Monday, January 11, 2010

O Winter!

...Ruler of the inverted year...I crown thee king of intimate delights, fireside enjoyments, home-born happiness, and all the comforts that the lowly roof of undisturb'd retirement, and the hours of long uninterrupted evening, know. ~William Cowper

The days are short and peaceful. For now, I am enjoying being *snowed in*. Not that we are technically stuck in the house...but the freezing temps and piles of snow encourages me to stay in the warmth of my home!

Our days are full of rest...yet busyness. It's a sort of busyness that is enjoyable though...housework and schooling, reading, knitting, baking (someone may need to sign me up for carboholics anonymous! ack! lol). The kids enjoy playing, coloring, reading, singing, dancing. They go outside to play most days (although these past few days have been super I have kept them indoors). I think that sort of busyness is *fun*! Don't you?

This past weekend...Madelyn got to have a *sleepover* at Grammie's house. The kids enjoy taking turns getting to do that and I know my parents enjoy spending the time with the kids, individually. Children act so much different when one-on-one rather than a group....of course, I think that children learn alot from playing with each other, learning to share etc. But one-on-one time can be truly special as well. My kids enjoy "helping" at Chris' family's meat market or "working" at my dad's garage. :)

After supper, Daddy and Jaxson curled up on Daddy's chair and I sat in mine and knitted while Xavier brought out the chalkboard easel and practiced writing words. I would give him letters to write and then he would have to sound them out and read them to us. :) It was great practice for him and he enjoys having the attention. ;)

What he is writing in the pic above is DAD LOVE, MOM LOVE. Instead of writing "I love Dad" or "I love Mom"...that is how he expresses it. It makes me smile. It has been *such* a blessing teaching him to read. Sure...we have difficult times..times when he gets a bit frustrated or his attention is distracted. But he learns words and reads them as we blesses me. Watching my children learn day by day is so rewarding. (Frustrating, demanding and difficult at times....but anything worth doing usually *isn't* easy...right?) :o)

The boys enjoyed some coloring followed by baths and bedtime! :) Although I truly enjoy the long days of summer and being outdoors etc.....I must admit there is something to be said about sweet nights indoors, cozy and snuggled with the ones you love! During the winter...for the most part....the only places I tend to go are the grocery store every other week and to church on Sundays and to teach KICS (Kids in Christ's Service) on Wednesday nights. I like to be home. I am definitely the definition of a home-body. ;)

When checking my email yesterday, I found out that I won a giveaway over at TidyMom! I was so excited! I won a $75 gift certificate to Lisa Leonard Designs! My number was picked out of 399 people! In no way am I trying to brag....just truly sharing my excitement! THIS is my favorite necklace there and the one I hope to get!

I am going to be having a giveaway soon! I am 100% pro-life. I have some "Love Lets Live" brand new t-shirts that I will be giving or two at a time over the next few months! So be on the lookout for a fun giveaway soon!!!


  1. I also love how cozy my home is during the winter. We must be thinking alike because I made bread today also. It is to go along with the beef stew I made. Stay warm and continue to enjoy the peaceful time indoors!

  2. I love the winter, also,though we get no snow. I am one of a few around me who is enjoying our 30s during the day and 20s at night.

  3. Sweet post and pictures. Your boys are quite cuties. Congrats on the giveaway winning!!

  4. Katy,

    Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting on the yo-yo's. I left you a comment back there. I enjoyed visiting your blog as well. Oh I wish we had that snow! And your bread looks delicious. I'm a home body too:)


  5. Hi Katy!
    Just wanted to thank you for the encouraging comments on the blog :) We are going to miss Ian like crazy...but so far... no bawling here. The kids are doing well as long as they talk to him twice a day.

    I am glad you are holding up and staying as cozy as ever this winter. Never a dull moment in your house!! :) I need spring to come fast for so many reasons :):)

  6. What a wonderful blessing! I'm very happy you won, even with such great odds. God does know how to bless us in unexpected ways.

    My little guys went over for a sleepover as well this past weekend, and I understand your love of home. I am a homebody as well.


  7. Congrats on the win Katy. The necklace is lovely.

    Your baking is so much a part of your blog, its great :D

    Looking at your pics and reading your winter blogs always makes me wish we got snow.

  8. Hi Katy.... Looks like you are having a great time being snowed in! The snow has passed us up this winter and I think it all ended up on you!
    Those rolls and bread look really yummy.... I can almost smell it it!
    Cuddle up and stay cozy !!

  9. Hello Katy,
    Thankyou for sharing about your little family. What a lovely Mum you are. I am a homebody too. Just love to be together with the big fella. Life is good, and we are blessed. Have a great week and keep warm.
    blessings Gail

  10. I love your family stories. I am a real homebody, too. I always appreciate men who really participate in raising their kids. Chris seems to be a great Dad to match your being a great Mom. One sweet family.

  11. I think your post is fab!! You have summed up exactly how I feel.

    Congratulations on the prize.

  12. Everyone looks so comfy cozy inside where its warm:) Wanted to let you know you have inspired me to start a journal! I put a link to your blog in my post today and I always admire your wonderful writing and even your lil' doodles you do in yours:)Stay warm!

  13. Wonderful post, Katy!! And your loaves of bread are so pretty and delicious-looking.
    I'm a homebody too... I can't believe I worked for 18 years and have adapted so quickly to be home alone all the time, but I LOVE it. The peace and serenity is wonderful!
    Congrats on your wonderful win! (And it's perfectly alright to "brag" just a little! *LOL*)


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