Monday, March 1, 2010

Building A Porch...*in the snow*!

So....*someday* I would actually like to make the front room of our home (which is the schoolroom right now) into a *real* porch...with a swing and everything! ;) But for is what it is...and we just had cement stairs leading up to the door. See a pic of it all HERE.

As you would go up the steps and open the would have to back up to get the door actually you would have to go back down the steps. It was a pain and with me being a tax collector for my area now...I needed to make it more convenient for people when they come to pay their taxes.

Chris's uncle is a carpenter and agreed to help Chris with building it this past Saturday! the *snow*!!! Such awesome guys they are! :) First....Chris had to move our outdoor swing! I offered to throw on some boots and help...but he said he could get it on his own...and he did! .......

Ahahahaha! My strong and awesome hubby......

Then he used the tractor to clear some of the tons of snow away from the front of the house!

My cutie Xavier.....

Madelyn....ready to *work* (goggles and all!).....

Before the new porch could begin being built....we had to move the cement steps....but, they didn't want to move. So Chris and his uncle went down to the family garage to get the backhoe. Luckily, they found Adam (Chris' cousin's husband) who is an ace with the backhoe. He came up and dug and pushed the steps away from the house. They were so hooked to the house that when he moved actually pulled the wall out away a bit from the rest of the enclosed porch! I panicked slightly. **It's all OK now though!**

I took a few of these pics from inside, obviously. :) While watching out the windows, I was also busy planning X's schooling for the next week and also receipting taxes! :)

I took a break from my work inside and came out to take a look at how it was coming along....
They were doing a great job! (But wow....snow+ dirt= a huge mess!)

Here is a pic from the doorway in the house.....

And here is my new lil porch so far.......

The steps are temporary until Chris gets the proper wood to attach to them. The big pole sticking up from the porch will be cut down. It is where the hand rail will be anchored. :) isn't completely finished yet...but I love it so far! Can you just picture all the flowers I can plant around it and how pretty I can decorate it? (I am picturing an old chair in the corner and a large crock with flowers planted in it!) I can't wait for spring! It's March 1st and the snow is just depressing now! I am ready for it all to melt and for the green grass and pretty flowers to start growing!!! :) Anyone else ready for spring???


  1. Can you send them my way when they are done? I have begged for a porch since we moved in here. 7 years ago come July!!! I hope the snow melts and they finish soon so you can enjoy it!!!

  2. I am SOOoooooo ready for spring! Seems this winter is dragging on forever! Love the porch and can't wait to see it all decorated up in your wonderful style! Enjoy the day:)

  3. I can certainly see the flowers and yes I am ready for spring! I am finally seeing patches of grass and it makes me hopeful that spring will really come. Can't wait to see the porch finished. It is going to be so cute!

  4. that picture of chris moving the swing... at first i thought it was X hanging off of the swing like a monkey!! LOL!!

    lookin' good... will definitely be nice for the tax people coming in and out... and i can def. see some crocks with flowers and an old chair on there!

  5. Hang on Katy, spring is soon...

  6. How nice!! Can't wait to see what you plan to plant, all the pretty colors!

    I'm ready for the snow to go away but not ready for the mud as our barn floods:(

  7. You are so BLESSED, and I know you know that!

  8. How awesome of the men to make a porch in the snow! Can't wait to see you decorating it soon. :D

    I am so ready for spring. I really want to get some flowers and bring some color back. It is so drab looking at brown and white for so long.

  9. Very Nice Porch! I love it- it will be cute when complete, I'm sure. Only wish we could have a porch.... we have a rancher, so we are a little bit limited there- besides doing a covered walk/entry.

  10. Ton of work in one day. What did Chris use for footings?

  11. Quite the transformation!
    And you are right about the darned snow. I am sooooooo tired of it! It can't be gone soon enough!

  12. WOW... that is some dedication to a porch buildin right there! I'm amazed! It's beautiful Katy and I can see the crock full of flowers- I think they're DAISIES!!!!

  13. Katy, that is incredible...such a crew you have there. That porch will be so fun to enjoy this spring and summer. What a blessing. Thanks for stopping by my's so nice to 'meet' you!

  14. That is sooo great Katy! Isn't it wonderful when all hands come together to get things accomplished! I love winter.. but I'm ready for a nice warm spring to soak up all this snow and mud... and ready for summer! Blessings!

  15. Oh, I am so excited for you!! I want a porch so badly, but I want a HUGE, covered, screened in back porch. LOL!

    Long as I am wishing, I might as well wish big. :-)


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