Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Responsibility Cards

When I read the Duggars book: 20 and Counting...I came across a place where they mentioned that they use the chore packs from the Maxwell's. Although the Duggars call their chores "jurisdictions". I like how they used a different name for chores. The word chore just sounds tedious!
I talked to Chris about the chore packs and we were going to discuss them more at some point as to determine if we would purchase them to implement in our family. I don't know *exactly* how they do the chore packs.....*but* when I was at Walmart this past weekend, picking up a prescription, I walked through the art/school supplies section and noticed the colored notecards first. Then my eye caught onto the little wrist keychains. Then...when I turned around, I found the rings that clip. The wheels in my head began turning......

and *tada*! I made my own little *responsibility cards*! It all cost me less than $5 to make! Each of the kids have some responsibilities that they need to accomplish such as reminders to brush their teeth, make their beds, feed the dogs and clean around their school desks before schooling starts for the day.

Then each of them have a few extra responsibilities all their own....such as Madelyn has to vacuum the schoolroom, living room and dining room daily. X has to wipe down all the wood floors (after I sweep them with the broom). Jaxson has to wipe down each of the dining room chairs.

To earn any priviledges for the day...they *must* accomplish each of their responsibilities. :)

We've only implemented this for a few days....but so far, so good! :) I'm hoping this will be a good thing implemented into our family! One thing I would like to do is to laminate the cards so they aren't as likely to get beat up too quickly!

How do you handle chores in your home? Have/Do any of you use the Maxwell's Chore Packs? Luckily, I can easily make a new card to change or add responsibilities as needed. :) Hopefully this method will work well for us!


  1. What a creative idea! I am going to pass this on to my friends with young children!

  2. great idea - 'cause our "chore chart" on the refrig isn't working - and I'm using lots of ink printing it out every week!!

  3. I love this idea! We do a "helper" chart with stickers. Like you, I think if you put the word "chore" into it, it makes it more of a negative. Being a helper to my girls makes them proud to help mommy and daddy. Now that they're getting older, I like the idea of cards. THANK YOU KATY!!!

    Amy <><

  4. Katy! You are so creative. You did good and saved money doing it. I always enjoy visiting to see what you are doing. Love the kids!

  5. I love this idea! Awesome! About 2 or 3 weeks ago we started a chore chart. I've been thinking about how I really dislike the word chore...I'm glad to have another choice for the word. I may have to try out your cards. We'll see how the chart goes first.

  6. Like it! I'm interested to see what everyone says as I plan to start easy chores with little one when she gets older. Like the idea of not using the word "chore".

  7. Great idea! I currently have a poster board that say "Megan Can Do It" and it has six things that we expect her to day. Like set the table, help dust, put things to be recycled in the bin. It works well for now, but as she gets older I like what you are doing. It is compact and she can easily carry her "list" around. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Cute and thrifty..nice!
    I use a happy face chart.
    It's a dry erase calendar on the fridge. Kate knows she has to do her homework daily, use her manners, be on her best behavior, and eat well to earn a happy face for the day. I use small magnets that say "Clean Room" "Birthday Party" "Visit Dentist" and such so she knows what is planned for the day. So it's not a 'daily chore chart' but it works for us. I'll make a post about this one day to go into more detail.

  9. That's cute and with your small family I think it will work peacefully!

  10. At a parenting conferece we attended done by the National Center For Biblical Parenting, we learned about using something like this. It's all about teaching your children HONOR!!! They should do what's expected and then honor you and themselves by going beyond what's expected.
    We really enjoyed this-

    and what a smashingly great idea!!!!

  11. I love this idea...I know what ever we try we are constantly having to come up with something new to keep them motivated. I haven't tried this one before. We have posted jobs, had posters, charts with stickers etc. They all work for a bit...so this is next on my list. Thanks!

  12. Another great idea from Katy! Thank you! I'm going to use this with my teenager - anything to help her remember!

  13. I love your idea..I haven't read the Duggers but I watched the show enough to see the jurisdictions in action. I have been praying for direction where my younger children are concerned with chores, and this might be the tip we need! Thanks and have a great day with your family!


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