Friday, March 19, 2010

Egg Production Begins Again!

After a long winter *strike*, the girls are finally laying again!!! :) It seems that when temps are too cold...or they even *smell* snow in the air...they go on strike and refuse to lay any eggs! I am so thrilled to have fresh eggs again!!! :)

Also, I finished another square in the afghan I am knitting for my sister and her husband. That is five total so far, out of 20. :) It's the first time I have ever cabled in my knitting! :) I love the look of cables and am so excited that I, now, know how to make them! :)

Below is a picture of the five squares I have knitted so far for the afghan. It's obviously not sewn together, yet. :) But I will be making four rows of five squares lined up like this and all sewn together! :) It will be the first official afghan I have ever made! :o)

I have been fighting a cold the past few days. But, oh, I must tell you about my sweet friend, Kelly. We go to church together and have become really good friends over the past few years. Yesterday, around lunch time, I was sitting, sneezing and planning some schoolwork for the kids for next week and the phone rang. It was Kelly...telling me she was on her way to my house with lunch for me and the kids! She dropped off some KFC, *pulp-free* OJ (my favorite!), PUFFS tissues, cough drops, hand sanitizer and paper plates (so I didn't have to do dishes)!!! Wasn't that incredibly kind and thoughtful? I was so thankful and humbled by her kindness!!! I am so blessed that God has given me such wonderful friends!!!

Today, although still stuffed up and sniffle-y, I am feeling like I can actually function! I have clothes out on the line, blowing in the breeze. I made meatloaf, meatballs and hamburger patties and put them all in the freezer for suppers later next week. Madelyn and I have been working on rearranging her room and cleaning it out. (How does an 8 year old accumulate so much *stuff*?) I've been scrubbing bathrooms, changing trashes, checking schoolwork and doing laundry. I have some laundry to fold and some dishes to do here, soon. :) How is your day going?

Well, off I go. Still hoping for a sponsor! :) I will be sure to share if I get one...after I finish jumping up and down and squealing with delight. ;) And one last thing....sharing a verse I have written on the chalkboard vinyl I have on my's a beautiful verse and I like reading it everytime I walk through the kitchen! :)

(Sorry some of it is cut off a bit! ;) I hope you have a fantastic weekend ahead!!! Thank you for taking the time to visit! I always enjoy reading your thoughts in your emails and comments! :)


  1. Love the squares for the afghan that should be just beautiful ! i've been praying for your sponsor : )

  2. my sister has a few chickens and loves her brown eggs too! I wish I had a skill and could sew, knit, crochet .. you get the point! My grandmother made all our blankets for us but never had the patience to teach us. =(

    GREAT WORK - hope you feel better soon?

  3. Ohhh, eggs!! That is great!! I am thinking we may have a look at what we would like to do chicken- wise tomorrow, and plan a coop. I just think it is so amazing to be able to collect your very own eggs!

    Hope you are feeling better..that was so nice of your friend to think of you today! And thanks so much for sharing that Bible verse, I am going to write it down!

  4. I prayed again for you to get a sponsor today- I truly hope it works out for you!

    I think that it is great that you take such great care of your chickens- since I am vegan, I don't eat eggs~ but I have the utmost respect for those who nurture their own flock in return for some fresh eggs. (much better than factory farming any day!)

    Hope you feel better soon- and your knit squares are GREAT! :)

  5. yeah for fresh eggs. and your afghan will be beautiful.....★Linda

  6. I just fell upon your blog from a link elsewhere....I love this blog and will continue to follow.

  7. our girls laid all winter... maybe because they are a different breed... however they only laid an egg or two each day. now we are getting six. (which is good for only having 6 chickens!) i believe it is the daylight that causes them to not lay as much. they say if you leave a light on them in the winter months when the days are shorter, they'll still produce. but i still think it has something to do with the cold also.

    very nice of kelly!!!

  8. Oh Katy what pretty eggs! I get two big brown eggs everyday but the rest are much smaller white ones. The browns are by far the best I think.
    Girl you amaze me at your knitting.
    AND TO THINK I have dishrags made by YOUR hands!!! I love em!
    Sure hope you start feelin better.
    And I love the WORD on your chalkboard. I'm gonna copy that and keep it for my verse today to go along with what I read this morning. I thought of you yesterday because when I prayed I did a HEART CHECK. I remember you had written about that as well. Doing a heart check every morning seems to help keep other areas of line in line.
    Sending you blessings and much love today Katy. Tickle those kidlets...

  9. Love the afghan, good job!And Nothing like fresh eggs!

  10. the squares are so beautiful..YOu are doing an awesome job..
    hope you feel better soon..
    that was so nice of your friend..its nice to have a friend like that, youre luck..

  11. So glad the girls are back to normal! Sooo kind of your friend--what a blessing! :) Hope you feel better soon--love hearing about your days!


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