Saturday, March 27, 2010

Howdy Pard-ner!

Yesterday, my mom asked if Xavier could have a sleepover at her house and then go horseback riding on her horses today. I was fine with that...and once Xavier found out he would be going riding...he ran upstairs and put on his cowboy hat, belt and cowboy boots!!! hehehe...! Isn't he *c*u*t*e*??? :) mom found this adorable prairie dress for Madelyn on ebay, I think! Isn't it soo cute? I think we may find a pattern and sew some ourselves as well! :)

And below is a thrift shop find! :) Isn't it neat? It's made to look like an old fashioned phone....except it is missing the front box where you talk into it. The kids love to play with it and they just talk into the hole on the wooden post!

In other news....I have spent a lot of time in tears the past couple days...our australian shepherd, Mollie, whom we have had since she was a pup, wasn't doing too well. She was 10 years old (in people years). She was eating...but she lost too much weight everywhere...except her belly...which got big and hard. We couldn't afford to go through tests and X-rays with the vet...especially with her being we had to have her put down. She was a great dog and we loved her so much. She will definitely be missed in our family!

Tonight is the first night of our church's Easter Passion Play. I pray it all goes well!!! :) God has blessed us every year with a great audience and I pray that lives will be touched...and that people will be reminded of what Jesus did for us...and his incredible, selfless love! Locals...if you are in the area and want to attend...throw me an email (left sidebar) and I will let you know time and place!

Thank you for visiting. :) I *do* appreciate it!


  1. Oh the dress is adorable!

  2. Katy, I am so sorry about Mollie. I have had many pets over the years and it is never easy to lose them.

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  4. Joann....
    We loved Mollie very much. An Aussie's life span is 12-15 yrs. She was 10 years old...which in dog years is 70. She lived a long and happy life. We have paid vet bills before...however, with her old age and the amount of tests and such they would have to would have been so expensive..and if they ran them they still could have found that there was no hope. We love our animals as family as well...although our children are *much* more important.
    But I don't think Mollie's 10 years was a waste at all. :)

  5. So sorry to hear about your dog. Sometimes it is the best thing.. to let your dog rest in peace rather than pain :)

    Hope you begin to feel better about it all soon..

    Love Gemma X

  6. So sorry to hear about Mollie! I know how hard it is to lose an animal member of the family. :(

  7. Katy, I hate to hear about your pup. It is never easy to loose an animal. The dress is too cute when I now 18 and 11 year old were little they had a read check dress something like that and pretended they were Laura Ingals ;O) Y'all have a great time tonight and watch God work! Lisa

  8. Katy... You could only do what you could do for Mollie. I think you guys did the right thing. 10 Years is a long life for her and she was very loved. I hope you don't take anyone else's harsh comments to heart because no one but your family knows your money situation and your hearts. I'm sure if you were rolling in the dough, you wouldn't have thought twice about doing tests, surgery, etc. Even though pets carry responsibilities and we love them just like they're family, they definitely do not compare to the lives of your children (unless perhaps you didn't have any children).
    I hope you all will get over the loss quickly... I know how hard it is!!

  9. I am very sorry about Mollie. I have had to have a cat and a dog put down and I know how hard it is. They become such a large part of our lives that they become family.

    The dress is adorable. How fun it will be to dress in that!

  10. I am crying with you for Mollie. I am so greatful you were able to love her and care for her for ten years! Its never easy to return a family friend to the Lord.

  11. It is very sad to have to have a pet put to sleep. Vet bills are just so expensive these days and it often stresses the pet even more. You did the right thing and you will always have very fond memories of your dear little friend Mollie.
    On a brighter note I have been really thinking about what I put in my mouth since you post on weight. I want to be a blessing to God in every area of my life and overeating is not a blessing so thankyou for your encouragement and I pray that your Easter Play is a great success.

    Blessings Gail

  12. So sorry about your doggie friend. I know it's a hard time and I know it hurts. You have my sympathy and prayers.

  13. God Bless You Katy...I just started blogging and found you and loved your way of family life that is similar to mine...I just got all teary too hearing about your pup...I too have an almost ten year old and would have to do the same thing...she sounds like she was such a lucky girl to have a family like yours...Have a good Easter week...hope blessings abound!
    Peace, Barbara

  14. Sorry to hear about your dog, I know it is like losing part of the family.

  15. Love the C.S. Lewis quotes in your sidebar!

  16. You left a kind comment on my blog so I clicked over here. First of all, my heart went pitter pat at the red toile background...but when I found out that you are a fellow Jesus follower, well, 'nuff said! So happy to "meet" you!

  17. So Sorry about Mollie-

    Dogs are such sweet friends... it's hard to see them go.
    I pray for healing in your hearts.

    We have health insurance on our puppy dog... just incase something like this would ever happen. If ever you get a pet again... I highly recommend it. (purinacare)

    God Bless You Katy, Big HUGS!!!


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