Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Kids' Rooms!

The boys' room. Notice I had started doing some painting on the left side of the room at one point. I love that blue color. I was trying to make it look like sky and was going to paint clouds etc.....but never quite made it that far. A project for another time, perhaps! :)

Xavier's side is in the pic above and Jaxson's side is in the pic below. The boys pulled their own covers up when making their the sides aren't *even*...but they did their best and I am happy with that! :) Their room is nothing out of a magazine...but it's simple and works for them! Hopefully someday I can make it more fun and fancier for them! :) **The boys are now in one room and we changed Jaxson's old bedroom into a toys and all had a central place to go! :)

Madelyn and I did some rearranging in her room as well as some cleaning. We filled a huge bag full of things to donate to Goodwill and got alot cleaned. She still have a lot of *knick-knacks*. It kinda drives me bonkers...but they are lil things she loves and I just deal with it! :)

Notice the windows in her room...and the boys room...and the playroom are all older windows. They are the only ones left in the house that we need to replace. We are hoping we can do that this year as Chris finishes the siding...but we will have to check prices and see what we can afford!

For those who are newer to my blog...we did Madelyn's room in a Mary Engelbreit theme. I love Mary E. stuff. It's so bright and cheerful! My mom and I painted her room! :) Those are more of her *things* on her dresser. Not exactly beautifully decorated....but decorated to suit her needs at age 8 1/2. :) And that is what matters most! :)

I also worked on doing some more organizing and labeling in the schoolroom.....

I had the cupboard shown above in the laundry room...but I cleaned it out and decided to use it to do more organizing in the schoolroom! Below is a pic from inside....X's school stuff, Jaxson's school stuff, and my tax stuff! **The shelves are bowed but I bought the cupboard that way....I bought it at a country store! I think it's a great old cupboard! :)

Some labeling of some binders that hold Mary E.'s Home Companion Magazines (which are no longer published) and Scrapbooks Etc. Magazines.....

And on some boxes that hold some craft stuff and some Stampin' Up stuff that I have.....

It has been a busy weekend! Cleaning and organizing...outside enjoying some beautiful spring weather...visiting with friends and then today was church! This evening we are going to spend some good family time by making pizzas and root beer floats together and playing Pilgrim's Progress (a game I won previously from The Olde Schoolhouse Crew). It's going to be a fun evening so I best skeedaddle so I don't waste it on the computer! :) Thanks so much for stopping by! :)


  1. So cute and very organized. I like how you have nightstand books in round baskets. I've wanted a P-Touch Brother labeler it seems forever. :-)

  2. Looks great and is practical too. They look like rooms kids can relax and have fun in.

  3. I really enjoyed those pictures! The quilts are beautiful, did you make them? I pretty much guessed your daughter's age even before I read it, because her bedroom and "things" remind me of my granddaughter's, age 9 (smile).

  4. Good for you! I LOVE to organize (my husbadn thinks it's a sickness!).

    Those quilts are amazing!

  5. I love those pictures! You look like you were very busy! Thanks for sharing.

  6. I was hoping to do some organizing this weekend but with the lovely weather all the kids wanted to be outside and I had to be there too supervise. Looking at all your pictures inspired me to try hard to get it done this week though.

  7. HEHE! My little girls are nick nack fans too! :)

    Sound like you were quite the busy mama this weekend!

    God Bless!

  8. I love the cozy rooms you made for your kiddos!!


    PS...I'm watching Fox News sick to my stomach watching this healthcare nightmare unfold. GOD IS IN CONTROL, that's what I keep reminding myself. =(

  9. I love your organization skills...the rooms are so neat.
    Hopefully your organizing gene is passed to your boys...if not, lest I say beware of the boys room when they get a lil older..Lol...I used to ALWAYS clean my boys room for them. Now I make them do it, (I do it occasionally when I cant stand it anymore) But I am constantly on them to get the rooms clean....We have told them we would paint there rooms when they start keeping it organized..still doesnt seem to work...; (
    Thanks for sharing the pics.

  10. I Love what you have did,Ihave been a fellow follower of you blog for a while now.Your cabinet that you moved into your schoolroom is a Hoosier cabinet,I do believe? We have a couple and that is what the auctioneer called them./

  11. It is nice to see organized areas in the children's rooms. I remember how hard it was to keep anything organized when my daughter's were little.


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