April 8, 2010

Raised Bed Gardening

I haven't posted much about the *girls* I thought I would post a few pics of them. They are finally back to producing eggs, after a long winter strike. Some chickens still lay in the winter...even if it is less than normal. Not ours. They go on a full-fledged strike! They can be little *stink-pots*. ;)

The other day....when Madelyn was wearing her *prairie-girl* dress (as she calls it)...she took water to the chickens and I couldn't help snapping a picture! It is such a sweet picture to me! :) I love how simple it looks.

Chris and Stu....

My inlaws live right down the road from us. We are blessed to be so close to them. We do our gardening on their land. We have a super huge garden that we haven't started planting in yet...but we *have* started planting in our raised bed. My mother in law, Chris, the kids and I all worked at doing it together. We share the costs of the seeds and all work together at working the land. :) We planted onions, lettuce, carrots, radishes, and peas.

The kids like to help.....

Next to the raised bed...we have also been building a small greenhouse! It will be a great place to get some seeds started! :)

Pa (Chris' dad) had been out on the tractor...and when he came over...gave the kids permission to look through his binoculars! They had a lot of fun with that! :)

If you want to know the benefits and how to make your own raised bed garden...check out THIS link. We will be planting potatoes, squash, cucumbers, green beans, beets, corn and pumpkins in our bigger garden at some point, as well! :)

I know many of you who read my blog have the same interests as I thought I would share some links I enjoy, with you!

♥ I love Mary Jane's Farm magazine, books, and site! Have you seen the virtual picture tour of her farm? Beautiful!!! And...if you need some cute desktop wallpaper...she has some beautiful ones HERE.

♥ And HERE is a link to the Homestead Blessings DVDs! Oh how I would love to get these someday! I have heard that they are fantastic! :) Have you seen them? What do you think about them?

♥ If you knit...HERE is a fantastic place full of fun dishcloth patterns (free!). If you have a desire to learn to knit...Knitting Help is the place I used to teach myself to knit! Her videos are so helpful and you can glean so much from the site! Of course, you can email me with any questions as on the left sidebar! :)

♥ If you have never looked through a Lehman's catalog gotta check it out HERE. They even have a blog! :)

♥ Finally...if you homeschool...or are considering is full of help and printables!

Thanks so much for stopping by to visit. I get so many kind emails and comments from so many of you and I read and appreciate every one! :) On my last post...Andy asked how Stu got his name.'s due to my husband's sense of humor! He was naming him "stew" as in "Lamb Stew"....but I spell it like Stu because he will *not* be made into "stew". :)

Hope you are each having a great week. Enjoy your days, enjoy your minutes, enjoy the weather, enjoy your family. Count your blessings and always be thankful. Warm wishes to each of you! :)


  1. Isn't gardening your own crops the best!? Our garden is fairly a year old..and I just LOVE being able to go out to the backyard and use my *own* crops! Such joy!

  2. I love Lehman's and Mary Jane's farm! We do most of our garden in raised beds, easier to weed:) Stu sure is a cutie and love that idea for the greenhouse! Enjoy your day:)

  3. I am so in love with Madelyn's "prairie dress" - it's soo cute on her!

    My family is planning on doing some gardening as well. So far tomatoes, leafy veggies, and pepper are on the list.

    Thank you so much for sharing the links =)

    Have a blessed Thursday! =D

  4. I'm so jealous that you got to play in the dirt already! My plants are still under the grow light and there's a freeze warning for tonight.

    My chickens are in overdrive though - we'll be eating angel food cake a lot this week! :)

  5. Gardening togaether with your mother in law sounds like a great idea! A lovely way to spend time together and get the kids outside as well!

  6. Were getting our gardens in too, and I LOVE MaryJanes Farm..anything!

  7. Hi Kati,

    The farm life looks good to me. And, the prairie dress is adorable. I wish our country would go back to the basics. Best wishes for a good garden.

    Yoli :)

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  9. So many new things going on!..isn't it exciting. This post is so springy :D

    I love Stu..such a cutie!

    Gemma X

  10. Great pictures Katy!

  11. Love the "simple life" photo of your daughter in her dress.

    Pretty as a picture...

    Awww, look at the little lamb, so cute... I want one!

    Thinking about my plan for gardening, just cleaned the beds yesterday, now if the wind settles a bit, I may go plant the cold weather plants.

    Our chickens lay all winter, however, we have a heat lamp on to keep them comfy.

    Have a Joyful weekend,

  12. Hi, thanks for the great links! Your garden is coming along nicely, we've just planted ours and put out some tomatoes etc. Many blessings on you seeds!

  13. Thanks for stopping by and commenting on my blog. I've been sitting over here reading your blog and just LOVE it!


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