Monday, April 12, 2010

It's Nice to Meet You ~ Mrs. Meyer!

Have you met Mrs. Meyer? I have...and boy, am I glad! (Truth be told...I didn't actually meet Mrs. Meyer...just her cleaning products! ;) This is *not* an official review...Mrs. Meyer's company did not send me cleaners or anything to review. I am just sharing this because I *want* to! :)

After reading, about how Deb and Jewels each use them in their homes, on their blogs....I took a look into the site. I am not a believer in man-made global warming....but I *do* think we are to be good stewards of this beautiful earth that God has given us. Mrs. Meyer's products are earth-friendly, have natural ingredients and are bio-degradable and *safe*! You can read more about their ingredients HERE.

So...I looked online for the closest store to me that sells Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products. I found a store in the next town over. I called to see what time they were open till and made sure they carried the products I was looking for. The lady at the store informed me that they were having a store anniversary sale (1 day a year thing) and that the Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products were 40% off!!! Oh my gosh....I was thrilled! So I drove over...and although I wanted to completely stock up...I only had limited funds at that I tried to buy smart! I got dish soap (in lavender and geranium scents), counter spray, toilet bowl cleaner, surface scrub and a large bottle of All Purpose cleaner.

Of course, when I got home...I immediately started cleaning! They are fantastic! I love the scents as well as their cleaning abilities! :) Do you use Mrs. Meyer's cleaning products? What do you think of them? What is your favorite scent?

I know many of you will be spring cleaning...and I highly recommend these cleaners! (Although try to find a store that carries them around you...if you order them online...the shipping can get super expensive!) Thanks for visiting me! I enjoy reading your comments and thoughts! It's a beautiful day here and I have clothes to get hung out on the line! :) 'Til next time..... ;)


  1. I haven't ever used them but the bottle is very cute!

    Gemma x

  2. I found some of her dishsoap on clearance at Kroger. I love it! Once I am out of my other cleaners I will be trying some of her other products.

  3. I've heard of her products before. I think I read about them on someone else's blog. I'm curious to know which town you bought them from since I only live about 30 minutes from you. Email me if you don't mind!

  4. Hi Katie, I read your blog quite often. Target carries Mrs. Meyers. Try there-their prices are great.

  5. I have been admiring these cleaners as well- but I am a dedicated lover of all things Seventh Generation!!! :)

    I also have found that Target has the best prices on these- and Seventh Generation...

    I am an avid believer in preserving our lands for our future generations- these companies also share these viewpoints...
    Also, Earth Day is coming up- I plan on including products like these in my homeschool lessons for that day....

  6. Cool! I have never ehard of these products...I am excited.

  7. Used some Countertop spray this morning--Mrs. Meyers Rocks! I sometimes find Mrs Meyers stuff at TJ Maxx.

  8. Mrs. Meyers stuff is great! I also use Method and Seventh Generation brands. :)

  9. I haven't ever heard of her or her products but it sounds interesting but I do use my homemade cleaner and it works great and is very cheap. And it can be used for anything and everything. And saves me money too.

  10. Love Mrs. Meyers Geranium. I use the hand soap and the all purpose clean smelling and it does a great job.


  11. I have never heard of them.... but I will go look at the website... my family is so sensitive to cleaners. I am always looking for something that works and what cause a reaction for anyone.

  12. I love their stuff! And the all purpose cleaner is very economical too ~ I'll probably be using my stash well into the next 3 years. I bought from Amazon. I broke it down and the price was less than a dollar per bottle when diluted as specified on the cleaner!


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