Thursday, April 29, 2010

Putting Together a Homeschool Portfolio

It's that time of year again...I am starting to get Madelyn's homeschooling portfolio together. Xavier is only the school doesn't need a portfolio for him until he is 8 years old. (I made him one anyway...but we aren't turning it into the school).

If this is your first year homeschooling and your state requires you to turn in a portfolio at the end of the year, as mine does, then you may want to know *how* to put one together! Now, this is only our 2nd year of I am not, what I would consider, an expert...but I thought I would just share with you what we do. :)

If you aren't homeschooling...or are an old pro at may just enjoy reading this post....or find it totally boring. :)

The first two pages in our homeschooling portfolio binder are our educational plans and objectives. These are copies of the ones we handed into the school at the beginning of the year as well as our affidavit. Then...through the year, I go through and check off what we have accomplished.

Next I have a log of what Madelyn has been reading through this year...her Abeka readers and chapter books. (She has been reading the Boxcar Children Series and really likes it!) She has read Highlights magazines and many other books as well...but I didn't go crazy trying to record them all!

Following the reading log....I made lists of all the Abeka books and such that we used for our schooling this year. I also listed the books that we used in addition to the curriculum!

Then I just went through...picking out pages of samples of each subject Madelyn has worked on through the year.....
Sample spelling tests, language, vocabulary and penmanship.

Now, for science, history, and was mostly just a lot of reading in the curriculum books. Not really sure of how to show *proof* or *samples* of what she learned from that. I will probably just include a couple papers of answers that Madelyn did from questions in the books. I'm not overly concerned about it though. :)

I will include some different art things she has done over the past year....paintings and such. :)
I will also put her planner in there! It is filled with 180 days of schooling....all subjects' daily work. There is also notes on days when we, for example, went to the courthouse when I got sworn is as my township's tax collector. My aunt works at the courthouse, so after I was sworn in...she took Madelyn around to different areas of the courthouse and explained their function and introduced her to who works there! Educational games were played some days and written projects done...etc. :)

So that's that. :) After I get it all put together and finalized...I will give it to my brother-in-law, who is a certified teacher. He will look it all over and make sure Madelyn completed enough to move onto the third grade next year. He writes up a paper and signs it and then the portfolio goes to our school district's superintendent (who is a really great guy...he was actually my 8th grade World Cultures teacher!). Then he has to officially say that everything is "A-OK" and give Madelyn permission to *graduate* to third grade!

Questions? Comments? Suggestions? I welcome each one! :) I hope my sharing this is helpful to *someone* who needs it! :) Hope you are having a great week! :) If you have pics of your homeschool portfolio...please share the link! I would love to see!!! :)


  1. you should put some of the pictures of her sewing that tissue thing on a page and include it as an "art project"! :)

    i remember having to have a portfolio... although mom put it together for me. the guy we took it to just kind of leafed through it! oh well, i graduated! LOL

  2. AWESOME job, Katy!!! It looks great!!

    We are not required to make portfolios in our state, but I do anyway. This is just our third year homeschooling, but it's fun to look at portfolios from each grade just as a keepsake ~ and also as a reminder to me of what I taught when to guide me as I attempt to teach my younger ones in the same grades later on.

    I must say it's neat to see pages from Madelyn's portfolio with the ABeka pages because as I may have mentioned before my son is doing the 2nd grade ABeka program too! Neat!

    Our portfolios also have lots of art projects and field trip pages. Maybe I'll do a post on them sometime! Thanks for sharing yours!

    (Btw, my Mrs. Meyer's came today!!! I'm so excited! Thanks again for the recommendation!)

  3. I really, really liked reading through that! I came back twice.

    I like the idea of the 180 day planner. I think I'll be doing that.

    P.S. You're handwriting is PERFECT!!!

  4. That is really neat and I hope to be organized enough to make one for my oldest for next yr. Thanks for the handy dandy tour! :)

  5. Hi~what does your brother in law think about you homeschooling,is he all for it?

  6. Thanks for all the kind words everyone! :) brother in law supports us with the homeschooling! He sees it working well with our children. I am not sure,though, that when his children are of age, if they will homeschool or not. I think since he works at a school...he may have his kids *go* to public school! :)

  7. Thank you for sharing this. So glad that I'm not the only one who doesn't know how to show proof for reading history!

    I was wondering who designed your pretty blog.

  8. I'm putting mine together too. Love pa and all their requirements. Not!

  9. amazing work and love goes into homeschooling, I wish I had the patience you have. I applaud your dedication, as a non-homeschooler, who struggles to find the time to do homework, I am amazed at how you get everything done.

  10. I am really glad I stumbled upon this. I am in week 3 of homeschooling, and I have no idea what I am doing. :) It is good to see examples of what others are doing.


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