Saturday, April 10, 2010

*Amish* X

Last evening, Xavier came down as I was making supper dressed differently than he had been dressed the rest of the day. I asked him why he changed. He was grinning ear-to-ear as he explained to me that he wanted to look just like an Amish boy! It completely melted this mama's heart! I think he looks so handsome! :)

For supper, last evening, I made some pasta with meat sauce...along with some crusty white bread, which we had leftover to enjoy for breakfast this morning! I'm looking to find some good bread recipes for other types of bread too. I found some that sounded so delicious, on, they are all for bread machines! :( I didn't take too long to look I will be searching more recipes for different breads, hopefully this week!

I am so happy to say that spring has definitely sprung around here! (Although...yesterday it *did* get quite cold...even snowing a bit! Ack!) I am loving all the flowers blooming around my home! I found THIS article while browsing Lehman's blog the other day. It details how to plant an old-fashioned cottage garden! You know the ones, don't you? Flowers beautifully covering the landscape around a quaint country cottage...right? I have always envisioned doing that around my home maybe this article will help! :)

My boys, the other day, picked me those beautiful daffodils pictured below. Placing them and some water in a simple mason jar is the perfect enhancement to my kitchen counters! :)

**Notice my kitchen windows...which were here when we moved in, 9 years ago. They are double paned and the fog/condensation on them is *between* the panes! It drives me bonkers because I simply do *not* know how (or if it is even possible) to clean between the panes. I suppose we will just have to replace some point. I have some older windows upstairs that need replaced first, though. Just wondering if anyone else has that problem with double paned windows!?!

The kids and I planted some flower seeds together in these wee little pots last week......

The kids (and I must admit, I am included) love watching them grow! Each day, they are a little taller! From the moment they first started peeking through the dirt till now, we "ooh" and "ahh" over them! Wait till the flowers actually bloom! Oh the joy that will fill my home! :) I'm sure kids will be squealing and jumping up and down....maybe *mama* will be too! ;) I love watching things grow! Don't you?

It looks like a beautiful weekend! I have clothes that need to be hung out on the line and housework that needs tending to! :) I hope you all enjoy your weekend! Thank you *so* much for visiting me!

“The LORD lives!
Blessed be my Rock!
Let God be exalted,
The Rock of my salvation!"
~2 Samuel 22:47

**OK...admit it...who, after reading this verse, started singing "The Lord liveth and blessed be the Rock! Let the God of my salvation be exalt-ed!"...I know, I did! ;)


  1. I enjoyed reading your post! What a sweet boy you have ~smile~.

    My favourite bread recipe site is:
    A Year In Bread. This link is for their white sandwich bread recipe, but there are many more you might like to try:

  2. Amish X is adorable!

    We had double pained windows in our last place (wish we had them here!) and the one smaller window in the kitchen that did not open would get condensation in it. It drove me nuts!

  3. I have a sour dough starter that I've had going for about 6 weeks now. The first week mad it, I made six loaves in a week and we ate every bit of it!

    Yep, I immediately started singing the song!

    Have a great weekend!

  4. Hey Katy I love to read your blog. I have a few great bread recipes and I message them to you on Facebook soon ok. X is so adorable. Seems like forever since we've chatted. I miss you and think of you often. Hugs

  5. Sweet Beautiful Boy~
    your blog looks beautiful..
    Am just strolling around blogland today ..
    been awhile and am trying to catch up~

  6. I just LOVE that little bluebird!!!!!!!!


  7. There is nothing better than fresh home baked bread! Your little boy is adorable!!!

    Love Gemma X

  8. Yes, we have several windows like that and the ones in the front room are the worse.. you not only can't see out of them but they look like I never clean them.. I was told they needed replaced unless you could find some expert that can remove, clean the glass and pump gas back into them which means it'd probably be cheaper to just replace them.. I was also told that it happens to the cheap windows so to make sure the replacement ones are better made.
    Your boy is so cute dressed like that.. what a sweetie!

  9. How handsome he is! :) Your bread looks wonderful!! I love your red countertops, wish mine were that color.. and your valance is beautiful!

  10. He does look handsome! And your daffodils int he simple mason jar a beautiful!
    A cottage garden sound lovely indeed. I hope that if you do plant sucha garden that you will share the process ad pictures!

  11. X looks so cute! what a sweet boy...I have a kitchen window that is exactly the same....sad but true it will have to be replaced.

  12. I love your little amish boy!

  13. Your little Amish boy is adorable.

  14. Yep... I immediately found the song going through my head,Katy! X is a riot in his suspenders! By the way, I have several windows (which we put in years ago) that have seals that have been compromised as well. As far as I know, there's nothing you can do about it other than replace them. It's a bit frustrating, though! Especially when you haven't "done" anything to cause a problem with the seals! And when we paid for these windows, they were good quality. I have to admit, though, it's been 25 years, so they probably outlived their warranty!

  15. As other's have said the "foggy"ness means it's time to replace them. The seals have been broken and there really isn't a good way to fix them (but I'm sure someone will try to charge for their attempts!)

    It happens quite often around here. But then again, it's pretty wet and everything rots out a lot pretty fast.


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