Monday, March 8, 2010

Starting Spring Organization!

I got the notion that just *maybe* if I start doing wee bits of spring cleaning here and there...maybe spring would realize it was time to show up here in PA!!! I must must be working because over the past few days as I did some organizing....the sun has been shining and the sky is blue! :) We still have lots of snow on the ground...but it will melt (soon, hopefully!).

I am one of those people who *loves* to see BEFORE and AFTER pictures on blogs. Love, love, love it! I love to see the awesome transformation. However...when I get the urge to purge cupboards and such...I never think about blogging it until after I am done already. I need to be better about that.

The picture at the top of the post is of my tupperware/casserole dishes cupboard. It was horrid before. I *have* cleaned it out before...but after a got crazy again. Things were shoved and pushed in there and sometimes something would fall out and that always drove me bonkers. I am hoping to try and keep it a lil more organized now.

Below is one of my "food" cupboards. I have another cupboard I keep canned goods in. (Like, actually goods that come in cans. My home-canned stuff is kept on shelves in the basement!) And I have another cupboard that has spices and extra bags of flour etc in it. :)

Also, in the pic above, you can see, directly under the cupboard, the top of my microwave. I cleaned it off and made it (in my opinion) super cute too. :)

Below is a picture of a cupboard that is in my island in the middle of the kitchen.

And lastly, from my kitchen....I show you my mixing bowls/pots and pans cupboard, below. I also keep our toaster in there. We don't use it everyday and I don't like it "taking up space" on my kitchen counter. ;)

A while back...I had showed you how I file notes that I take during my personal bible study time or at church etc. I had all the files in one file box for the whole Bible. They didn't fit too I got another file box and now I have one box for all my Old Testament notes and another for all my New Testament notes! :)

I got this idea from the book I read: The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund. It was such a great idea. I love being able to go back and reference notes I have taken on different chapters and books of the Bible! :)

One thing I would love to get one day is a label THIS one! Right now...I use the old fashioned method of tape and markers! :) But that works too. I don't *need* a fancy label maker...**but I think I would love to use one if I had it!** ;)

Have you been doing any spring organizing? If so...has it seemed to encourage spring to arrive any quicker!!!??? :) Hope you have a wonderful week!!!! :) Thanks so much for stopping by to visit!


  1. Yes I live in PA too and I am beyond sick of the snow!! I saw the sun this morning and decided it would be fun to buy the Easter stuff for my kids baskets. I like to organize too and we moving to a much bigger house and I'm so excited to give everything a place of its home. I'm also hoping that things will stay in where I put them!!

  2. Sorry I forgot to ask this before. I was wondering what homeschool curriculum you used? Any advice and tips would be great!

  3. The sun has finally conquered the clouds! =D It's sunny and there's a gentle breeze...gorgeous weather! It's definitely a mood-brightener =)

    I get to start mine in seven days - that's when I get Spring break. I can't wait! =D Thanks for sharing how you organize your kitchen and for the pictures =).

    Enjoy Spring cleaning! =D

  4. NJohnson..I don't have an email or blog for you to reply to I will do it here. :)

    I use My FAther's World for my Kgartener and Abeka for my 2nd grader. If you click on the homeschool link on my left sidebar under categories for my will have more info for you!!! :)

  5. It hit 60* in central Indiana today! I have a window cracked and we have been on a walk (with another one coming soon). I am feeling the urge to get things clean and organized.

    We received a label maker for Christmas several years ago. I love how neat it makes everything look. Hubby used it to label the outside of his tool cabinet drawers. I now have no problem finding the screwdriver or tape measure while he is at work.

    Hope my warmer air makes to PA soon!

  6. We have had some wondeful spring like weather here in Vt!!! I have started some spring cleaning in the bedrooms and it feels and smells so good!:0) Hope you have a wonderful day katy!!~hugs~

  7. It was gorgeouso here in Central Penn Today! We went out for a hike with the puppy and the girls are outside playing.

    I'm planning a "home ec" homeschool week real soon! This will involve lots of spring cleaning! :)

  8. Katy~ I have a label maker and love it use it all the time. Hope you get one soon, I know you will love having one too. Mine is just a cheap one but hey it works and that's all that matters.

  9. A fun post. So what exactly do you keep on your counters? Where do you keep your small appliances (besides your toaster which we already know:) Could you do a post on that?

  10. I love the idea of filing my notes from my bible time/studies...I think I'll snag that one from you ;)

    I've been orgainizing all my cabinets too!! How funny!!

    And yes, I love that we both have Madelyn's. I just LOVE that name.

    Blessings to you!
    Amy <><

  11. You look like a great organizer. Nice work - neatly done. Makes life to much nicer when we have a place for everything and everything is in its place.

  12. I have a label maker if you'd like to borrow it... it doesn't make huge labels... but they still work! (Cory's mom gave it to us for some unknown reason--kind of like the packing tape we got for Christmas.. LOL!!!) I have only used it to fiddle around and try... just let me know and I can drop it off sometime and you can see if it will work for ya.

  13. THIS is why we are friends my dear. LOL I love before and after pics. I love organizing and I would LOVE a label maker. :)

  14. You are doing a great job getting everything organized. Spring is such a good time to get everything cleaned up again! I hope you have a great week! ~Dan~


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