Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Using What We Have.....

Normally....as we end out the last few days of my two week menu....we start getting super low on things....especially things like bread and milk etc. Sometimes, I will make a quick run to the grocery store for those things and end up getting a few extras instead of just waiting for my big shopping trip every other Wednesday. I hate that! So I determined I am *not* going to do that!

So, I decided to use what we already had....so I made some homemade dinner rolls (recipe from my Betty Crocker cookbook) and made some mini homemade sloppy joes! They were delicious and made me question myself on why I buy buns from the grocery store sometimes. I should always just make them at home....they are soooo much better!!! :) **For any newbies to my blog...I make my breads/rolls by hand...not with a bread machine!**

Chris, Madelyn and Jaxson hurried off to the church after supper. They had Passion Play practice for our church. I am in charge of the nursery during the actual nights of the play...and X gets stage fright...so he and I stayed home.

While home....I caught up on lots of folding of laundry. I did like, 6 loads of the kids' laundry, yesterday. (And I wash their clothes constantly!!!) How in the world do three children wear soooo many clothes in sooo few days? Just when I think I have gotten it all done....one of the kids comes down with a full hamper. It boggles my mind!

Then...I had this lovely basket of mismatched socks to match up.....

I must admit...I loathe matching socks. It is a horrible task! But X and I dumped them all out and sorted through them all! It took a while...but we got the task done. We still ended up with some socks that are missing their partner though. I need a better system. One of my favorite things about summer is flip-flops!!! **Flip-flops = less socks to match!!!**

After all the "fun" with the socks ;) ....X and I finished making the cookies I had started! Earlier in the day...I had mixed up the recipe for Amish Butter Cookies. I got the recipe from the Amish Homestead Cookbook....a gift from my friend, Mya. They had to be refrigerated for a few hours...so Xavier and I got the dough out in the evening and rolled it out, cut out some stars and baked them! :) Then I realized they would be even better with some homemade buttercream frosting....so X and I made some of that and then iced the cookies! :)

After the cookies were all iced, X and I enjoyed a few...then sat and read some books. We had a nice time...just me and him. :) Not too long after we finished reading the books, Chris, Mad and Jax came home. :) We had a nice evening. I am thankful to have Mama and X time! I believe each child needs that time with their mama...where they have full attention and focus from mom! :)

Time flies by sooo quickly, it seems. Each moment is so precious. I don't want to waste them! ;)


  1. Homemade buns are Sooooo much better and yours look wonderful! I've heard of some folks pinning the set of socks together with a safety pin before throwing in the wash, of course if the pin happened to open, that wouldn't be good:(

  2. I do love a good roll...but have never mastered dough and yeast :(

    Enjoy reading your blog!☺

  3. I'm down to the last day before I grocery shop tomorrow and I was considering ordering a pizza tonight. Thanks for the inspiration...I'm going to stick to my plan and use what I have too.


  4. Those buns look great! I really need to take the time to make more breads from scratch. I love it once I get started, but it is the getting started part that I have a problem with. lol

    Be sure to stop by tomorrow. I am having a give away. Have a great day!

  5. Oh my..your Rolls look great!
    And I am right there with you girl about the sock thing. I have a basket full right now staring me down..I really do not like doing them ; )
    I started some sourdough starter today..my 1st time to experiment with that..I cant wait to make some biscuits with it..I even found a bread recipe I can use it with..yummy!

  6. love this post Katy! It's true ~ time sure does fly by! I look at my oldest and cannot believe she will be 6 this year... and then I look at my youngest and fourth child and cannot believe he is going to be 4 months! Lets continue to treasure these moments in time! ☺ Blessings to your day Katy!

  7. The food looks wonderful! You have great ideas!

    Mrs. White

  8. I had a HORRIABLE day yesterday, and then I found our camcorder, I had no idea what was on the tape inside. I pushed play and discoverd a tape from 2005 when my girls were 5 and 7! Can I tell you how much I miss them at that age and how glad I am we can homeschool, we have such a sort time with them! Home made memories is what we moms are making!
    Thanks for your posts

  9. I just love your blog and I have an award on my blog for you :) http://acountrymom.blogspot.com Thank you for all you do :)

  10. This suggestions might not work for you but what I finally did about our socks was only buy the same color of socks for myself and hub.. he's worse then a kid when it comes to tossing socks under the bed etc. He wears work socks that are available in gray, all white or white with colored strips at the top. So every time he needs new ones I make sure I only buy the color he has at home and for myself I buy white ankle socks.. That way they don't have to have a certain mate.
    It works for me :-)

  11. I make rolls for sammies here too, but I confess I take full advantage of my bread machine! They really are better than what comes from the store and I love that I know exactly what's in there!


  12. Your blog is so uplifting and just a joy to read. LOL--I have a whole bed of socks to match, I keep putting it off. Maybe someone should host a "matching sock day" party on their blog...guess that would motivate me! :)
    Your rolls reminded me that I need to put my bread in the oven..it has risen to capacity. I can't believe I've forgotten about it!
    God Bless!

  13. That supper looks so yummy...I have never made my own bread...a dream of mine but one that I keep putting off. Sigh.

    Laundry is never ending in this home also. I'm usually doing one to three loads each day...

  14. How funny I was just wondering the other day if you've used that cookbook! How did they turn out?

  15. We LOVE sloppy joes with the bigger Sister Schubert's rolls, so I KNOW yours tasted wonderful! : )


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