Tuesday, March 9, 2010

*More* Kitchen Organization

So....if you read my post yesterday ....you will know that I have begun organizing a bit! I already try to keep most things in my home pretty organized...but usually there is always something I can tweak or something! :)

In comments from yesterday's post...momto9 asked: "A fun post. So what exactly do you keep on your counters? Where do you keep your small appliances (besides your toaster which we already know:) Could you do a post on that?"

Sooo....this morning I took some pictures of my counters to share.....

In the pic below....the silver thing on the right wall is a built-in toaster (that pulls out) that was here when we moved in. We used it like, twice....then it quit working. So it just is...there. ;)

In the picture below...in the basket on the right...I keep my knitted dishcloths and some homemade jellies that I have canned.

And on another corner of the kitchen is this cupboard which you have all seen before (with the chicken wire Chris and I put on above)....I keep my recipe books here. Also..that pic is a photo of my sister and me when we were little. ;)

And...since I don't have an *official* pantry yet....here, under the island, is where I keep some different things...including my Sunbeam Mixer, my hand mixer and stuff. Not really *pretty* but...just being real. :) When we finish the inside of our addition (to our house)...we plan on having a nice sized pantry built in there! :) I look forward to that!

Silverware drawer....

Everything else drawer.....(I keep all my measuring cups in the blue box up front....so I always know right where they are. :)

So, there ya go! That's a basic look into my kitchen. :)


  1. Your kitchen is so cute Katy, your spring orgainization bug is catching on. I have been cleaning and orgainizing in my kitchen also and now am getting ready to move onto the bathroom and my little girls room. Her room is terrible she has a bad habit of not wanting to clean up (she is 3). I will so like it when I am done cause then hopefully warm weather and no more snow will be hear.

    Keep posting your progress I love to see peoples homes. I wish I had a blog to show off my progress but I don't. But believe me alot has been accomplished in just one room.

  2. Luv your kitchen! I am also trying so hard to get organized..not a easy task is it?

  3. Your kitchen reminds me of our old kitchen- in our old old cool first house! :) made me smile to remember it...

    We used to have a pantry though and I miss it... now we use a storage shelving unit in our attached garage. It works! :)

    Lovely Kitchen post- If I took pictures of my kitchen like this, you'd find the sink overflowing with things that need to go in the dishwasher! HEHE.

  4. Everything is so organized and pretty with all the red and white.. it makes me want to roll up my sleeves and do a kitchen makeover.

  5. First off I love the speckled plates in your sink:)
    So I see you do not have many small appliances? Maybe I just have too many:) But I have a blender, juicer, meat slicer, toaster, 2 coffee makers:), a citrus juicer (which I use for just juicing oranges and use the big juicer for making green juice), a large crock pot a small crock pot, a griddle a bread maker, a microwave and I don't rememebr what else:)So my nex question is........ How do you get by with so few appliances???

  6. I love to see how other people organize! Would love to see other pic's of different areas of your home and how you organize it, if you have time. :)


  7. oh dear. i need to organize.

  8. I love to see what people do with their homes. Those red counter-tops are GREAT!! I need to get busy and organize my kitchen now...thanks for the inspiration!

  9. I saw a house on HGTV with the built-in toaster---lots of character.

  10. Hey, thanks for stopping by my blog...and going on the vacation with me today. Wasn't it fun? Anyway, lovin your blog so I signed up to follow. Can't wait to read more. Have an amazing day. Jamie

  11. Thank you for sharing your kitchen. I use that Gold medal bread flour too. I wondered how you buy and store your yeast. I have bought mine in a jar and stored it in the fridge but wondered if that might be why my pretzels did not turn out? Which by the way I used all purpose flour for like your recipe said. I organized my kitchen the other day too LOL wonder if It was at the same time. I still want to rearrange where I keep my baggies and foil stuff so I will be in there again like you doing more piddling :P Have a beautiful rest of your week. Smiles, Angelia in TX

  12. Welcome to TMC!!! So glad you are here!!!

  13. love your kitchen, its bright and happy..

  14. Hi Katy! Received your post on my blog. Happy to connect with you! I love your "organizing" posts!! I enjoy doing that sort of thing too!! I hope you have a good rest of the week as well! Keep in Touch!

  15. Hey I love your kitchen.. I especially love all the red. I was inspired and did a lil kitchen post as well.. just a few shots of the kitchen. Of course I didnt open drawers and such...mine arent as organized as yours..Lol!
    Jump over and check it out.


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