Friday, January 1, 2010

Starting the New Year Right....


And although this post will be on organizing my life...I also just want to say that I am also organizing my heart. I am praying and really asking God to clean out my heart. I want to get out the ol' cobwebs and dirt that is in there. The song that plays through my head to God constantly is:

Create in me a clean heart, O God....And renew a right spirit within me.....

The beginning of a new year (and a new decade for that matter) gives me hope for fresh beginnings...on eating right and getting to a healthier weight....on getting rid of negative thoughts and things in my heart and mind.....and on getting my home and life in *better* functioning order.

Now, don't get me life isn't chaos by any means. I have always kept a planner and will happily admit that one of my favorite words is "organization"! :) However, I have areas that can always use tweaking, improvements and refreshening. How about you? :)

The picture at the top of this post is of my old planner. I have now started a new one....I don't usually start a new one at the beginning of the year...however, I wanted to start one in a different way. I used to purchase planners (I love that section of a store!) and would use one till it was finished. However, some ideas suggested in the book, The Gentle Ways of the Beautiful Woman by Anne Ortlund, inspired me to try something different!

So...I purchased a small binder. The only place I could find one this size (around 7x5) was at Staples. Walmart doesn't carry them and neither did any other store I looked at. I bought calendar/planner inserts to put in my binder. I like the little ruler/bookmark that I can place in it to keep me on the right page! I also like the tabbed months on the right side!

I also got some paper to put in my binder as well as small folder/dividers as well (also all found at Staples). I write notes in there...from sermons and from my own personal Bible study/quiet times at home.

Then...after I have notes written...I put them into a *Books of the Bible* file that I made. (I got the box at Walmart...I actually need to get another I can keep Old Testament in one and New Testament in the other...that way I will have plenty of room). That way...I always have them at hand when I want to use and read any of the notes I have written on things in the past. Also...I will always know right where they are if I need to pass anything along! :)

I have still been recording things in my Memory Journal as well. Fun things, simple things, meals, weather, doodles and such are all being written in. It's fun to look back on older pages as well to see what we were doing and what the weather was like. We always *think* we will remember stuff...but usually...we end up forgetting...don't we? ;) That's why I like to record it!

Yesterday, on New Year's Eve, I had a terrible head cold. I slept alot of the day on and off with the kids snoozing or playing right near me. We didn't do anything exciting for the night....Chris gave me medicine and sent me to bed. I awoke around 11:50pm though...and Chris was laying in bed beside me and had the TV on with the New Year's festivities in New York. I didn't bother putting my glasses on to watch...I just held Chris's hand and then he kissed my cheek at midnight. :)

I am happy to say, though, today I am feeling a lot better. Still a few sniffles but that Tylenol Cold medicine has helped me immensely! :) So since not much got done around here yesterday....I decided today would be a great day to straighten up and reorganize in the schoolroom a bit. So I cleaned off my desk (notice my binder sitting there).

Although I already had the children's schooling books pretty well organized...I did some moving and tweaking and such as well....

Some of the books we use in our days....

Madelyn's *2nd grade* schoolbooks......

Xavier's *Kgarten* schoolbooks and binders.....

And Jaxson's *Preschool* books....

And an overall look at our shelves.....

I also decided to clean out the freezer and also read in an organizing book I am reading that it helps to make a list of what you have in I did that! :)

It's been a busy but rewarding day getting things done! :) Chris had the day off from work and spent some of it getting wood for our outdoor wood stove and then he has been resting the rest of the afternoon. I gotta go get supper started soon....and maybe we will all play some games as a family tonight. The kids got the CARS Monopoly game for Christmas from one of my aunts and maybe we will break that out! :) Either will be an enjoyable evening because we are all together. We are suppose to be getting 6-12" of snow on top of all the snow we already maybe we'll get snowed in! ;)

Hope you all had a wonderful beginning to your New Year 2010!

*Our good friends~Chris and Heather just had their first child on Dec. 30th!! They had a baby boy! We are so thrilled for them! What a way to start the new year! :)

Thanks so much for stopping by....if I don't get going...supper will never get done! ;) Happy New Year! :)


  1. I love your planner, too bad I don't have a Staples here, you are so right about Walmart not having much in, they are getting hard to find. I love your desk too, so calm. Happy 2010 Katy! I'm starting my happiness journal today and am so anxious!

  2. I love the planner, I wish I was organized as you are I try but it is hard for me I hope to do better happy new year

  3. Happy New Year!

    I too love the idea of a nice planner and your journal is sweet.

    We stayed home and watched the ball drop with the kids this year, the first one we allowed them to stay up and watch, it was a long night but sweet memories for them.

