Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Ladybug Allergy!?!

I think I may have a ladybug allergy. Isn't that weird!? A few days ago...I had a ladybug on my arm and I flicked it away. Where it had sat ~ I now have an itchy swollen red spot that is bothering me. I also have a stuffy nose and have been sneezing like crazy (which I just assumed was the beginning of a cold). Then a few days eyes started itching. I was worried I had "pink eye" or that I was allergic to my eye make up. Then this morning...I woke up and my chest was (and still is) feeling super tight and uncomfortable when I breathe.

As I sat and itched the spot on my arm where the ladybug had been...I got to thinking maybe I was allergic...? So I googled it and found THIS website. I have all of the symptoms except the chronic cough. I'm not a doctor...but I have a strong suspicion that I *am* allergic to those asian ladybugs. Chris thinks it is just hilarious that I am allergic to a wee little ladybug! And my mom thinks it is ironic that the *Katybug* would be allergic to ladybugs! (I drove a red '67 VW beetle in high school)

So....I share all this because....well....I just think it is strange. And...maybe someone else has these same strange symptoms and didn't realize what it was they were actually allergic to! I need to go around the house today with the vacuum hose and suck up all those little guys. We seem to have a few in each room. Oh dear!


  1. That's bad:) I hope you get to feeling better very soon. BTW... did you know that ladybugs can bite???? Their bite is not that bad and sometimes isn't felt at all. So it could have bite you and that could have caused the place too.

  2. We don't have them up here very much but I had them get into the house in Ky....if they cause allergies I would say it is best to get rid of them asap.

    Can you take a benadryl or two?

  3. I'm heading over to check out that website, we have them too in the sunny windows, every fall they come in droves and I can't stand them! Please let me know if you find out how to get rid of them?!

  4. We had several years where we had millions of them all over the house and yard. I remember those years having really bad allergies, wonder if that's why??? Hope you feel better!

  5. Hello Katy, Sorry to hear about the ladybug allergy.. hope you feel better soon. Please go to my blog, I have something for you!

  6. Isn't nature and medicine amazing?
    Thank heavan for Antihistamines!

    I suffer severe allergies to all sorts of crazy things- but mostly Apples (uncooked) It's due to the extreme levels of histamine in the skin of the apple?!? So sad!
    Watch out this spring for those pesky (but cute) ladybugs! :)

  7. Ewwww Im not a fan of them since they invaded our house last year...I still find them all over even in all the snow!! Yes they do bite!!!

  8. Very possible as some of those ladybugs aren't ladies, asians with who knows what? Hope you feel better soon!

  9. That's funny that you're allergic to something so cute:) But good you know what's causeing all the discomfort!

  10. You have them too. We only have the problem in our master bedroom. Thank you for blogging about this, now I have some info about them.

    Thank you.

  11. They aren't actually ladybugs. They are Asian beetles and yeah, they are like window flies, rousing in the sunshine. Their bite is nasty. Please don't badmouth the poor ladybug for the evil of the Asian beetle, obviously a horrible plot of the Asians to drive the Americans insane, slowly.......
    In the spring, we find huge piles of them in the corners of the garage. They aren't even good for compost! :) ★Linda

  12. OOh katy, I hope you feel better!!! Good information, thanks for sharing.

    Thank you for the info on kindergarten, I already looked it up and will order it this summer!

    Many blessings,

    Ps. I posted new pictures of my Madelyn on my blog and FB. =)

  13. Goodness! Thanks for sharing this.

    We don't have many ladybugs (or anything along those lines) here, but both my littlest kids are allergic to mosquitos, so I'll have to keep an eye out for this if (when?!) we move!


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