Monday, March 15, 2010

Label Love

My sister read my post HERE about how I wanted a labeler...well, unbeknownst to me...she had one! She offered to let me use it...and of course, I accepted! :)

So...I started labeling! It was great! I wanted to label *everything*!

I even wanted to put the label "TV" on the television! Ahahaha! I just wanted to label absolutely everything. I love how it just gives everything it's own space...(oh..and *don't* worry....I didn't label the TV! ;)

The label on our medicine bucket looks like it is messed up in this pic....but it doesn't really look that way in "real life"? Oh well.....

I have labeled, labeled and labeled some more. I will probably have to buy my sister more ink and a new roll of blank labels!!!! Ahaha! :)

Do you have a labeler? What do you label? Do you *love* labeling like me? ;)

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  1. I love to label! Luckily the newness will wear off. It will still be lots of fun but the desire to label the tv will fade... some.

    Have a great Monday!

  2. I have the same labeler and I LOVE it :) Have fun.

  3. I'm covet your label maker! :)
    (only in a fun sense)

    I really should make the commitment and just buy one already!

    You are a blessed person to have someone share such a fun thing!

  4. thanks for the link to my site - I'm getting some good traffic from you!!

  5. I love your blog! Thanks for visiting mine! I love your homeschool room!!! We don't homeschool but have considered it many times. I am also still trying to learn how to make a decent loaf of bread...Oh well. Yours looks great!

    AND I LABEL YOU..........

  7. I'm a label lover.
    Well, I loved it right up to the point of buying replacement tape... yikes ($$$).

    Now I just print it out in my computer (in a cute font, of course) and tape it on. :)

  8. Katie,I was the same way. I bought one for really cheap this past Christmas, best buy had a few of them for only $9.99. I have labeled almost everything. Even the big black trash can with the lid in the garage says "Dog Food".
    I love that thing, but I have to be a little more conseritive, the tape is expensive. Have fun, you should paly a little trick on your hubby and have the kids labeled boy and girl when he gets home form work tomorrow. Put wife on your forehead. Funny!!

  9. I had wanted one of those so bad! I eventually found one on sale and went ahead and bought it! I labeled everything I could! Lol... It really is fun. But I am out of ink/tape now and just haven't had the chance to buy new. Go ahead and label all you want! (I even put labels in the kitchen cabinets so hubby knows where to put things back!)

  10. I think I would be just like you. I don't have one (yet). It seems that it would make things more organized, and that's what I LOVE about having a labeler! Hmmm, maybe I'll have to go out looking for a deal:)

  11. Didn't see I was still in my daughter's Google account--that's not me. Sorry!


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