  4. I SOOO LOOOVE your blog! Thank you for taking the time on such a lovely and inspiring post!

  5. This entry was SO delightful! I really enjoyed it!

  6. Oh well, you have got me motivated! Will you share how to make the binder? Happy New Year. I am glad you are feeling better. I, too was sick last night. Not fun. I still don't feel just right.

  7. Hi Katy!
    I had an Anne Ortland notebook when our kids were young. I liked seeing yours!
    I hope your cold scampers away very soon!

  8. oh dear one, wonderfuljob! May God bless the work of your heart and He will meet you as you seek Him diligently!! Happy 2010!

  9. You inspire me... I have always been one to make lists and consider myself pretty organized, but you inspire me to do better... i love the memory journal, i might have to copy that idea, if you don't mind... i'll have to take pictures of my calendars and blog about it... i have 3: Bills, Menu, and Daily chores, i have melded my own ideas with works for me... and you keep me on my toes, you do so much on the day, i don't know where you get the energy... God BLess you and your beautiful family!!

  10. I'm so jealous of how organized you are. This gives me incentive to try it for myself. Maybe then my mind won't be tripping over my thoughts, lol.

    Happy New Year to you all!


  11. I love how you are so organized and you love to do it!!! Most people hate to even think about it!! I love the visuals you give to go along with what you are saying so it gives us ideas on how we can document our days and ultimately our lives!! I pray you have a wonderfully blessed and prosperous New year Katy!! You and your family are truly worthy of them!!:0) xoxo~Wendy

  12. What a great post, Katy! I love to be organized as well...there are a few things I need to work on too.

    Have a Happy New Year!

  13. Wow!!!! You are soo organized!! My husband would love you!!! Your posts always convict me on some level, spiritual or practical. :)
    Have a great New Year!

  14. Making lists, organizing, alphabetizing, straightening up, categorizing..

    I love alllllll things `neat.`

    The schoolroom is so cute!

  15. My, you are a busy little bee! Sounds to me like you have all the tools to organize already. I find it is usually just a matter of putting things away where they belong as soon as you are done with them---and don't save anything for longer than a year thinking you might use it someday.

  16. You are such an inspiration. I love the calender/notebook binder ... all in one.. idea. I carry 2 around with me. Since I got an academic calender last summer....I can still implement this idea. YAY! Thanks :-)

  17. you are so organized, i wish i was too..iam always decluttering, but never organized.
    glad you are feeling better..
    Have a wonderful weekend..

  18. Happy New Year. Boy, you have been busy even though you are sick. I am also wanting to start the New Year out with a cleaner mind and heart and house. I have had a lot of bitterness this past year with our son being out of work. He went on interview after interview with no luck. Finally, he has started up his own business with a friend. I am so proud of him for trying and not just sitting around. My prayer is for a good year for him and his wife. He says he is working the hardest he has worked in his life.
    I want to clean out closets. I have a bookcase in the closet with lots of Gooseberry Patch books. I am going through the books and photo copying what I want and then I hope to find a good home for these books.
    Love you and your beautiful family!

  19. Katy,
    I've ALWAYS LOVED your journaling. You SO INSPIRE me everytime I get a peek at yours.
    The box is brilliant. Gosh, I have so many bible notes but finding them... is tricky! That is so way cool. What kind of pages are you using in your file box? Just loose leaf paper or what? Im curious.
    Your desk is beeeautiful. WHO WOULDNT WANT TO SIT AND WRITE THERE!!
    I better go get ready for church.
    Have an awesome day girl!!!
    Love Lea

  20. Happy New Year Katy! I love your binder ideas. I haven't kept a binder in years, but I have a prayer journal that I make notes in as I do my Bible reading/study. I love organizing too, but have been pretty slack about it lately. Too much else going on that has been more important. Maybe now I can get back to it.
    One thing that I love about you, is your desire to please the Lord. Bless you for that! If we do not strive to keep Him in our lives, other things can easily creep in to take His place. You are a wise one to always pay close attention to the things that matter most.

  21. Katy, your JOY and DEVOTION in motherhood and as Chris's wife and a servant of God just SHINES through in all that you share on your beautiful blog! I LOVE YOUR MEMORIES JOURNAL! Thanks for the inspiration to "organize our hearts" this New Year.
    May you be BLESSED!

  22. Since you mentioned it, I went ahead and bought that book by Anne Ortlund.. I found it for 1,50 on britsh Amazon....

    it just arrived today but I can tell I'm going to love this! ;) Thanks for the reccomendation!

    Greetings from the netherlands

  23. You can look at 2nd hand stores too. I got a very pretty small 3 ring notebook like Anne Ortlund wrote about in her books for 59 cents at Hope's Outlet!It was brand new, made to be a photo album. I took out the sheets for holding pictures and replaced them with the smaller notebook paper Anne wrote about. I'm very excited to have started my 'notebook' but very sad to hear she had passed years ago.


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